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Sand Set Up


Like A Boss
First ever Sand Team, It's mostly focused on using Toxic and stalling with protect, but it also has two sweepers that set up really easily

Tyranitar @Leftovers
Sand Stream
252 HP / 60 Atk / 176 SpA / 20 Spe
Focus Punch
Fire Punch

This is a smogon set. Tyranitar is used to set up the sand of course. Its also pretty bulky and can use Curse to raise its attack while using Rest to heal when needed and Sleep talk when It's asleep to continue the fight. After its all set up It can attack with a powerful STAB Crunch.

252 Def 252 HP 4 Sp Def
Rapid Spin
Toxic Spikes
Volt Switch

Forrestress is used to set up the poison. Toxic Spikes are normally used first with Sturdy letting Forrestress get in at least one move. Rapid spin to knock away any of the enemies obstacles, and Protect to stall and have the poison do more damage. With Double edge it can attack after all set up and regain the HP with Leftovers, but with Toxic is can poison the pokemon is switches on and Stall.

Gliscor @Leftovers
Sand Veil
252 Def 252 Sp Def 4 HP
Swords Dance
Baton Pass

Gliscor is mainly used to set up my sweepers. It normally uses Rock polish to raise its speed and out speed any of its opponents. It then can Substitute and use Swords Dance before Baton Passing into one of my sweepers.

Lucario @Life Orb
252 Attack 252 Speed 4 HP
Close Combat
Extreme Speed
Stone edge
Bullet Punch

After Gliscor baton passes, Lucario is almost unstoppable. It has good type coverage and is also really fast. Its one of my main sweepers with Life Orb to give it a little extra push.

Scizor @Leftovers
252 HP 88 Att 172 Speed
Swords Dance
Bug Bite
Bullet Punch

Scizor can set up without Gliscor while using Substitute. Leftovers will regain the health lost from substitute, while Swords Dance to make him more powerful. X Scissors and Iron Head can sweep with decent type coverage.

I forgot Bastiodon xD
Bastiodon @Leftovers
252 Sp Def 252 Def 4 HP
Metal Burst

Can spam Roar with Toxic Spikes

Open any and all suggestions, including switching out pokemon and such. Its mainly used for single battles.
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Sky King
ok so for lucario take away flash cannon and replace it with stone edge for better coverage. next give ttar a sub punch combo so it can take out steel types. for gliscor dont use him to set op others because enemies could see wat u r doing and predict your baton pass, u should make him boost his own stats. for scizor u should give him brick break or superpower instead of substitute because x-scissor and iron head wont do a thing if the opponent brings out ferro or forretress. As for ur forretress give ti volt switch instead of double-edge/toxic so that it can have a move to fight water types with and to get the switch out plus at least one pokemon or more will get poisoned from TS before they get removed and if they do u gan set it back up. hope this helps


The One and Only
Like C-Demo said, change Lucario's moveset. Give it Bullet Punch over Poison Jab, for STAB and coverage.
Also, it's better to give Gliscor Max Hp over Max Def and Sp. Def. Give it Impish, max Hp, 156 Def and 100 Speed.
Forretress should have Toxic.
On Scizor, Bug Bite and Bullet Punch over X-Scissor and Iron Head. Bullet Punch is priority and Bug Bite, with Technician, is stronger than X-Scissor. Iron Head doesn't get the Technician boost either.
Finally, you only have five pokemon. As your sixth, I would suggest a pokemon with good Special Attack, as Skarmory utterly walls your team. Consider using Magnezone (which kills Skarmory and Water types) as a Revenge Killer or something.
Magnezone @ Life Orb/Air Balloon
Magnet Pull
252 Sp. Atk/252 Speed
Hidden Power Fire
Charge Beam/Volt Switch/Flash Cannon
Sub is sub, Thunderbolt for STAB, HP Fire for coverage, and Charge Beam to raise Special Attack. Or you could go with Volt Switch to get the heck out of there. Flash Cannon works as secondary STAB.
I'm curious as to why you didn't give Scizor his famed Bullet Punch... Iron head doesn't get Tech boost, which is pretty much what Scizor is all about.

I also agree with C-Demo on Gliscor's set, but I would just recommend using only one of the boosts and throw an attack on there, probably a STAB Earhtquake. That way you can fake a pure baton pass set and not be Taunt bait.