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Santa's Helper

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With the holiday season upon us, it is only fitting that there be a tournament to match. With that, I present to you the Second annual Santa's Helper Tournament.

The Breakdown

Here's how it's going to work. Below, you will see a list of 24 Presents. inside each present is a special restriction regarding teambuilding. When you sign up for the tournament, you must also select a present. Upon approval, you will be informed of what your present is. The contents of the presents range from item bans to pokemon bans to mandatory uses of items or pokemon to 3:3 monotype/region teams. In the end, though, only one can be crowned 'Santa's #1 Helper'.


-Standard 6v6 ORAS OU Smogon Rules (With certain exceptions)
-This tournament is SIMULATOR ONLY. PO/PS, NOT WiFi.
-Matches will be Best of 3. Not 5, not 1, 3.
-All SPPf rules apply, along with SPPf Tourney Rules
-Breaking of said rules will result in a disqualification from the tournament
-Players must comply with the restriction found in their present. These restrictions will be made public. It is up to you to make sure you and your opponent comply.

Signing Up
Username l Present #

Participants + Presents



Round 1
[1] Eliteknight Vs. phantomclaw [2]
[2] Meleikpi Vs. Sparkbeat [1]
[2] Beelogical Vs. Naoto Shirogane [0]
725Roy Vs. Cryssy
[Forfiet] SilentReaper Vs. Toiga [0]
Saph~ Vs. Gray™
[2] xDIRCIOx Vs. Minedreigon [0]
[Forfeit] Skullbash Vs. Moonclawz [0]
Kitt Geekazaru Vs. Clone™
[0] Conquer Pheonix Vs. Aeon™ [2]
[2] MMS Vs. Golem12 [0]
[0] 00swms Vs. Ger9119 [2]

Round 2
Phantomclaw Vs. Meliekpi
[1] xDIRCIOx Vs. MoonClawz [2]
[0] Beelogical Vs. Cryssy [Forfiet]
[2] Toiga Vs. Saph~[/s] [0]
Clone Vs. Aeon
MMS Vs. Ger9119

Round 3
[2] Meleikpi Vs. moonclaws [1]
[2] Beelogical Vs. Toiga [1]
[0] Aeon Vs. MMS [Forfiet]

[2] Aeon Vs. Meleikpi [0]
[2] Melekipi Vs Beelogical [1]
[2] Beelogical Vs. Aeon [0]

Finals January 2nd @10pm gmt-8

Kingothestone - Hosting this tournament last year + creating the op
EmeraldGoblin - For the main banner
MMS - For assisting with the RNG Process for My present
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Serebii Champion x.x
Saph~ | Present #13

Tis the season : ]


Rock Ultimate
Aeon™ | Present 17


MMS | Present 3



Because I'm Happy.
CrystalNinetales / Cryssy (if name change gets approved) | Present 22
Since there is 18/16 sign ups i will leave this open till there is 24 people signed up, or until wednesday at 10pm gmt-7
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