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Sale of the Century: 'Week' 2

Discussion in 'Games' started by Twentington, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Twentington

    Twentington Outta here!

    Okay everyone, 'week' 2 of Sale is about to commence.

    Changes to the rules from the last thread are marked in bold.


    Three contestants compete in a big money quiz.


    Each player is spotted $20 to start. The game then proceeds like this, further details past the list:

    5 questions
    Instant Bargain
    5 questions
    Fame Game 1
    Commercial 1
    5 questions
    $ale Vault
    5 questions
    Fame Game 2
    Commercial 2
    5 questions
    Instant Bargain
    5 questions
    5 questions
    Final Fame Game
    Century Round
    Bonus Round

    And now the full rules:

    Contestants begin with a score of $20.


    Each set of five questions will work like this: I will post 5 questions in a post. Each of the players will have 48 hours to PM me an answer and a buzzcode (explained in detail in a moment) to each question. After either 48 hours have passed or all three players have sent me answers, I will generate a buzzcode for each question. The player closest to the actual buzzcode will get to answer that particular question.


    If there is a tie in who is closer to a buzzcode, the player who sent their answers first will get the question. Getting the buzzcode on the nose gives the player a Sale Chip, which is explained below.

    (in the previous thread, buzzcodes were explained here; please see the original thread for details on buzzcodes, and a demonstration.)

    Instant Bargain:

    After the first set of questions, and after the fifth set of questions, the player in the lead has the chance to buy a guaranteed prize with part of their score. The first instant bargain will generally be worth between $3,000 and $4,500, costing $6-$8. The later instant bargain will generally be worth at least $10,000, and will cost between $12 and $16. The host reserves the right to reduce the price for either of these bargains slightly, perhaps by about $2 to $3. Alternatively, the host can include a cash incentive of, at most, $1,000 for the first instant bargain, and $2,000 for the second instant bargain. Should there be a tie for first, any player tied for the lead can choose to purchase the bargain. If a player purchases a prize, the prize is theirs to keep regardless of whether they win or not. A sale chip may be used to buy an instant bargain, whether or not the player holding the chip is in the lead.


    After certain sets of questions, the Fame Game is activated. The host reads a series of clues leading to a person, place, or thing. If a player buzzes in with the correct identity of the subject in question, they go to the fame game board; otherwise, they are locked out for the remainder of the clues.

    The Fame Game board features 9 celebrities, which are changed from show to show. The player chooses a celebrity, which produces one of the following outcomes:

    Cash Card: In the first fame game, a $10 card and a $5 card are available on the board; picking either of those adds that money to the player's score. Whether or not either is chosen, the second Fame Game adds a $15 card to the board; the third adds a $25 card, in addition to the Wildcard.

    Wild Card: Available in only the third Fame Game, this allows the player in question to either take $5,000, or pick again in the hopes of adding money to their score.

    Turbo: Available in all three Fame Games, this doubles the value of the next set of questions. Therefore, if it's picked in the first two Fame Games, the next 5 questions are worth $10. If picked in the last fame game, the Century Round becomes 10 questions at $20, meaning it's still anyone's game.

    Lockout: Available in the first two fame games, this allows the player who chooses the card to lock out either of their opponents for the next set of five questions; that opponent will not be able to buzz in on that set of questions.

    Burglar: Available in all three Fame Games, this allows the player at the board to take $5 from one of their opponents; that $5 will then be added on to the selecting player's score.

    Prize: Any spot not filled by any of the cards above will have a prize, worth between $2,000 and $3,500; a space could also contain cash which does not affect the score of the game. These are kept regardless of whether the player wins or not.

    Sale Vault:

    After the first set of questions in Round 2, the leading player may enter the Sale Vault for $10. The Sale Vault generates a random amount of money between $1 and $10,000; this cash is the player's to keep. As with the Bargains, the host can slightly reduce the price; they can also up the potential value of the vault to as much as $15,000.


    After the first set of questions after the second commercial break, the leading player, for $15, can pick one of four suits: Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, or Hearts. Each contains one of these variables:

    $15: the player receives the $15 back onto their score.

    Take $5: Works like the Burglar in the Fame Game.

    Random Cash: This space adds an amount between $1 and $30 onto the player's score.

    Ca$hCard: The namesake, this is a jackpot which starts at $10,000, with $5,000 added on each time it is not won. Once it is picked, the player wins the current jackpot, and it resets to $10,000 on the next show.

    Century Round:

    After the third Fame Game, ten more questions are played, with $10 on for a right answer, and 10 off for a wrong answer, with similar buzzcode rules to the above. In total, the questions are worth $100, hence the Century Round title. After those questions, the player with the most money wins the game.

    Should there be a tie for first, a final Fame Game question is conducted between the tied players; a right answer wins the game, a wrong answer locks you out, unless only two players are tied; in that case, the other player wins the game.


    Providing an exact buzzcode earns that player a Sale Chip which can be used for the following:
    -Instant Bargain
    -Sale Vault

    If a player keeps their sale chip through to the bonus round, if they did not fulfill either of the requirements to go for the car, or have already won the car, they can choose any of the prizes remaining on the Winner's Board to win automatically. If they have fulfilled one of the requirements, they can choose to have the win space revealed for a shot at the car; explained more below. If a player loses with the chip still in possession, they receive $1,000 for the chip.


    The winning contestant faces a twelve space board, containing five prizes worth up to $35,000 each in two spaces each. The player picks numbers off the board until they match a prize. For example:

    the player picks 8, containing prize A.
    They then pick 12, containing prize B.
    Choosing 7, they reveal another prize A, meaning they win Prize A.

    However, if a player wins the game with a score of at least $100, then a WIN! space and a Car space will be added to the board. Picking the WIN! space constitutes an automatic match with the next space picked. This is the only way to win the car.


    This player then faces a decision; leave with their main game winnings and any bonus round prizes, or return, risking their bonus game winnings.

    If a champ returns the next show and loses, they keep any main game winnings from that game and previous main games; however, they lose any bonus prizes won.

    If they win, however, they go to the Winner's board once again; prizes won in previous games are removed, as are the spaces matched to win those prizes.

    It takes five games to clear the board; winning a sixth main game either:

    -wins the player the remaining prize leftover, or
    -wins the player the car, if they have not won it already.

    Then they have a decision; leave the game with the Winner's Board prizes, or play one final game. Winning this last main game wins the player all the Winner's Board prizes plus a cash jackpot that starts at $200,000 and increases by $5,000 each show until won, at which point it resets to $200,000. At the end of each game 'week', one prize and the car will be substituted out for another prize and a different car, respectively.

    Okay, when we finished the last thread, InfernalBlaze finished his first day. Also, Jazz14456 signed up to play this episode. So I only need one person to get episode 6 started. Who wants to play?

    (Also, Jazz and Blaze, please sign in)
  2. Gryghaim

    Gryghaim InfernalBlaze

    I'll play.
    Yep, that's it.
  3. Jazz14456_Plebeian

    Jazz14456_Plebeian Expect Epic: CB

    Check me in. Or am I supposed to the checking? *mutters in German (which would be grammatically wince-deserving if anyone cared to look it up*
  4. Im Da Waffle!

    Im Da Waffle! Member

    Ima join if its ok?
  5. Twentington

    Twentington Outta here!

    [CHANNEL 9 ID]


    This programme is sponsored by Harvey Norman.


    (drumroll, shot of Blaze)

    Pete Smith: This is our champion, InfernalBlaze. On Friday, he won a $22,000 trip to London! Tonight, with a little luck, he could win the car!


    Tonight, one of our contestants could win a pair of monocycles...


    ...A giant Scrabble board...


    ... or a $22,000 trip to London!


    And continue a journey towards a fortune in cash and prizes including this pair of Alfa Romeos.......


    ...and the cash jackpot of $225,000! All on Australia's premier quiz...


    And now, here's our master of ceremonies, Glenn Ridge!


    Thank you, everyone! Thank you, Peter Smith. Glad to see you could make it. It's (probably) the last show of the year, and we want to end the year with a bang. We'll try to do that, starting right now. Please welcome, as always, Karina Browne!


    Karina, would you please introduce Friday's champ?

    Karina: I will, Glenn. On Friday's show, he picked up the lead early on, and despite some setbacks in the middle, pulled through in the new Century Round to win. Risking a trip to London worth over $22,000, please welcome back InfernalBlaze!


    Now, you already have $9,702 in guaranteed prizes, keep that in mind.

    You pulled through last night just barely. Do you hope it'll be a bit easier to pull out a win tonight?
  6. Gryghaim

    Gryghaim InfernalBlaze

    I'm planning to try a bit harder than last time. So, I assume it might just be easier. But in the end that's also dependant on how my opponent does.
  7. Twentington

    Twentington Outta here!

    Well, we'll find out just how hard you need to work today in just a minute here. Karina?

    Karina: Right, please welcome back Jazz14456, and please welcome Im Da Waffle.


    Jazz, welcome back to the show. You've had some trouble the last few times, do you think you can manage this time?
  8. Jazz14456_Plebeian

    Jazz14456_Plebeian Expect Epic: CB

    Oh, I just didn't want my opponents to feel too bad about losing for the next, say year.
    After all, they can have a few prizes, right? :D
  9. Twentington

    Twentington Outta here!

    They certainly can. Let's see if you can win today.

    Im Da Waffle, welcome to the show. Tell us a bit about yourself.
  10. Jazz14456_Plebeian

    Jazz14456_Plebeian Expect Epic: CB

    * is extremely tempted to ask you why you are a waffle*
    Out of curiosity, who is the question source?
  11. Twentington

    Twentington Outta here!

    Reply coming via VM, otherwise we're devolving into normal conversations.

    I may need a replacement for Im Da Waffle, he hasn't logged on since the 18th.
  12. Twentington

    Twentington Outta here!

    What part of 'not until episode 8' don't you understand?

    Still need one more person, anyhow.

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