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Saffire's Banner Shop


Well-Known Member
Images: Just an Arcanine, in the right side of the banner. Would've gotten you an image here, but there are just no good howling arcanine images that fit with the background =/

Background: This should do

Text: The title "Rebirth," in the middle in a sort of wispy font.

Extra: It's for the 1st in a series of 3 one-shots, focusing on our perception of birth, life and death really.

Thanks in advance ^^


Pokemon Doc
Hey i like your banners a lot id like to have one please with this image

Image: http://ui16.gamespot.com/1007/salamence_2.jpg
Background:The one you used in your Regis sample
Text: The Beast has awoken in some sort of electric letters..if you cant do that just like in the regis sample banner
Size:you decide =) not too big not too small =)

Thanks in advance


Shiny Hunter
Hey, may I leave a request please. I would like:

Images: If possible could you take the pokemon images from these: http://pokebeach.com/scans/japanese/bonds-to-the-end-of-time/gallade-4.jpg
http://pokebeach.com/scans/ex-unseen-forces/112-umbreon-ex.jpg and http://pokebeach.com/scans/pulse-of-the-frontier/theme-decks/cynthia/7-garchomp-c-lv.x.jpg
If not then could you use these: http://www.arkeis.com/images/pokemonfactory/umbreon.png

Background: Something like this: http://www.daviddarling.info/images/dark_matter_distribution.jpg

Size: The standard one is good

Text:I would like something like this on the bottom right or left in White
Name: Elec
FC: 2192 3744 5360

Extra: No extra



Well-Known Member
I want a banner made, yours look great!

Images: I need a Shiny Lucario, a Shiny Gliscor, and a Shiny Mamoswine.
Examples would be: Lucario. I don't really want that exact image, you can use it if you have to. But I don't want it to be 2D, I want it to be 3D or 3D looking. And a Male Rich Trainer. I want the Rich Trainer to be really big. But it has to be real close. I want the Lucario, Gliscor, and Mamoswine right behind him. They need to be real big too. I want Lucario to be showing the most. Keep the Pokemon and Trainer to the right maybe use a majority of the left 200x200 image for this.

Background: I want the Sinnoh Battle Frontier as the background, not the game one, like the art pictures of it. Like this. Keep this to the left, don't have most of it covered by the Pokemon and Trainer. Have this spread out through both 200x200 images.

Size: Split it into two 200x200 images.

Text: I want it in a darker color, not black though. I don't have a specific type of text. I'd like one of the good types. Not too fancy and not too cartoon like. You know the real simple Banners some people have with a single person or Pokemon and a single word or sentence? Usually a text kinda like that. If you don't know what I'm talking about maybe show me a sample or two if you feel like it. I want it to say:

In really big text: "ZF911"
And in a size about 1/4 of the big text(not too small though) that says: "Think you can beat me?"

Have the text to the right of the Pokemon and Trainer and not directly over the middle of the Battle Frontier Image.

Extra: Not much left, thanks in advance.
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Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
It's been awhile. As university has finally gotten out for the summer, I'm re-opening the banner shop once more, as I won't be suffering from time-constraints and other obligations that caused my last session to end early. So feel free to request, and remember I only have 10 slots open at a time. For those of you who I couldn't make a banner for last time, I'll be glad to try again (even though it's been nearly a year).
Welcome back ^-^

Images: Do you use fanart? If you do, could you please use this: Here if not, this will do

Background: Something almost like a forest, or dark colors that match Luxray.

Size: 500 x 300 or whatever fits well

Text: The Guardian's Forest (in whatever text style you think fits well)

Extra: Its a banner for a clan, so it needs to be a bit big

Thanks if you do this, you're banners are great~
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Calm PokeMaster

Well-Known Member
Request for Banner


The Pokemon Black and White starters(Tsutaja,Pokabu,Mijumaru IN THAT ORDER ) standing in a row( like this : Tsu Poka Miju)with equal gap.

You can use any picture of them, From Serebii.net if you can.Otherwise, anything else nice.

Background: This is quite detailed.Hope you dont mind.

(a)The part of the banner behind Tsutaja should be GREEN.Same colour as Tsutaja's body.
(b)The part of the banner behind Pokabu should be the same orange as Pokabu's body.
(c) The part of the banner behind Mijumaru should be the same Light Blue as Mijumaru.
Size: Standard.
Which one shall be mine?
Font: Black Chancery
Colour: Different colours for each part of the text

I will provide the example in normal font:
Which one shall be mine?

I couldnt get the proper colours in this post, but I will provide the colours from Microsoft Word
Tsutaja ("Which on")=Light Green-Standard Colour
Pokabu ("e shall")=Orange -Standard Colour
Mijumaru ("be mine?")= Aqua , Accent 5 Lighter 40%(Theme colour)

Extra: Nothing else

Sorry if I provided too many details, this is the first time I am requesting for a banner, so please forgive me If you found this post a bit irksome.

Home you can finish this soon for me.

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
Undead Lust: Thank you! And yes, I do. My only requirement is that if you know who the fanartist is, that you credit them in your signature if at all possible.

Calm PokeMaster: That should be fine! Added.


Fighting Type Prof.
Oh! Way cool! Your banners look awesome. (Best looking ones here, if I do say so myself...and I've been looking around!)

IMAGES:(They're small, since they're sprites)







Well, I like the one you used for the Ralts banner. But if you can't use it, that same colour scheme would be nice (those are my favorite colours)

SIZE: Standard, please

font: Brush Script, please
colour:(something that would stand out, but not look gaudy. I don't really have an eye for art, myself. I'm more of a nuts and bolts person)
text: (top left) No matter the generation... (bottom right) ...forever my baby

Thank you in advance, Saffire Persian

~Nemmeh ;107;

Calm PokeMaster

Well-Known Member
Thanks a lot Saffire Persian for accepting to do my banner!


Well-Known Member
The other banners you`ve made are awesome! Could you please make this banner?:




(You choose :) )

Background/Other: Could you please add some Ice, Electric and Fire effects?

Color: IceBlue, ElectricYellow and FireRed.

Size: About 564 x 210, i think. Any suggestions?

Text: No, thank you.

Extra: I really appreciate if you could make this banner! This was my wish for a long time!