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Saturday Morning Deck


First deck attempt
33 monsters
1 Blue-Eyes Toon dragon
3 Elemental Hero Avian
3 Elemental Hero Bladedge
3 Elemental Hero Bubbleman
3 Elemental Hero Burstinatrix
3 Elemental Hero Clayman
1 Elemental Hero Neos
1 Elemental Hero Ocean
3 Elemental Hero Sparkman
1 Elemental Hero Stratos
3 Elemental Hero Wildheart
2 King of the Swamp
1 Manga Ryu-Ran
1 toon Dark magicion girl
1 toon gemini elf
1 toon goblin attack force
1 toon mermaid
1 toon summoned skull

19 spells

1 monter reborn
1 mystical space typhoon
3 axe of despair
2 dian **** the cure master
3 fusion sword murasame blade
1 future fusion
3 miracle fusion
3 polymerization
3 toon world

7 traps

1 mirror force
2 enchanted javalin
2 scrap-irn scarecrow
2 waboku

15 side deck

3 beastking of the swamps
3 different dimension capsule
3 goddess with the third eye
3 gold sarcophagus
3 mystical sheep #1

15 extra deck

3 elemental hero electrum
2 elemental hero flame wingman
2 elemental hero shining flare wingman
2 elemental hero steam healer
2 elemental hero tempest
2 elemental hero thunder giant
2 elemental hero wildedge

i think you can guess my strategy: lots of quick special/fusion summons
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Short Wing

Home of the Braviary
^ Yeah what Lucario beast said.
You have 59 cards, try to cut back to around 40, so that you'll have a much more consistent deck.
I would stick to either the E-Heroes or just the toons, but not both.
If you drop the toon cards, that 10 cards right there.

I'd also drop
- 2 Dian ****'s
- 2 Enchanted Javelin
- 1 Neos (Since you don't have any fusions that can use him, he'd just be a weaker Bladedge.)

And I don't think you need to run 3 copies of all the E-Heroes, maybe take some out for some more fusion substitutes.

Good Luck!