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Sanpei and the Ninja Village

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As we've gotten two episodes featuring Sanpei. I've noticed a trend that during evolution episodes. The entire evolutionary line is present in some sort of fashion.
Episode 36 Fletchinder's Line was present
Episode 52 Frogadier's Line was Present
Upcoming Episode 64 Braixen's Line will be present

Ash's Froakie/Frogadier

English Dub Titles that I know
Episode 17 - A Rush of Ninja Wisdom
Episode 52 - A Stealthy Challenge

In both episodes featured Ash's Froakie as the Focal point. It evolved into Frogadier episode 52

Sanpei used his own Frogadier/Greninja during both episodes.

Down the line between the 7th and 8th gym I fully expect another episode showcasing Sanpei and his Greninja to become a Master Ninja.

During that episode Ash's Frogadier most likely will fully evolve into Greninja. After Ash expresses interest to try and help out his friend Sanpei accomplish his goal.

I'm just saying whether it be in flashback form or actual form entire evolutionary lines are present in Evolutionary Episodes.

In the upcoming episode of Protect the Future of Science; The Electric Labyrinth (XY062). I can see a Shinx be involved if Electric pokemon are being controlled somehow.

In Decisive battle in the Badlands; Fight Goomy (XY61). There was only Goomy and Sliggoo present but in the upcoming episode of Tierno and Raichu Appear Good luck Sliggoo (XY65) I expect a flashback to its Pond/Oasis place as its being under Siege by Bug Pokemon as it evolves into Goodra.

Finally a notice to Depender if this convo broke rules. Not my intention just trying to fuel speculation backed by evidence if it does happen. Have a good day everyone lets discuss.
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Does this mean Volkner is the Pokage.


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I'm sorry, but I don't get you point. What do you want people to discuss about? And why does it have to be in its own thread and not in the Pokemon/character disucussion thread?
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