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Samaru's little shiny shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by samaru, May 11, 2011.

  1. samaru

    samaru New Member

    hey guys i'm looking for the following shinys :

    - Sawk
    - shelmet
    - Dwebble
    - Panpour
    - Tynamo
    - Swanna
    - Kyurem (<3)

    i have the following shinys to offer :

    -pansage + leaf stone

    i've also got previous Gen shineys like :

    - kyogre
    - giratina
    - shaymin
    - manaphy
    - trecko
    - mudkip
    - ralts
    and more .....

    i'll do a more specific and detailed list later

    thanks you ^^
  2. boisechris

    boisechris The Strategist

    What do you want (non-shiny) for your shiny mudkip and trecko?
  3. MajesticPrince

    MajesticPrince New Member

    So interested in your shiny pawniard *o*
    Would a any of the following strike your fancy?
    grimer (japanese)

    the ducklett and grimer are UT, and can be EV trained for speed, or special stats.
    I can add more information for any of them if you wish.

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