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Salvation for the Damned (Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by themightydoof, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Salvation for the Damned

    It has been given many different names by many different cultures over the millennia. Hades. The Underworld. Sheol. The Other Side. Hell. To its inhabitants, it is known as Ekephuara. It is a place for those whose time in this world has come to an end. It is the Land of the Dead. Those who possessed souls too impure to ascend up above the stars to the unknown heavens that supposedly lie there end up here. Perhaps fittingly then, that it is a desolate wasteland that holds nothing but torment for those whose fate it is to spend the rest of eternity here. Those who are cast down to this realm are stripped of all signs of identity. They are little more than formless wisps filled with painful emotions. Spirits. They come to see their lives with agonizing clarity. They see clearly all the mistakes they made and all the crimes they committed. Every memory they ever possessed is within instant mental reach so they can see the child that they once were, filled with childish dreams that deep down they still desire and every action they made that stole their innocence and goodness from themselves. They know exactly what they did wrong and they ache for another chance. To do it all again but this time the way they should have. But no such thing ever comes. All that does come is more suffering. Never physical torture, as many old legends say, for they have no physical form, but deep psychological torment caused by nothing but their own thoughts and feelings.

    This terrible world is ruled over by a race known as the Hadran. The Hadran are a people very much like humans, with a few obvious differences. The most obvious of these is their skin, it is invariably a deep crimson. Secondly, they are extremely long-lived, the average life expectancy being 5530. And thirdly, they have abilities beyond the capacity of humans. What these abilities are vary from Hadran to Hadran. Some may have abnormal strength or speed, while others may be able to see the world in the kind of detail only usually possible through the use of a microscope. No one really knows what happens to a Hadran when they die. The most popular theories are that they ascend to the heavens or that they are reborn in the human world, but nobody has any evidence to back up their opinions. Since the dawn of time, the Hadran have been perfectly happy to allow the dead to suffer in the way that they do. They have mostly got on with their own existence, exploring their own interests and goals and on the whole ignoring the tormented spirits that they share a world with (although some scientists do conduct investigations on them, by which I mean experiment).

    However, when King Anran Rorasael finally died naturally and quietly at the impressive age of 6781 and his son Matsahtoh rose to power, that rapidly changed. Matsahtoh, for unknown reasons, has great sympathy towards the dead. He dreams of a better world for the suffering spirits, a place where they can finally be free from their chains of sorrow. He will stop at nothing to attain this world, and he already knows where he can find it...


    The World of the Living. A lush and vibrant place, filled with beautiful flora and fauna. It contains an incredible variety of environments from warm, wet rainforests to huge dry deserts to freezing cold peaks to noisy, densely populated cities. This is the world that mankind inhabits. After years of one horrific bloody conflict after another, the world was eventually united under one democracy. Consistently good and fair governments manage affairs from Rusa City, the capital of the world, which lies on a large island, separate from any country, while every nation has their own smaller sub-division of said government. Elections are a worldwide event, involving every country in the world, and everyone within those countries has the right to vote, nobody is excluded. This reflects well the current state of things. Everyone has the same rights as everyone else. No one is pushed down or oppressed. It is an age of perfect peace and understanding. That is not to say that terrible things do not happen. Crime is still a huge issue, even with the police forces of every nation collaborating on big cases. And of course there are the things that are completely beyond any kind of control, like natural disasters. But on the whole, the world has never been better than it is now. There hasn’t been a single war in almost fifty years...


    A remote Arctic region

    A little girl trudged slowly across the snow with obvious weariness. She had deep blue eyes and short blonde hair. She was wrapped up warm in the traditional animal furs of her tribe. The tribe in question was independent and nomadic. It answered to no authority other than its own as the Arctic regions were far too large and extreme for the world government to control. This particular little girl was very far from her tribe’s camp. She had got lost in a game of hide and seek with her friends. She was now past the stage of tears (which had happened in the extreme) and was now trying to find her way home. No mean feat when everything looked pretty much the same. Thump. A loud noise came from behind the girl and the ground shook a little, putting her somewhat balance. Her mind suddenly filled with images of terrible things that could be behind her in a way that only a young child’s can. A hungry giant? A yeti? A dragon? She turned her head around tentatively, hoping to see something that would alleviate her fears. What she saw only filled her with terror.

    A polar bear was munching on a fish that it had caught, when it heard a sudden high pitched scream. The scream went on for roughly 30 seconds, and then was cut short as suddenly as it had begun. The polar bear decided that it would be prudent to get a bit further away, the scream had sounded human, and anything that could strike such fear into the undisputed head of the food chain was best avoided, so it turned to walk away, fish in mouth. Not running, as that would attract attention, but a brisk walk to put some distance to whatever it was that had scared the human. Its back was turned, so it did not see the huge dark shape on the sky, flying in the opposite direction.


    A laboratory, the Royal Palace, Ekephuara

    Two people stood in a laboratory, a man and a woman, talking. Both of them had crimson skin. The man was the younger looking of the pair. He had jet black, almost impossibly straight hair, that went down to his shoulder. His features were mature and serious, but still showed some signs of youth. He had chestnut eyes. He wasn’t very tall, looking about 5”6’, and he was fairly skinny, showing little or no signs of physical strength. He wore a dark purple velvet cloak over a black shirt and black trousers, both of which had a certain shiny quality to them. On his hip he wore a jewel-encrusted sword that looked like it was more designed for ceremonial purposes than any kind of combat. The woman had bright blue, waist length hair that anyone who didn’t know her would call dyed (she in fact used a strange machine that nobody but her understood to alter her genetic makeup). She had soft, innocent looking features and deep green eyes with a pair of round lens glasses over them. She was significantly taller than the young man, at perhaps 5”10’ and was rather skinny but with an unattractively straight figure. She wore a long white lab coat that obscured any other clothes she might have been wearing.

    “Are you sure?” the man asked.

    “I’m absolutely positive, Matty. I’ve already tried it. The results were... fascinating,” the woman smiled in a gleefully sadistic way, abandoning the face of innocence that she liked to wear.
    The man sighed. “Please don’t call me Matty, Allusia. I am the king, you know.”

    The woman giggled playfully. “Then what would you prefer? Shall I call you your majesty? Well, our great and mighty leader? What does your infinite wisdom dictate is the ideal title for one as perfect as you to go by?” It was clear that she was greatly enjoying mocking him.

    “Matsahtoh will be fine, thank you. So what exactly happened in your undoubtedly malicious experiment? I need to be certain that Spirits can take physical form before I go through with this.”

    Allusia’s eyes twinkled. “What happened, you ask? Well, after I finished on the first of the Gates, I decided to test my Essence of Life theory by sending Johnson through one.”

    Johnson was one of the few Spirits never to show any kind of regret for his actions, no matter how much time passed between emotion probing. In life he had been a vicious mass murderer, having killed over 30 people with a trademark kitchen knife. Allusia was intrigued by him, and he was one of the Spirits that she kept trapped in the glass cages of her laboratory. Matsahtoh had noticed on his way in that he wasn’t in his cage.

    “I released him into some remote icy region, away from civilisation. Once he came into contact with air of the World of the Living, he most definitely gained a physical body.”

    “What did it look like? Human? Did he regain his appearance from when he was alive?” Matsahtoh asked, now quite interested.

    “No... I tried it with a couple of other, very different Spirits, and it seems that their form reflects their personalities. Johnson, naturally, became a terrifying, destructive monster.” Allusia described in an offhand manner, as if she were recounting the events of a rather dull dinner party. That was one of the scariest things about her. Not that her incredible intelligence gave her the ability to bend the world to her will. It wasn’t even the inherent insanity within her that gave her the desire to bend it in horrible and twisted ways. It was the fact that she thought almost nothing of it.

    “And where is he now?” asked Matsahtoh, a little concerned.

    A grin spread over Allusia’s face. “Oh, he’s still in the Arctic. I think he’s rather enjoying his new body. That and his new favourite food of human flesh.” She laughed in such a disturbed way that Matsahtoh had to resist the urge to shudder.

    “In that case, if all the Gates are ready, we can begin now. Set the Spirit Caller to summon every single Spirit here.” Matsahtoh knew that his duty had to come before his personal feelings.

    “Bring me some humans back to examine, please! That would make this all worthwhile.”

    Matsahtoh thought, and then said: “Okay, but then you’ll have to release all those Spirits in return.”

    “Hmmm... You drive a hard bargain... but I accept, but you’ll have to come up with the goods before I release anyone.”

    Matsahtoh shrugged. He knew that was the best answer he would get for now. He concentrated on what he had to do. The main focus of the invasion would have to be on Rusa City. He would go with the force there to oversee it personally. If that fell, the rest of the world would go like dominoes. Secondary forces would of course be attacking other major locations at the same time. It would all have to start at once in order to maintain the element of surprise.

    It was time to claim life for the dead.


    In this RPG, you will be playing as a human who for whatever reason is currently in Rusa City. You could live there, be on a holiday, there for work reasons, anything. You will be right there in the middle of things when this war begins. Initially, your only goal will be survival, but a greater objective will become apparent (that isn't to say you can't try to join the enemy, if it's in character). The level of technology in the World of the Living is the same as it is in the real contemporary world.



    Name: Obviously your character will have one of these, unless you can think of a good reason why not.

    Age: How old is your character? Put this down even if the character doesn't know what it is.

    Gender: You want to know what your options are here? Go to the back of the class.

    Appearance: What does this person look like? No exact requirements, but decent detail here please. I won't be too mean, as I'm pretty bad at this myself.

    Personality: What is this person like? Again, no exact requirement, but enough for me to get a good idea of their nature.

    History: What has happened to them up to now? I need decent length here. Other than that, the only requirement is that it must cater to them now being in Rusa City. You'll notice that I haven't gone in to great detail about the world. This is because:
    a) I'm lazy.
    b) It's isn't neccesary.
    And c) It gives you greater creative scope here. Go crazy. But keep it coherent.

    Other (optional): Anything else. I usually don't see the point of this section, but it's here if you want it.



    1. You MAY NOT be a Hadran or one of the Dead. Sorry. You can make Dead NPCs as you go along, however. But not Hadran. They're mine.

    2. Don't overpower or god-mod. I know it seems obvious, but I'm saying it anyway.

    3. Follow all SppF and RPG Forum rules, natch.

    4. Please try to be active. This is my first RPG and it would make me sad if it died off too quickly.

    5. Make posts of a decent length. I don't want to be closed by the mods.

    6. You're character is an ordinary human. They do not have any super-powers or anything that might give them an unfair advantage.

    7. You can reserve if it makes you happy, but it won't give you priority over anyone else, especially if that person is someone with a full sign-up prepared. It will just mean that you'll have an extra week to get your sign-up in after I close sign-up.

    8. You may have up to three characters, if you think you can handle that many.

    My sign-up:

    Name: Robin Bray

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Robin is unusually small for her age, standing at about 5”1’ and is almost unhealthily skinny. She has a very pale, almost chalk-like complexion. Her eyes are bright blue yet emotionless and her features are small and not very defined. Her lips are bright red from an almost stereotypically teenage use of lipstick. She has longish, naturally wavy blonde hair that reaches her shoulders and an averagely sized chest for her age. She does have an attractively curvy shape, but this is rarely seen as she likes to wear rather covering, long black lace dresses. This gives her an appearance that might make one think that she’s a wicked witch that just jumped out of a storybook, which doubtless pleases her greatly.

    Personality: Robin has a huge obsession with the occult. She loves the idea of demonic creatures from other dimensions and makes regular attempts at black magic. She often speculates about life beyond the stars and rigidly believes that there are invisible ghosts all around us and often tries assorted methods (from dodgy books or bad TV) to see one, but has never succeeded. In other words, she’s a bit crazy. Despite this, she is actually very cautious, due to an event in her past. Perhaps it stems from the ridicule she’s suffered in the past about her interests, but she doesn’t like other people much, and is quite selfish. She does however, enjoy tormenting them and messing with their minds in various maliciously creative ways, something she’s become rather good at over the years. Anyone who hurts her, physically or emotionally, will be subject to some form of revenge at her hands, direct or otherwise. The only person in the world that she cares about is her mother, who she loves deeply.

    History: Born in a small village in the nation of Irrimance, Robin has lived in Rusa City for ten years, moving there with her mother, who was looking for a ‘fresh start’ after her parents divorced. She began to develop her strange interests from the influence of a fortune teller who worked with a travelling circus that turned up at the city every year, up to three years ago when they had to stop due to financial failure. When she was eight years old, her mother was diagnosed with a long-term terminal illness. It is unknown how long she has left to live but she has been deteriorating more and more recently, now finding it difficult to walk, so there are fears that she may not have long left. The closest Robin has ever come to death was when she was eleven years old. She was exploring an allegedly haunted house that wasn’t particularly stable. The house collapsed while she was in it, and would have crushed her to death, had she not been in the basement at the time. She did however, almost starve in the time it took for the fire service to find her. Since then, she’s been a little more safety-minded.

    Other: None.

    (This space will contain my other sign-up sheet when it's ready.)

    Last edited: Jan 8, 2011

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