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Saffire's Banner Shop

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
Dark Sinister: That will be perfectly fine.

9dragonbreed: Added.

Lufiji: Added.

Mimori: Naa, I remember you. It has been awhile, though! Nice to see you again. Added.

Mudkip fan: Added, though if you get the time, do you mind deleting your duplicate replies?

And expect a big batch of banners Friday.


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Cool, anyway you can make some cool banners and I will be interested to see what you come out with.

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
Chimpchar: Here . I tried to adhere to your guidelines as much as possible.

coolminun: Here

Epwna: Here

Kecleoshrew: I went with a "rock" type of theme, so it's a bit simple. You'll have to say whether or not you like it. Here.
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Kecleoshrew: I went with a "rock" type of theme, so it's a bit simple. You'll have to say whether or not you like it. Here.

It's great, thanks ^_^

I forgot that Watlew is getting redesigned though, so once he's been resprited would you possibly be able to change the Water Bird sprite?


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Images: Sugimori Images of Eevee and Riolu

Background: Something mysterious and adventurous looking

Size: Standard
Text: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Grand Exploration

Extra: It is a banner for a fanfic and i would like it alligned like this:
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
*Eevee Pic* *Riolu Pic*
The Grand Exploration

And I would lik Eevee facing to the left, and riolu facing towartd the right, so they are facing away from each other


Pokémon Coordinator
Please don't hate me, but I'm going to send you a PM for my request...there are some details about my fic (link in my sig) that haven't been disclosed yet.


Active Member
Images: Okay, here goes. What I am looking for is this. Would you be able to have a Mismagius on the banner that looks a bit... darker or scarier, or evilish than the regular sprite? Maybe a bit tattered looking, or with an evil grin. I would also like the 3 gems to be glowing slightly, and the Mismagius to be slightly shadowed(very slightly, like it is outside at night.) I would also like a few semitransparant soul looking things swirling around the Mismagius.

Background: Dark, midnight blue/black with a Full moon. Maybe use something like the one in your Absol banner, but up the gold a bit more.

Size: Standard

Text: "Reaverin Devourer of souls" Red, readable script/cursive

Extra: None really.

Thank you very much and take as much time as you need.

Synyster Gates

Let's Play Fire Red

Images: http://www.serebii.net/anime/pokemon/kecleon.gif This and
If you can find better Kecleons then these two ( I would like on Green and one Purple though) Please use them.

Background: I would like somthing that would match the extra (see below) I will let you pick it.
Size: SPPF standard?
Text: Masters of disguise's
Extra: Can you try to make the Green Kecleon Half blend in with the background? like Camoflauge and the Other kecleon one side of its body Camoflauged?

I am sorry for requesting somthing like this so feel free to take your time I can wait


Master of Reality
Images: This, This, and This

Background: This

Size: Standard size.

Text: The Psychic Mistress. Any elegant looking font will be cool.

Extra: I would like the anime image to be the one that's the most noticeable. And thanks in advance.