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Saffire's Banner Shop





Background:Can you do it like the one in the pidgey pic but grass on the bottom so like how i describe it in the extra catogroy.
Size: Can you make it the size of the one in your sig?

Text: The early pidgey catches the wurmple! So if you a pidgey, be an early pidgey, but if you’re a wurmple, sleep late!

I would like you to type in in chinaOne as a fount 22 as a size and in italics.

Extra: So I would like it to look like the pidgey is in the sky and JUST saw the wurmple at dawn and the wurmple is on grass covered in tiny dew droplets and behind the wurmple to the right is a tree, Thank you!

p.s. shrink/grow the images as you see fit for the pic.

Epwna is a Sceptile

The epic turnip king
Backround: Black with a red X between the two pokemon
Size:The regular.

Text: Friends, Foes, Allies, Trust ~Epwna At the top in red, please.

Extra: Sceptile at the right, Rapidash on the left, them not facing eachother and partly faded. You don't have to do this, but can you make a chao Ho-oh,Celebi, and Lugia and put them in where the X lines intersect(in order thats listed.You don't have to do that one, it would just be nice).

I hope you can make it!

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
Undead Lust: Here.
Calm Pokemaster: Here
Holy Lucario: I went with a black/red scheme vs. black/red/dark blue as it looked better as I was making it. If I need to try again or something, lemme know. Here

More banners will be coming up shortly.

Birdtrainer Jeff: Added.
Chimpchar: I'll try my best! Added.
Epwna: Added.
Coolminun: Added.
Zozo: Thanks for looking out for the shop. They're fine, though!
Thanks so much, it looks great!

Calm PokeMaster

Well-Known Member
My banner is AWESOME. Thanks a whole lot Saffire Persian!


Am I able to request? :3

Images: Can I have these 3 images in a group please?

Background: there's nothing specific, just whatever you feel would go well with it :3

Size: 350 x 150 plz ^-^

Text: Pokemon Obsidian (with an accent on the e please? if not then it's fine)

Extra: Can the font be 'Alba Matter' please?

thanks. just say if there's anything wrong with my request ^_^

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
Nemmeh: Here.

Birdtrainer Jeff: First, the art of the trading card vs. the Sugimori art kind of clashed when put together, so I went with Sugimori art for the three legendary birds instead. Alternatively, I did a light and a dark version. So here: Dark & Light.

Kecleoshrew: added.
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Well-Known Member
I love them! Thank you, but could you also add some text if it`s not too difficult?
And move articuno to the left side, and zapdos in the middle, and moltres to the right side?
Text: Ice Electric Fire

Thank you!


Fighting Type Prof.
Thank you very much, Saffire Persian.

~Nemmeh ;107;


Active Member
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Arukate Énigme
I would like a banner please.
Images: INSANE
Background: Mysteriously Sexy
Size: As is
Extra: Can the Text be somewhat transparent
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Well-Known Member
Could you make me a banner please?

Images: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] (Sorry that I couldn't find any of these images without a background, you are able to get rid of them aren't you? If not I'll try and edit the backgrounds out)

Background: I'm not to picky about it, just add what you feels goes best with the images for the background. The same thing applies for the colour scheme.

Size: Something along the lines of 450 x 175 would be nice, but if you have trouble fitting the images in feel free to ajust the size.

Text: Pro trainer Blaziken would like to battle!

Extra: Could the order from left to right and smallest to largest on the image be Latios, Milotic, Latias, Lucario, Sceptile, Blaziken and could the text be placed in the bottom left of the banner please?

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
Hello again Saffire! ^_^ I don't know if you remember me, but that's okay. I've got a new fanfiction coming up later this year for Fanfiction.Net so I need a banner for it. ^^

Images: o1

Background: I'm not too worried about the background but I would like the scene to look a little melancholy, even if it is brighter in color.

Size: 400 x 200 (it shouldn't have to be split thanks to the new sig rules)

Text: Regret
Subtext: Why did I give you so many pieces of my heart?
Font Style: I'd like a cursive font that looks almost like handwriting.

Extra: Since this is for a Fanfiction, I can give you the scene that I'm recreating in this banner:

Caitlin sat alone, staring off into the sunset across the small stream outside her home. Her shoulder ached with pain, but the pain was nothing compared to the reason as to why she was injured in the first place. It was him. Even after he left her those two years ago, she never did know what happen. Both him and Jack left for no reason and now they've come back, only to fight the ones they said they loved.

"Oh Kyle...why..." Caitlin asked herself, clutching her shoulder tightly. Why would he fight her now? How did he learn everything from her past she had run so far away from? Who told him? And why would they turn the one person she loved most in the world against her?

Tears fell freely down her face and she quickly wiped them away. Those stupid beads of water did no good; it only showed the world how weak she really was.