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Satoshi Haters - Explain Yourselves

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Jesse GS the II, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Jesse GS the II

    Jesse GS the II I was frozen today!

    I see it in about half the threads I post in: people complaining that they absolutely hate Satoshi. "He's stupid, he's boring, he's old, he's annoying, he should have done this, he shouldn't have done that" etc. etc. And just now, in the "What would you do if you were a member of Team Rocket?" thread, I found a post from someone saying that they'd actually like to kill him.

    Am I the only one left who actually likes this kid? I see him as a great central character and an excellent protagonist. He's considerate of his Pokémon's needs, and he's always trying to learn as much as he can and do what's right. I consider both those qualities to be extremely respectable. He's flawed, of course, as all humans are - he's prone to arrogance on occasion, though nowhere near the level he had at the start of the series. But at heart, he's still one of the most likeable out of the main cast, and his bond between Pikachu and the rest of his team is a great humanistic touch that makes him more three-dimensional than he could have been. If the anime's characters could come to life, I'd honestly want to spend time with Satoshi - he's a good kid.

    So what is it that people hate about him? Is it his team? 'Cause he has a good reason for starting fresh in each region - he likes to challenge himself and build his skills by starting from the ground up every time, and he knows that his other Pokémon will be well cared for at Orchid-hakase's lab. Is it his occasional lapses in intelligence? Well, that's one of his endearing qualities, in my opinion. He wants to learn everything about Pokémon training, which implies that he doesn't know it all yet, so naturally he's going to screw up every once in a while. Is it because he keeps defeating the Rocket-dan? Geez, they're the villains, and they try to succeed through illegal and unjust means - and they're constantly trying to kidnap Satoshi's best friend. Why shouldn't Satoshi put them in their place?

    It's puzzled me for a while now, and I want to know where this hate comes from, especially now that it's grown to the levels it's gotten to. So let's hear you justify your words. I don't want to vilify anyone - I just want some explanations.
  2. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    To me, the people who dislike Ash, or really dislike any of the past or former main cast members, are just being unrealistic.

    Ash has evolved as a trainer and a character, but he has to keep the new trainer appeal. Otherwise, kids can't relate. Otherwise, he'd just breeze through the battles in every new area because he can just use his powerful Pokemon. And though it's nice to see him win big once in a while, it's bad for the show if he gets to be on a winning streak.

    However, I think it comes down to this: Those that dislike the show, or dislike any/some/many/all of the cast, are probably expecting this show to evolve in signifigant ways. And that just isn't going to happen. Pokemon is a kids franchise. And since people "grow out" of it, they need to lure new kids in. So continuity isn't really important. In fact, for many television shows, movies, and any other fictional medium, 10+ years of history often makes it so convulted that it can't attract new viewers. But Pokemon HAS to attract new viewers, and thus, it must be repetitive.

    So that's why, at least I think. They're expecting something they'll never get from this franchise: A story with characters that evolve that has a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  3. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    It seems to me that Ash haters usually hate the show in general.

    I've noticed that a lot of Team Rocket fans seem to hate the main cast for some reason, and only watch the show for Team Rocket. Did anyone else notice this?

    Whenever you see those major fans of Jessie/James in the forums, they all talk about how the main cast is boring (except for Brock, oddly, most TR fans seem to like Brock) and hate the main cast. I don't think I'm the only one to notice this.
  4. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    It is pretty much because the show has had him as a mian character for the entire run. With 11 years and 550+ episodes under its belt, Pokemon is one of the most repetitive shows to date. So, like Cybercubed and Randomspot said, those who hate the repetitiveness of the show will grow to hate the character that has been subject to this repitition. In this case, Satoshi.
  5. ShinyCharyZard

    ShinyCharyZard Honesty=Infractions

    I'm glad you used the term 'a lot' and not 'all'. I am a major TR fan but i still like Ash a lot.

    Not so keen on Dawn though, i don't know why, her character just doesn't appeal to me...I really want to like her, but i just can't.

    The way i see it is:

    1. TR
    2. Ash
    3. Brock
    4. Misty and May (cant decide between them)
    5. Tracey
    6. Max
    7. Dawn
  6. Araleon

    Araleon Chill

    ^^ Yea, I too am a major TR fan <points at status>, but I also really like the main group. I think Ash is a good main character, my only wish is that the Chronicles would come back so we could see the old main character's stories(May's Johto journey, Misty's time at the Gym, Casey(maybe), Tracey, etc).

    I'm personally getting a little tired of people jumping at hoping this characger replace Brock, or whatever. When the writers wanna replace Brock, they will. Happiny could work, Brock could leave with a Nurse Joy, or maybe leave to start a breeding center with Holly.
  7. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    I'm also mainly talking about Rocketshippers.

    There are a lot of people on the forums who only watch the show for Team Rocket, and don't care about Ash or the rest of the main cast.

    That's pretty strange to me, given in a lot of eps TR get less than 5 minutes of screentime. It must be hard to watch this show *just* for TR, because in a lot of eps they're hardly shown.
  8. SOS! Its Not Healthy..

    SOS! Its Not Healthy.. He Say Whaaa...

    To tell you the truth, I love the kid. Ash really grew on to me from over the years. When I first watching the show, I couldn't stand him. He was so damn annoying, and as the years went on, the heart he has, determenation, and does anything for his love ones.

    The ones who hate him are basically the others just said, because they think the show is repetitive. A friend of mine, saw my drawings of him on my flash drive, well dressed as a maid, and she was like, they still have Ash and Pokemon is still going on. I can't believe that show is still going on, its stupid.

    Also I seen from the fandom, is that Ash as some people see, too generic, he haven't changed much. Some people expect a drastic change which that never happened. I get annoyed how people want all the POkemon evolve. It doesn't take a day to get so strong. And look upon Ash as a weak trainer.

    But like the POkemon fandom, its impossible to please everyone. Everyone loves to b*tch at something.
  9. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    I for one love Ash. He's a great character, loves his Pokémon and so what if he's not the strongest trainer. He's the perfect example of a true trainer and the way trainers should be.
  10. Electivirus

    Electivirus Not really, no.

    I personally love Ash. Granted, I find him a bit dull, but overall he's still an interesting character.

    I've probably said this before, but Pokemon is the only Fan(Dumb) that I can think of where a large majority of the "fans" want the main character gone. -__-
  11. Starlight Aurate

    Starlight Aurate Just a fallen star

    I don't care for Ash. He risks his life for Pokemon and I can't get the feeling out of my head that Anime Pokemon are only as worth as much as animals. I love the show because of the Pokemon and fights, but Ash just stinks.
  12. mimefan

    mimefan Banned

    I don't necesarrily hate Ash, I just hate the fact that he doesn't use pokemon like Muk or Kingler or Gliscor or Staravia.
  13. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    I don't mind people saying they don't like Ash because he's annoying or boring, but alot of people seem mad at him for usually bizarre reasons, such as the fact he apparently doesn't have to "work for his badges" like they do (despite them sitting on a couch pressing a button or something), doesn't have to follow battles as if they were entirely dictated by set statistics and variables (Aim For the Horn really isn't a big deal except I guess people freak out because they can't do it in the games...also, alot of people use this to show Ash is "dumb", which makes no sense because it worked ), and apparently love to brag about how they can defeat this fictional character using their gameboy games.
  14. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    LOL, I love when people say that. Some random 13 year old says, "I could beat Ash with my Level 100 Zapdos and Mewtwo...lololol!"

    Ah, funny stuff. I've been in this fandom too long.
  15. the1stpkmnfan

    the1stpkmnfan Your Big Buff Bro

    That's if he existed in the Video Games, other than the Anime.
  16. milenadrg

    milenadrg Well-Known Member

    I don't hate Ash, he's OK and I don't see reason to hate him. I would like to there's episode based on him, but on HIM, not on his Buizel, Pikachu, Chimchar...
  17. sg_p3

    sg_p3 Aussie Wonder

    I cant stand it when people bad mouth Ash, its like they're saying the show is bad. Anyway...I think Ash is awsome, I find his character really interersting. Sure he might not have a powerhouse team like Paul or Gary but I really admire the relationship between Ash and his team.
  18. milenadrg

    milenadrg Well-Known Member

    Yes, but Ash sometimes ignores his Pokemon. He did that with Gliscor, Kingler any else Pokemon on the list?
    And that doesn't mean I hate Ash, I just think it would be really nice to him to get more attention on Gliscor and Kingler and it's time for Buizel to be little ignored....
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2008
  19. sg_p3

    sg_p3 Aussie Wonder

    Yeah fair call....
  20. ShinyCharyZard

    ShinyCharyZard Honesty=Infractions

    Sorry, i tried to translate this, but had a little trouble...So could you confirm what you were saying for me?

    What i got was: You hate Ash because he risks his life for Pokemon (which are like animals)...So you hate people who risk their lives for an animals?
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