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San Diego Zoo arsony

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This is nothing short of pure evil. Whoever did this is a monster, especially when you see just how close the fire was to the pandas. Pandas, the most adorable creatures in Asia and amongst the most worried about species in terms of conservation status; what was this person thinking?
How can anybody be so heartless? The Zoo is supposed to be a sanctuary for these animals, and the San Diego Zoo is one of the top zoos in the whole world; it's a huge contributor to conservation efforts by both directly caring for endangered or threatened species and donating money and resources to efforts in the animals' homelands.
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who the *** commits arsoney on a zoo?!?!?!?!
do they not like the children who visit that zoo to see the animals?!?!?!
what could you possibly gain from doing that?!?!?!


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*Rolls eyes*
You can't deny the panda's bearness.
I believe that whoever did it was a sick and twisted individual craving attention.
Which is why they haven't been captured yet insted of openly claiming credit for the crime right?
Not like the panda is helping much. If the panda isn't willing to breed to save themselves then it should be wiped out.
Blue Ralts said:
Any species that needs encouragment to mate and reproduce should become extinct.
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