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Samsung Galaxy J3 vs GalxyS5


Crimson Dragon
hello, im looking into a smartphone to replace my flip phone that im currently using. it still works LGF4NR i love it but its starting to get scratchy . the previous model doesnt work with my newer sim card after a mistaken lost phone incident prompting me to disable the previous simcard. the result was the previous sim card made both LGF4N and 4NR function 100%. the newer sim card after just didnt accept the older F4N and the phone wasnt broken before that incident. some software stuff misalignment.

the F4N was my backup plan before going more modern smart phone ie Alcatel go Flip. its still an option but i want to give the F4NR a break. my parents have a samsung galaxy J3 5" screen phone that they dont use anymore. my brother went samsung a while ago after iphone series. im really looking at the S5 over the J3 for the dust proof, water resistant and gorila glass screen. the J3 is a free hand me down phone while the s5 is TBD but i can find them for less than $70 on ebay in good condition. i honestly want to use tough galaxy s5 case with an anime charater on it but the J3 doesnt have that avaialble. a sticker of the image and clear protective shell would be a good work around, the shell is poly carbonate with shock absorbing liner for a total 3mm thickness

a few things to note about me, im stubborn in some (many) ways to new tech. i dont give a hoot if its not fancy first grade tech with uber fast speeds. i dont care about any exceptional performance. a simple dependable phone in the 4-5" screen range is ideal as i hate large screens as putting it in pockets is annoying if the screen is too big. i dont care about super fast internet, it just needs to work and you can forget about social media and apps. ok thats more than a few things but you get the idea im looking for a fairly basic function threshold. im looking at these 2 models for their easy SD, battery functions/removal features and their plastic with glass or aluminum build.

i dont mind if the screens are .1" difference in size, the overall dimensions work well. my main worries with the J3 are the screen being easier to break if its dropped and its not really weather resistant. the 7.1.1 and 6.0.1 software limits and glitch fixes are something that does make some impact on the one i choose. the strengths of the s5 are the same weaknesses the j3 has water/dust resistant and stronger glass. im favoring the S5 for it being more tough and despite its older OS.

im sorry, i know its alot to unpack but are my worries about water resistance and the strength of the 2 glass/touchscreens rational or a bit out there? i dont want to have a phone that gets a cracked glass surface at the lowest amount of pressure applied. if the 6.0.1 OS still isnt too buggy then im willing to work with its issues. water resistant is a plus but the strength of the glass is more important.

sorry if this is a rant on smartphones to an extent but i want a simpler design that hold up well with age and doesnt require a trip to supplier to replace a battery. the current F4NR will remain a backup phone should the smartphone break for any reason as the 2 would be compatible with provider ie Videotron. im going to see with videotron if the older iphone 4 will work but its not a very good chance they will support that in this age and without Apple getting an agreement to let Videotron activate/patch it.
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Tsun in the streets
I don't know why ur using as flip phone in 2021 lol. More so as a younger kid/adult.

You really should just get a basic cheapish smartphone that is new like the LG Stylo, it has decent features, and wont break the bank, same with the
moto g play, thats also a good cheap one, both are under 200 bucks and always on sale somewhere.


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Samsung A21S like i use is also quite cheap and still great.


Mad dog of shimano
I never quite understood the appeal of flip phones. For the same price you can get a regular phone with much stronger processing power.