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samuelrz's trainers cards


Lucario fan
Need a card, blog, recolor or mix... Ask here!
Samples will be available soon. Sorry for that.

Don't forget to put references*
If you want another type of card, if a link isn't correct, if you have a question or whatever, don't be uneasy to ask me.
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Lucario fan
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Name: Philip
Background: dont really care
Trainer sprite: fire red supernerd
Pokémon with you: blaziken
6 Pokémon (or less): blaziken, ludicolo, flygon, aggron, armaldo, pelipper
Cases coloured or transparent?: coloured
Badges: johto
Bars (name+badges) colors: not fussed
Fav. type: fire/rock


Lucario fan
I did your trainer card, and my ONLY rule was to put my name in reference (samuelrz), and not (.).
I know, now, I'm gonna write samuelrz on my cards...
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Lucario fan
Well, after a long inactivity time, I'm ready to restart! But now I do recolors, cards, blogs, mixes... And anyone who would like to do too, ask here!