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I lovelovelove the final evolutions on the starters. Especially the fire one~! <3

I also like the Banette, Ariados, Qwilfish, Sableye, Electrode, Magcargo and Manectric evolutions! And your legendary trio scares the frell out of me X_X;;

And that baby Lapras and baby Absol, OMG!!! *cuddles them*

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Do you mind if I ask some people to sprite them for me? I'll give full credit wherever I use them.
No problem

Elecream is so cute! What's it based on?
Snowman,ice cream,yeti...

Tadashi said:
And your legendary trio scares the frell out of me X_X;;
Great! I never thought they'd turn out this cool scary way they did :D
Especially because I choosed to make a rock/ground/dark trio which seems odd, but that's just because everyone believes that a trio should have ice/electric/fire types...like more than 1 has lol...

I thought alot about how I should extend the number of legendaries and finally decided that I'm gonna make another godly trio, which was created by arceus. Two of the 3 would be the main legends in this generation and the third is going to be in my next gen.
Now you may ask what the hell am I going to let those 3 control?
Light, gravity and temperature
And they will get the types: psychic,poison,grass (this may change)

So coming next are 2 main legends which i have no idea yet how they are going to look like D:
any suggestions?
dialga/palkia/giratina are "dragons", so i thought maybe those would be insects or somethin? o_o
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These are awesome! I literally laughed out loud when I read "Duneetme" but it's actually one of my favorites of your drawings! Everything is really clean and well thought out, not to mention anatomically logical. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see more!

Rayquaza Master777

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I don't think that the legendary trio should be insects, they don't look like insects.


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I don't think that the legendary trio should be insects, they don't look like insects.
I wasnt' talking about the underground monster trio, but about another one I am going to make, which will probably be insects...

And I got some ideas now, like...that each will represent a stage of catterpillar/cocoon/moth(or butterfly or something different)
Thei types would be as followed:
caterpillar or worm like - psychic/bug (it has hidden powers inside =P)
cocoon - grass/bug (it's in a vegetative state lol)
moth or butterfly - fighting/bug (its powers are released =o)

They'll have 680 stats as they're counterparts to the existance trio of dialga/palkia/giratina

What bugs (LOL) me is, I don't know which 3 things they should represent out of those four: sound,light,gravity,temperature..



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These have got to be some of the most creative fakemon I've ever seen! And your line work is so smooth! Also, you've managed to emulate the pokemon style very well, they look like they could be offical!

Rayquaza Master777

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The legendary trio looks like it should be the Three Moles.


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i love the art work just let you know one of the pics with the kangaskhan evolutions dont work at all. its not showing up, might wanna look in to it maybe we can team up and get a fanfic goin together

Rayquaza Master777

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Names for the Ground/Poison ferrets:


mai husbando
Sorry about how long my post is! :D Please forgive me.
Hmm...I think I've seen these before, but with fakemon so well drawn, I wonder why I didn't comment. While I ponder this, here's my thoughts ~
As much as I like digital pictures, these give those picture a run for their money. The drawings are great, flawless even.
Pre evos/evolutions ~ All together, they are great. Ledia's evo looks a little like its wearing a helmet, but you, might have been going for that. Lapras pre-evo very nice, and very believable looking pre evo, no shell, risky but works out well. Very good, you even gave Paraichu a evo, that is a pokemon that looks like it should have an evo, but yours makes me wonder....would blue instead of green look better or worse? The green did look really good just so ya know. Saybleye evo, its a little spiky don't you think?
Your own creations ~ Excellent. The donkey line I think I saw looks very cute, for a donkey. The I'm guessing fossil pokemon with the multitude of spikes and armor was maybe my fav and very original. I don't think I've seen that done in all the fakemon dex's I've looked at. These pokemon get a 10/10 I love it.