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Sure, sure. Go for it.
Hello! Here are some things about me!

I already made some posts here on the forum some time ago but I am still new here and still have questions.

I've been playing Pokemon since Johto.

My top three favorite regions in order are Unova, Alola, and Johto!

I think Generation I is the worst Generation compared to the other Generations simply because it's that outdated and experimentally unbalanced.

Without comparing them, all the Generations are great really.

I like competitive battling but I like using Pokemon I simply like and try to use them to there fullest potential! For example! I once defeated a Mega Swampert with a Dedenne.

And I have some questions.

Where do you post Battle Videos?
What is your top three regions!
And is there a way to battle people directly in the 7th generation? Because Festival Plaza seems to have this problem where your guest list is constantly rotating and if your not in the guest list, you can't register them as VIP at all and even if you manage to register them, they won't always appear in your VIP list in color. Most of my VIPs are whited out with a few occasionally appearing at the top of the list.
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