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Saffron City

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Ok, I havent played FR or LG in about a year or any Pokemon game for that matter so if Im having a N00b moment somebody please correct me. I went to that guy that says Saffron City road is closed and that he is thirsty. Well, I have a Soda Pop, Fresh Water, and Lemonade in my inventory but he wont take them. I mean, do I gotta go beat somebody first? Why cant I get in Saffron? Somebody plz help.

Sonata Arctica

You need Tea from the lady in the massive building I forget the name of, bottom floor.

king krab kingler

You can get the item ''Tea'' from the old woman in the celadon mansion,she is on the bottom floor.Surrounded by pokemon such as meowth(I think).


Obsessive Beader/Mod

Q17) I'm trying to get into Saffron City, but the guard won't take my Fresh Water. Why?
A17) Because you suck.

Q18) Really?
A18) No, actually. Go in the front of Celadon Mansion and talk to the lady on the first floor. She'll give you a key item called "Tea." A boy outside the mansion refers to 'scalding hot tea.' Guess what it's for.

Q19) Pouring on my crotch region?
A19) No, you idiot. Give it to the guards.

Hooray for reading the FAQs!

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