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Saint Johonson School PG/PG13 (Advanceshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by poke master 13, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. poke master 13

    poke master 13 awsomeness

    ok soooo i got my old story closed cause i was banned but i can rewright so here is the first 2 chapters

    Saint Johnson School pg/ pg 13
    Episode one
    Cue opening song Advance battle theme song
    Ash’s POV

    ‘School. There’s one thing to call it. I think of it as sitting in the devil’s pot.’ I thought to myself. I’m Ash Satoshi a 15 year old boy stuck in suckish Saint Johnson School yes it sucks and always will. I looked around and saw Jonnator my best friend. Luke one of Jonnator’s friends and Barry asleep on his desk as usual. We came early because well we were tired of standing in the hall way.

    A black vigure entered the door. It was non other than professor Darth Vader Jonnator called him the coolest teacher here. “Good morning class.” He said sitting in his black leather seat. “Well a tiny bit of my class.” He said his voice deep from the helmet he wore.

    “Yo what up Vader!” Jonnator yelled across the room. “Not now I’m just here to get something. I’m showing the new student around. Here class doesn’t start till a hour from now why don’t you guys play your DS’s for now.” Vader said picking up his clip board and ran out of the class.

    “Vader rules.” Jonnator said pulling his DSI out and began to play some game. ‘A new student? I never knew that. I wonder what gender?’ I thought to myself. “It’s a girl.” Jonnator replied out of know where. “I said don’t read my thoughts any more!” I exclaimed. Jonnator was a physic and there were more surprises under that teenage boys skin.

    “Well at least I told you. Her names May Maple. A bit of a cooky fellow.” Jonnator said not looking up from his DSI. “How do you know?” I asked. “I read Vader’s thoughts.” Jonnator replied. Then there were voices outside.

    “And this is my class science. And over there is the fountain. And there are the bathrooms. Any questions?” It was Vader possibly talking to the new student. “Can I go to the bathroom?” A sweet girl voice asked. “Certainly.” Vader replied. There was a giggle and skipping sounds. “WAIT THAT’S THE RONG BATHROOM!” Vader exclaimed.

    Jonnator burst into laughter. “SEE I TOLD SHE WAS COOKY!” Jonnator yelled laughing. Vader entered panting under his helmet. “She… almost… went… into… the… boys… room…” Vader panted before his head hit his desk with a bang. Jonnator quickly got up and pressed a button on his helmet. The part that covered his mouth opened and he pored in some coffee.

    “Thank you Jonnator.” Vader replied closing his mouth piece. “She must be dumb.” Jonnator said walking back to his desk. “She was dropped on her head when she was a baby.” Vader said sitting down turning on his computer. “That explains A LOT!” Jonnator exclaimed. ‘Oh great’ I thought. ‘Just what we need a idiot.’ “She is in this class. Class starts in two minuets so put your DS away Jonnator.” Vader said. “Sure.” Jonnator replied.

    I looked at the clock. ‘One more minuet before we gotta meet the dummy.’ I thought of course I knew Jonnator heard every thing. Then the pager went on for their class. “Uh dad.” It was principle Luke Skywalker. “Yeah.” Vader replied. “Um… your new student got lost and ended up in my room can you come and get her?” Luke asked. “Coming. Stay put.” Vader said walking out the door.

    As he left another kid entered. It was Owen a fat kid who was on a game show Total Drama Action. He wore a white shirt with a leaf on it. Had blond hair and he was around 16 years old. He took the seat behind Jonnator. Jonnator then turned around an gave him a high five he was one of Jonnator’s friends. Then a black haired kid with glasses around 14 came in he was Harry Potter one of the best students in spell class. He walked by Jonnator’s desk and gave him a high five. Yet another one of Jonnator’s friends.

    Then Dawn a girl with long blue hair came in and sat behind me. Then Sapphire a short dark blue haired girl entered and sat next to Dawn. Then Neko a brown haired girl who always wore a hat with cat ears on it sat in front of me. Then Hari a girl with long brown hair who wore a white hat with a pokeball print on it sat next to Neko.

    That was everybody. Then Vader came in and stood in front of door. “Alright class today we- “Are gonna watch cat shows?” Neko asked excitedly. “Uh.. no. today we have a new student.” He said. Then whispers shot from everybody except me. “Alright her name is May Maple here she is.” Vader said walking away from the door walking to his desk.

    May stood standing in the door waving rapidly. She wore an orange tank top and a green bandana with brown hair covering her ears. I just stared mouth dropped. “Oh… my… God.” I muttered to my self. “Ms. Maple why don’t you sit in that empty seat by Ash.” Vader said not noticing my expression. “Who’s who?” May asked. “That one right their.” Vader said pointing to me. May nodded and skipped over to me. “And since Ash’s old partner comes to this class at a different time you’ll be his buddy.” Vader said doing something on his monitor.

    May plopped her butt in the seat next to me and looked at me with a goofy smile. “Looks like we’re gonna be BUDDIES!” she exclaimed clapping franticly. ‘Oh God I cant wait.’ I thought to myself. “Ok class today we will be doing… {SNORE}. Vader was cut off by Barry’s snoring. “Barry no sleeping!” he roared. Barry shot up blond hair flying back. “Yes Sergeant!” He replied. “Okay today we will be doing chemical bonding. You will be mixing all kinds of chemicals together and see what happens. Chemicals are back there.” He said pointing to the back of the room.

    I waked to back of the room to get the chemicals not trusting Ms. Dummy to get them. I picked up a bunch of random ones and walked back to the desk where May was poking the test tubes with a pencil over and over. “What the heck are you doing?” I asked. “Pretty glass makes funny noise.” She replied still taping.

    “Uh.. you know if you tap those they’ll pop.” I said staring at her. “What does pop mean?” she asked sticking her tongue out still poking. Then the glass she was poking blew up with a loud “POP!” and made May yip and fly back in her seat. “Ok… as long as your done blowing things up lets get to work shall we.” I said pouring a chemical in one of the tubes.

    May watched and copied me poring in four chemicals at once in. “Wait May don’t do that or…” BOOOM ! The tube blew up into a million pieces sending glass flying every where. “Ok. Because of what just happened class is dismissed.” Vader said hitting his helmet. I ran out the door and went to my locker getting my stuff for the next lesson.

    I yawned I hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before and I was tired. ‘A little nap wouldn’t hurt.’ I thought and put my head down and fell asleep.
    RRRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGG! My head shot up and I looked around franticly. ‘Oh God I’m late.’ I thought zooming to my next class history. I opened the door to see my history teacher Chris Mclaine who was the host of the game show Owen was. On I looked around and saw May waving to me tapping the seat next to her.

    “There are no more seats left.” I said trying to stay away from May. “But there’s one right next to May.” He replied. I sighed and walked over to the seat next to May. “HI!” she yelled jumping in her seat. “Yeah sure whatever.” I said opening my book and read what pages to read on the board and I began to read.

    The desks were just big tables that 5 people could share. May started whistling and then I hear a seat scrapping sound. ‘Oh why God why does this stuff happen to me?’ I thought to myself and turned my head to see May’s chair had moved a little. I went back to reading and heard the scrape again then again then again and again. I just focused on reading when something bumped my chair.

    I took a deep breath and turned around to see a pair of sapphire eyes. “HI BUDDY.” May said awkwardly. “Um… I need space. Go away now.” I replied looking back into my book. “Trust me you wont even know I’m here.” May replied putting a finger in her ear.

    I went back to reading when I heard deep breathing in my ear. “Can you stop its just plain wrong.” I said not looking at her. The breathing stopped in fact there was no breathing. I turned around to see May with a purple face and she wasn’t breathing at all. “May I said don’t breathe in my ear not to stop breathing.” I said. May’s face turned normal. “OK!” she said and messed with her nail.

    I went back to reading then I felt a poke on my arm. ‘Just ignore her Ash so she’ll go away.’ I thought to myself. The poking continued all ten fingers were tapping me over and over and over. I couldn’t take it anymore and turned around and saw May. “What?” I asked.

    RRRRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG! “THANK YOU GOD!” I exclaimed dashing out of the room. I went to my locker and put all my stuff away. Next lesson was art so I didn’t need any thing. I closed my locker and ran to art. I sat down at my easel and waited for everyone else. Then I heard skipping sounds. I smashed my head on my easel. “Why…” I mumbled to myself. May poked her head through the door saw me squealed and ran over and sat in the easel next to me.

    May turned around smiling. “You ran out so fast I never got to tell you why I was tapping you.” She said. “What is it?” I asked not looking up. “Your nice.” She exclaimed. I banged my head moaning.

    Jonnator’s POV

    I flew back laughing at May’s complement. ‘She will be great for ticking off Ash!’ I thought. Then our art teacher Ms. Booner came in and sat down. “Ok class today you expressing your artistic imaginations. So I want all of you to paint what ever you want.” She said smiling to the class.
    I picked up my tools and began drawing. In 9 minuets I had a perfectly good picture of the Master Chief from HALO. I pressed a button on my glasses and a pair of binocular lenses came down I began to see what people had drawn.

    Sapphire had drawn a banana. ‘typical’ I thought. Luke had drawn Sapphire. ‘OMG.’ I thought. Dawn had drawn a bunny, Owen drew pie, Barry drew a laser blowing up earth, Neko of course drew a cat, and Hari drew the back of Ash’s head. ‘wow.’ I thought.

    Then I looked to see what Ash and May drew. May had drawn an army of bananas shooting a giant sneaker that shot lasers. ‘awkward.’ I thought. And Ash had drawn a sign saying “May keep away.” I turned my glasses back to normal.

    I looked back at Ash and May. May must of said something cause Ash was hitting himself. I flew back laughing Ash through a ruler at my face which I dodged he sighed and turned around as May tapped his shoulder.

    May said something and Ash hit his head again. Then May raised her hand. “Ms. Boomer can I get a drink?” she asked. “Certainly.” Boomer replied. May got up and skipped out the door. Ash silently cheered and began to draw a World War 2 battle.

    May was back in a second and shot back to seat next to Ash. He moaned. “Ms. Boomer can I go get a drink?” he asked. “Sure.” She replied Ash got up and walked out the door. May shifted in her seat for two minuets constantly watching the door. Ash still hadn’t come back.

    May shifted even harder and began to sweat after 6 minuets of him being gone. I figured out why Ash was taking so long. After 18 minuets of him being gone May shifted even harder and began to sweat a river. Then after 39 minuets of being gone May collapsed on the ground sucking her thumb.

    Then finally Ash came in and sat down at his easel. May squealed with joy and got in her seat and began to play with her pencil. Ash began to draw noticing May was leaving him alone. Then disaster struck.

    May was playing with her pencil when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. She turned around to see a gold hair band on the ground which belonged to Sapphire. “Shiny…” May said before crawling on the ground to pick it up. I just watched to see what Ash would do.

    May picked it up and for some strange reason started to nibble on it. I turned to see Sapphire on the ground looking for her band. Ash still hadn’t noticed a thing. Then Sapphire saw May nibbling on her band. “Hey give that back!” Sapphire exclaimed crawling towards May.

    May saw her coming and crawled over to Ash and started hitting his leg with her head while gripping the band in her mouth. Ash pretended not to notice till Sapphire walked to him. “Ash get that thing to let go of my band!” She exclaimed. Ash turned down to may on her hands and knees with the band in her mouth.

    Ash bent down and grabbed the band pulling right out of May’s mouth and handed it to Sapphire. “You should keep her on a leash.” Sapphire said before walking back to her easel. Ash looked down at May who was on her back panting like a dog.

    Ash hit his head and turned away. “May you annoy me.” Ash said not looking down at her. May got up and went back to her seat. I laughed to myself. ‘Look at that little Ashy has a girlfriend.’ I thought. I looked back to see what was happening.

    Ash was holding a penny bringing it up and down and May was watching it repeating shiny. I laughed at what was happening. Ash had a evil grin on his face as he threw the penny at the ground and May dashed after it.

    May went to her seat with penny rolling it around the table. Ash was relieved that his nightmare was playing with a penny and went to draw his picture.

    RRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGG! “LUNCH!” I exclaimed dashing out the door. I threw my stuff in my locker and ran to the cafeteria. When I flung the door open saw my table aka “The boys only” table. I ran to the food and picked up a cheese burger and a soda and ran to the table where I met Luke and Barry.

    We started talking about the new girl when the door opened and Ash with May trotting behind came in. “Oh God guys she fallows Ash every where.” I said. “If she follows him here I’m gonna make Ash leave.” Luke said. “I don’t want any girl here either.” Barry said. “NO GIRLS!” We all exclaimed.

    Then Sapphire entered. “OH! Sapphire sit here! Sit here!” Luke shouted at her. She didn’t hear him and went to the girls table. Luke sobbed. “Non-believer.” Me and Barry both said.

    Ash walked over to the table with skipping May. Me and Barry both shot glances at him and May while Luke kept sobbing. Ash then turned to May. “May would you please go to the girls table?” He asked. “Ok.” She replied skipping away.

    Ash sat down next to me. “She’s like a duckling.” I said. “I know it sucks being followed all the time.” Ash said with a strange expression. Then Ash grew an angry frown and looked under the table.

    I looked to. When I looked under I saw May clung to his leg. Ash pulled her up and plopped her in the seat next to him. I looked at the clock 12:57pm it read. Next class was gym and I knew what we were doing. ‘Ash is about to have to be with his nightmare while in water.’ I thought while imaging Ash’s face and grinned.

    Ash’s POV

    I looked at the clock 1:00pm. ‘Gym time.’ I thought walking to the door while May was skipping behind me. I sighed and opened the door. The gym had a work out area, pool, and running track.

    “Water!” May exclaimed. “No we probably don’t have swimming it’s the beginning of the year.” I said. It really was the middle of the first month of school. I was in no mood to see her swim. Soon everyone else came in and the gym teacher Mr. John.

    “Alright people,” he said. “today since it’s the first day of gym your gonna be swimming.” He said. I nearly hit myself after that. ‘Oh God why, why, why?!’ I thought nearly falling down.

    May squealed and jumped around me. “Yay! Swimming with buddy!” She exclaimed I hit my head. “Alright everyone get changed.” John said pointing to the changing rooms. I dashed into the boys one and jumped into mine.

    I then changed into my swimsuit took a deep breath and walked out. May of course was waiting for me when I saw her I nearly hit myself. She was in an orange bikini with oranges on it and a little orange inner tube.

    “Ready buddy?!” She asked jumping around running to the pool. I followed. May was in the pool looking for me and then she saw me and ran toward the edge waiting for me to come in. I sighed there was no need telling her I don’t want to and hopped in.

    May squealed and followed me where ever I went around the pool and it was so annoying. In 46 minuets gym was over. ‘thank you God,’ I thought. ‘I would of went insane if I didn’t get out soon. Once changed I went to my next class Math my least favorite subject.

    I opened the door and saw my math teacher. Mr. Gruff. I went into one of the desks but it was a two person desk. I tried to get out before May could see but she plopped down right in the seat next to me and I was defeated.

    May turned around and smiled. “Hi buddy.” She said as everyone else entered. Then someone sat behind me and a spitball was shot at my head. I turned around it was Garry the most irritating person alive. “What do you want?” I asked. “Introduce me to that lovely lady of yours.” Garry replied with a sick smile. “Fine here.” Grabbing May and telling her that Garry wants her to sit there.

    She walked over Garry and sat down. “Hello.” She said smiling. “Hey I’m Garry.” He said shooting a spit ball at me. “That’s the dork Ash.” He said shooting another ball at me. “That buddy.” May said poking my head.

    “And that’s his friend Jonnator the freak.” He said pointing to Jonnator. Then a flaming arrow shot right over his head. “You watch your self Oak.” Jonnator said holding a bow. “Any way why you hanging out with Ash the looser?” he asked pointing to me.

    “That buddy. He supper nice.” She said poking my head. “Oh please he is the worlds most ungrateful person alive and… hey where did you go?” Garry asked looking around. He then spotted her and grunted. She was in the seat next to me and it was rammed into mine.

    He sweared under his breath and started writing something in his notebook. He then pulled a piece of paper from his book and chucked it at my head. I picket it up and read it.

    Ash you ****** why do you get
    All the girls and your don’t even
    Like girls? I will never under stand you

    I nearly threw the paper at his eye if the bell hadn’t rang. I walked out of the class got all my homework together put it all in my backpack flung it over my shoulder and walked out the door. Then May came out and started skipping behind me. I hit my face.

    “May shouldn’t you go to your house?” I asked irritated by her. “Where do you live?” She asked still skipping. “Pallet Town why?” I asked. “Yay! I get to be neighbors with buddy!” She exclaimed. I nearly fell down. “W-What?” I asked.

    “That’s where we just moved. Yay we can see each other all the time!” She exclaimed. I wanted to kill myself after that. “That’s just peachy.” I mumbled. Then Jonnator came from the back. “Hey Jonnator we got a new neighbor.” I said frowning. Jonnator laughed and hit my head. “Baby.” He said.

    I saw my house and walked to the door when I saw May enter the house right next to mine. “Life sucks.” I said opening the door.

    Ending song: Pokemon Battle Frontier theme.

    Saint Johnson School
    Episode two
    Cue opening song: Pokemon Advance Battle theme

    Ash’s POV

    RRRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGGGG!!! RRRRRRIIIINNNNGGGGG! “Yah, yah I hear ya.” I mumbled just waking up turning my alarm clock off. I looked around and hit myself a couple of times and sighed. The reason I was hitting myself was because of my constant May nightmares.

    I was making sure I wasn’t in another one. I got out of bed and went down stairs for some breakfast. On my way down I spotted an electric mouse. It was Pickachu holding a empty food container in his mouth. I grabbed from his mouth and went into the kitchen to grab the Pokemon food.

    “Good morning Ash.” My Mom cheerfully said. “Ugh.” I replied still not fully awake. “I hear you have a new student in you r class.” She said. That fully woke me up. “How do you know that?” I asked purring Pickachu his food. “Last night Jonnator called I told him you weren’t in the mood for talking and he told me about the new girl.”

    “Jonnator I should of known.” I said hitting my hand. “Is she your friend?” She asked. ‘Well at least he didn’t talk about how she was glued to me.’ I thought. “Sort of.” I said trying to get the memories out of my head. “Is she nice?” She asked. “Yes.” I replied.

    “Is she cute?” She asked. “Shut up.” I said while fixing my breakfast. “Is she?” She asked again. “I said shut up.” I said getting irritated. “Do you like her?” She asked. That one almost caused me to curse. “JUST DROP THE SUBJECT!” I yelled.

    My Mom didn’t listen to me. “Oh Ash has his first crush this is so cute!” She exclaimed. My blood was boiling. “HEY LOOK JAMES BOND!” I exclaimed. My Mom dashed to the window looking around franticly. I sat down and began to eat my breakfast.

    My Mom then came over to me. “It isn’t nice to say that someone’s idol is here.” She said with and angry face. “Neither is saying your son has a crush on someone when he DOESEN’T!” I exclaimed. “Yes that wasn’t very nice I’m sorry.” She said beginning to make her breakfast.

    I gulped down the rest of my breakfast and ran upstairs and changed. I then came down stairs, got my book bag, and went out the door. Once out side I scanned the place for May. I spotted her franticly jumping around the bus sign.

    ‘Oh come on she rides on the bus to?’ I thought. Jonnator’s car wasn’t in his drive way so he must of left already. I took a deep breath and began to walk to the bus sign. May spotted me and squealed. I walked over to her and held my breath.

    “Hi buddy!” May exclaimed jumping all around me. “Yah what ever.” I said trying to ignore her. “Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy.” She said hopping around me ‘Now this is worst than yesterday.’ I thought.

    Then the bus pulled up and shot inside while May skipped inside. I found a seat and sat down hopping May wouldn’t find me. May walked around the isles looking at every row. Then she spotted me and shot into the seat next to me.

    She put her orange backpack on the floor and looked at me. “Hi buddy.” She said in a baby voice. “My name is Ash.” I said irritated by the name Buddy. “Ok Buddy.” May said. I slapped my face. “Guess what.” She said. “What?” I asked.

    “My favorite color is orange.” She said with a goofy smile. “I kind of figured that out.” I said remembering the swim suit she had on at gym. May then turned looking out into space. I sighed and hit my head on the window of the bus.

    May started to fidget with her thumbs. I felt tired my stupid alarm clock had woken me up early. I yawned and began to shut my eyes. ‘We still have 34 more neighborhoods to go to.” I thought and fell asleep.
    I woke up but kept my eyes closed. I felt breathing on my face. ‘Oh God why?’ I thought. I opened my eyes a little to see May poking my shoe while looking at my ear. I got up and looked at her. “Please stop.” I said.

    “Ok.” She said turning back to the normal position. I hit my face. I must have been out for awhile because we were driving up to the school. The doors popped open and I shot out the door into the school yard.

    May skipped behind me and eventually got right next to me. “Buddy.” She said throwing her hands into the air I sighed and walked up the stair case into the school. Once in I walked down the hall into I came across science

    I opened the door and went to my seat with May sitting in the seat next to mine which she rammed into mine. I hit my head on the desk then Vader entered standing in front of the door like he did when May came.

    “Alright kids today we have another new student.” He said. “Alright every one meet Misty Haruka.” He said walking out from the front of the door reveling a read head in a yellow tee-shirt and in yellow shorts.

    “Alright please take that empty station next to Ms. Maple.” Vader said. “Who’s that?” she asked looking at me for some reason. “The goofy looking one.” Vader said. Misty then walked over to the station next to May.

    May got real shy and scooted her chair closer to mine. Misty turned around to see May scared. “What’s wrong with her?” Misty asked looking at me. “She’s shy.” I said pushing May off of me.

    “Oh ok.” She said still looking at me. May hid her face in her book. Misty continued to stare at me which freaked me out more than May does. ‘Are we gonna have freaky new students all week?’ I thought. “Alright class today we are going to learn about physical properties of an atom so please open your books and turn to page 125.” Vader said turning on his laptop.

    Misty stopped looking at me and opened her book and began to read. I just opened my book put a notebook in it and began to write. May noticed that I wasn’t reading so she put a notebook in her book and began to do something.

    I continued to write then I finally finished and began to read it over.

    Today we got a new student Misty and she stares at me funny its creepy keep eye out.

    It read. I looked to see what May was doing. She was drawing a picture of a flower with a happy face. I hit my face and turned to see Misty starring at me. Once I saw her she went right back to reading. I looked at May and looked back at Misty. ‘I don’t know which one is creepier.’ I thought.

    Then there was a vibration on my leg. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cell phone. I hid it in my notebook for two reasons: one I didn’t want the teacher to see it. :and two its super embarrassing to have a I love Pickachu cell phone.

    I opened it. I had one new text message. I pulled open the message which was from Jonnator.

    Yes we are gonna have new students
    Some creepy some a bit creepy
    But their non the less weird.
    To bad for you that so far the new girls LIKE you
     hahahaha.

    ‘Great,’ I thought. ‘More students.’ I sighed and looked at the clock. 10:34 it read. ‘Only six more minuets till the bell rings.’ I thought then there was a loud “POP”. I shot around to see May shot back I her chair and glass every where.

    I hit my head followed by Vader doing the same. “Class dismissed.” He said hitting his head. RRRRRRRIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG! “wow I was 3 seconds early.” Vader said. Every one picked up their stuff and went out to their lockers.

    “Well at least May isn’t my locker neighbor.” I said opening my locker. Then May came up behind me. “Guess what buddy.” She said. “What?” I asked. “We get to be Locker neighbors!” She exclaimed clapping. “Great.” I mumbled.

    Then that new girl Misty went to the locker on the other side of mine and opened it. I hit my head against my locker. ‘Why God WHY?’ I thought nearly yelling it out loud. I then got my stuff and headed for history. ‘At least I only sit next to May not Ms. Stares at you all day.’ I thought.

    I walked over to my seat and May dashed in the door with a water bottle for some reason and took the seat next to me. She started drinking and drinking and drinking. “Thirsty?” I asked. May stopped and turned to me.

    “Me very thirsty for some reason.” She said and went back to guzzling down water. ‘Well at least she isn’t talking.’ I thought. Then Chris came in with a DVD. “Alright class today we are gonna watch the history of the ocean and no going to the bathroom.” He said.

    May didn’t seem like she cared. ‘She’s gonna care.’ I thought imaging her face. Chris turned off the lights and popped the DVD in the TV. Then a the TV flashed on with the movie which May just stared at in fascination as I yawned and put my head on the table.

    After 23 minuets May started to shake and sweat. “The ocean was formed out of millions of gallons of water,” the show said. May started to whimper. I laughed to myself. Then after an hour and a half this was ridicules May was going mad rocking back and forth singing the alphabet it was just cruelty to a kid.

    Then the show finally ended. Chris walked over and turned the TV off. “Any questions?” Chris asked. May’s hand shot up. “Yes?” He asked. “May I please please please go to the bathroom?” May asked looking like she was gonna have an accident.

    “Sure.” He said. May dashed out the door then a little note hit my head. I grabbed it and unfolded it.

    Hi my name’s Misty
    What’s yours?

    It said I scribbled “ash what’s it to ya” and threw note back. I waited a bit then the note flew back.
    Just wondering
    Is that May kid your girlfriend?

    It asked. I sweared under my lungs and drew “” face on it and threw it back. I waited a few minuets then it came back.

    I was just asking

    It said. I didn’t want to talk to this girl any more and threw the note in the trashcan. I heard a puff behind me and I just simply ignored it. Then the door opened and May’s popped in. “Umm… sir do the toilets usually have squids in them?” She asked.

    Jonnator’s POV

    “Oh God where?” I asked remembering that freak squid that live in the septic tank. “Umm can you kill it?” She asked me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pistol. “Lead me to it.” I said following her.

    She led to the boys room. “Umm… why were you in the boys room?” I asked starring at her. “I had to go bad and the boys room was closer.” She said. I hit my face. “Where is it?” I asked. She opened up the door I walked in. ‘Well at least she was alone in here.’ I thought.

    She opened up a cell door and there floating in the toilet was the squid. “This is the last time we meet friend.” I said shooting it. I let out a weird screech and died in the toilet. I flushed it. I then turned to May. “How did this happen?” I asked “Well I went to the bathroom, flushed, washed my hands and then I heard it.” She said.

    “Of course.” I said walking out. “Oh and next time get the principle.” I said. “Why him?’ She asked. “You know that flashing stick that Vader had during science when a bee came in the window? Well those can kill anything.” I said walking to my locker seeing everyone at theirs.

    I opened mine and pulled out my stuff for Spell class. I closed my locker and walked to Spell class and opened the door. Our teacher Snape was sitting at his desk getting today’s work ready.

    I took a seat and put my spell books on my desk. I looked at the door to see Ash stumble in with a unloving face with May skipping behind. I laughed to myself. Ash took a seat sadly at a two person station with May in the seat next to him.

    Everyone else came in and took their seats. “Alright class today we use explosion potions.” Snape said. “Everyone get a potion and make a nice small easy explosion.” He said writing instructions on the chalk board.

    May quickly grabbed a potion and threw at the ground. BBBBOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!! An explosion rippled through the class room. Snape looked at May. “CLASS DISMESSED!” He shouted in angry tone. Everyone walked out and went to their locker.

    One side of lockers was tilting. I didn’t cared put my stuff in and turned to go down the hall then I could hear Ash and May. I stopped and hid behind the wall watching. They both went to their lockers and opened them. Then The lockers that were tilting broke of their hold

    “May watch out!” Ash shouted pushing her out of the way. The lockers smashed into the spot where May used to be. “Buddy saved me! Me love buddy!” May shouted hugging Ash. Ash’s cheeks grew red. He looked around to see if anyone was watching.

    He didn’t spot me. “Ok lets go to lunch.” He while prying May off of him. They both turned and headed for the lunch room. I pressed my hands together. “Sweet dirt.” I whispered. “Looks like I’m gonna pay Ash a visit today.” I said and headed for lunch.
    The rest of the school day had NOTHING interesting happening so why talk about it. I was home at the time walking out of my house to Ash’s house. I walked up his stone stair case and knocked on the door.

    The door opened with Ash standing there cheeks still red. “Hey.” He said. Letting me in. “Ash lets talk in private in your room.” I said seeing his Mom in the kitchen. “Sure.” He said leading me to his room. He closed the door and sat down on his bed.

    “What do you need to talk about?” He asked. “Ok this talk may,” I looked to see his cheeks grow redder after that word. “Cause you to want to jump out a window.” I said with an evil smile. He looked at me. “Ready?” I asked.

    “Ok.” He said cheeks still red. “You know when you and May were in the hallway.” I said. Ash’s cheeks grew even redder. “What? Nothin happened.” He said. “Oh I know something happened.” I said starring into him. His cheeks grew redder.

    “I know how May said ‘Me love you buddy’ and then hugged you.” I said. Bringing that memory back caused Ash’s whole face to turn red. “You saw that?” He asked. “Yup and I have one thing to say... ASH HAS A GIRLFRIEND! ASH HAS A GIRLFRIEND! ASH HAS A GIRLFRIEND!” I yelled falling back with laughter.

    “Stop it!” Ash yelled face completely red. I stopped laughing to look at Ash who had a sad embarrassed face. “Oh lighten up.” I said. “This shows you’re a MAN!” I yelled trying to cheer him up. “But only if you can stop blushing.” I laughed. Ash covered his face. “She is NOT my girlfriend.” He mumbled. “I know you like her.” I said.

    “NO I don’t!” He yelled. “Really?” I asked. He looked at me really embarrassed face. “Its true just SHUTUP!” He yelled throwing his face into his pillow. “What ever. Ill see you tomorrow Mr. I’m to much of a wimp.” I said before walking out. On my way out I could hear a whimpering sound. ‘Come on Ash,’ I thought, ‘Be a man,’ and walked out the door.

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