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Savants of Sommeliershipping.

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Tabula Rosa, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Tabula Rosa

    Tabula Rosa Model Pose!

    Sommeliershipping (Dento x Cabernet).

    This is the Sommeliershipping thread, which discusses the theories of a romantic relationship between two Sommeliers; Dent(o)/Cilan, Ash's current male travelling companion, and Cabernet/Burgundy, his rival that debuted in BW019. Simply, the backstory to their relationship is that Cabernet was once a trainer, and challenged Dento in battle, but lost. Feeling very stung by these events, she decided to become a Sommeliere/Connaisseuse in order to avenge herself against him. The name Sommeliershipping comes from the Japanese name for a Pokemon Connaisseur, a Pokemon Sommelier.


    - Obviously, all SPPf rules apply here, and the rules for the Shipping forum. So to "localise" them, I guess...
    - Don't flame or bash any shipping, character or member, and don't start any flamewars here.
    - Don't discuss any other shipping, no matter how you tie to this one. This thread is for Sommeliershipping and that only. Maybe a brief mention, but be very brief about.
    - Explain your reasons when you reply to a topic.
    - Respect each other, and another's opinions.
    - Anyone can join, really, as long as you like the shipping.
    - Have fun! :>

    Oh, yeah, it'll probably be discussing about Sommeliershipping from the point of view of the Original, so if you're watching the dub, you might be a bit lost here.

    Sommeliershipping's Bulbapedia Page.
    Princess Raspberyl
    Sweet May
    Winter Storm
    Moonlight Amaryllis
    Meowth City

    Image Source.

    So, let's start off, eh? What's your taste of Sommeliershipping? Explain why it is this.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Dec 2, 2012
  2. Princess Raspberyl

    Princess Raspberyl ~Shining One~

    Yays~! Sommeliershipping thread! =D Love this pairing <3 I think they're funny and cute together and would make a really good pair, so yeps. :3
  3. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Ooh awesome! Saves me the time to make the thread in the future. ^^; Any way, I love Sommeliershipping! I have a taste for rival pairings that involve arguing, even if it's just Burgundy doing all the work. It's cute that she even tries to defeat A-class Connoisseur Cilan and secretly shows feelings for him only to unleash the fire dragon inside of her to deny it.
  4. Piplup740811

    Piplup740811 Ashgirl

    Ahhh finally a thread for this ship!!!!! It's my BW OTP I'd love to join! :D
  5. WinterStarlight

    WinterStarlight Let us eat!

    I was thinking of when a thread for this shipping was going to be made. I'm glad to see it. =D

    I love sommeliershipping, I guess mostly because I never quite shipped Cilan with anyone. Then, Burgundy came along and declared herself his rival and that's what got me hooked into it. I'm also a sucker for rival relationships and love-hate relationships. X3

    What I find really cute is how Burgundy can be sometimes oblivious to the fact that Cilan really does care for her and want her to be a top class connoisseuse(sp?) and trainer. :3
  6. Moonlight Amaryllis

    Moonlight Amaryllis ♪smoke and mirrors♪

    I'm going to be the only one to answer the topic

    I'm joining. Any resistance is futile.

    What's your taste of Sommeliershipping? Explain why it is this.

    *deep breath* *Connoisseur mode* I feel that it's a cool and relaxed flavor being mixed up with a spicy and energy-filled one, and combined together, they'll create the sparks desired for the oh-so-well-known, "opposites attract" phrase~; the two will create something totally different!


    That sounds weird...*flees*
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2012
  7. Tabula Rosa

    Tabula Rosa Model Pose!

    Hello, all! Glad to see everyone here!
    Yeah... I did pick an eccentric topic, that's indeed true, but I wanted to make a theme to suit the fact that they are both Sommeliers. Ah, Moonlight Absol, that's a very observant evaluation, so I thought it was good. My turn, I suppose...

    What's your taste of Sommeliershipping? Explain why it is this.

    Well, I would say it has a very flamboyant aggressive initial taste with a sweeter aftermath. This is due to the mix of the two Sommelier's expressiveness (in very different ways) and potential, as well as hidden emotions 'cause that's what we're aiming for and it creates such an affable blend. A definite clash of spicy and savoury, to match how their personalites are in a simplistic sense of a condiment.
  8. gohan5

    gohan5 Irisboy

    Would like to join this ^^

    I've liked this shipping ever since Burgundy first appeared, something about it always clicked with me. Part of it was that I wanted to pair Cilan up with someone, but then I just saw something in this pairing that made me like it. Maybe it has something to do with them both being rivals, as I do like rival pairings, but it's also a fun pairing to support. I think that Cilan's over the top behavior is best suited with someone that can be just as over the top. Actually it serves to sometimes bring Cilan back down to earth, which is good. I like that they are similar and yet somewhat different, the two mesh together well to create a good pair.

    What's your taste of Sommeliershipping? Explain why it is this.

    Hmm I'd say that it's a spicy, but has a more mellow or sweet aftertaste. On the surface it's a spicy and somewhat one-sided rivalry with Burgundy always having something to prove, but once you dig a little deeper it has a sweet flavor when you begin to see Burgundy open up and how much Cilan respects and cares for her and her goal. Of course this is only made so because of how passionate the two Sommeliers are.
  9. Meowth City

    Meowth City ♥ Shipper ♥ Staff Member Moderator

    I love this shipping. In fact, it's fast becoming my new favourite BW pairing.

    There's something about Cilan that makes him so shippable :3 and this is no exception. I think he does have a certain amount of respect for her and he does want her to be a better connoisseur, but she's too stubborn to see it. While she just wants his approval more than anything.
  10. Tabula Rosa

    Tabula Rosa Model Pose!

    Welcome, gohan5 and Meowth City! Always pleasant to have additions. Yes, I adore it too; in fact, it's my overall OTP.
    I think I'll put another topic on the table, an easier introduction one...

    What was the very first trigger that made you ship Sommeliershipping, and why?

    This could range from anything, from hints to potential.
  11. Moonlight Amaryllis

    Moonlight Amaryllis ♪smoke and mirrors♪

    What was the very first trigger that made you ship Sommeliershipping, and why?

    After finishing Burgundy's debut episode. I was thinking, "Well, shoot me if she doesn't actually have a crush on Cilan; look at her blush!". I then shipped them together. Though now that I think about what could've happened in the Gym battle that made Burgundy "hate" Cilan, her feelings could be valid...which is kind of scary.
  12. Tabula Rosa

    Tabula Rosa Model Pose!

    Hey, everyone! I was linked me to a lovely Sommeliershipping fanfiction by someone and it was a pleasant read! It was unique, as firstly it was in second person, and secondly, it was one of the few ones that aren't M rated (though more of those are being added fortunately). You mightn't like it, but I didn't mind it.

    Her feelings of hate or love? Sorry, I just am curious.
  13. Fruty Sheep

    Fruty Sheep SommelierShipping

    Well... I'm new. Hello...

    Well, I want to say that I love Sommeliershipping. In fact, is my favourite Shipping. Maybe Burgundy didn't realized yet that she's in love with Cilan. I hope she appear soon. I want to see that she really has secret feelings. But I want to see that Cilan also has a little crush on her.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2013
  14. Moonlight Amaryllis

    Moonlight Amaryllis ♪smoke and mirrors♪

    Woe is this thread

    Hello there again, Night Flower. ;)

    Hate, more or less. Granted, she could very well be exaggerating when she talks about Cilan's cruel words to her when she lost, seeing Cilan's blameless apology and the writers shooing her off as a liar. However, during her fight against him in her debut episode, he actually does throw some nasty things at her, albeit toned down in the English version. We have also seen Cilan snap and flip over to extremely PO'ed to normal in a heartbeat (In Ash and Trip's Third Battle); I was actually kind of scared myself. Seeing he is labeled Cute and Psycho, we have some evidence that he really could have said those means things to her. On the other hand, his apology seemed true and honest, so ge could very well be bipolar. But that's just me. Also, we have possible Yandere x Tsundere
  15. Fruty Sheep

    Fruty Sheep SommelierShipping

    "Yandere x Tsundere"? What's that?
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2013
  16. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    Other than Ash, guess I like her second best for Dento. If he does stay, shey'll follow him right? To try and defeat him like always.
  17. gohan5

    gohan5 Irisboy

    Yandere and Tsundere are common tropes used to describe a certain characteristic and is most common in anime. Tsundere is when a person is perceived as being cold in attitude to one person but may actually only act that way in order to hide their true feelings. On the opposite end, a Yandere is someone that is generally a happy and really nice person but may have a certain thing that makes them "snap." So as in this ship, I believe they were alluding that Cilan is the Yandere (nice guy with a snap trigger) and Burgundy is the tsundere (generally rude or cold natured to cover her true feelings). So there's the anime lesson for today XD

    What was the very first trigger that made you ship Sommeliershipping, and why?

    Well I definitely shipped Cilan and Burgundy by the end of Burgundy's debut episode. I enjoyed Burgundy's character and how she maybe tried to pump her abilities up way more than she should have, but she was an enjoyable character. And then when she all but screamed bloody murder when she saw Cilan, that perked my interest. I think what made me like them was that they were both eccentric, but in different ways. Cilan is all boastful and proud of his abilities, verging on having his nose in the air most of the time, while Burgundy maybe tries a little too hard to prove herself. But I think her story of how she lost to Cilan and decided to become a Sommeliere is what got me. Who does that? XD While I'm sure she may have exaggerated her story some, I can at least see some merit to it and that made me like her. Plus in my mind she seems to want to impress Cilan above all else, usually in the form of beating him to the dirt, but still XD I mean, it just makes me smile whenever we see her have a "soft" moment with Cilan, and she vows to get better. Well that's my story :p
  18. Moonlight Amaryllis

    Moonlight Amaryllis ♪smoke and mirrors♪

    Thank for explaining so I don't have to, but one thing; when a Yandere snaps, it is ALWAYS something to do with their romantic interest/crush/lover. When a Yangire snaps, it has nothing to do with love whatsoever. But for the most part, everything you said was correct :D

    What was the very first trigger that made you ship Sommeliershipping, and why?

    The first episode where Burgundy appeared. She always seemed to be blushing and hiding her feelings from day one to me, so I told myself that she most certainly had some sort of warmer feelings for Cilan than she claims to. Although, if we touch more on the topic concerning her apparent humilating defeat, how will that affect the ship? Because personally, I haven't passed her off for being over-dramatic and a liar just yet.
  19. Fruty Sheep

    Fruty Sheep SommelierShipping

    Not only in the anime, but I want to see more SommelierShipping fanfics (I could make my own fanfic, but I don't have anything in mind...). This Shipping needs more love!

    Another thing: Can I be on the members list?
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2013
  20. Moonlight Amaryllis

    Moonlight Amaryllis ♪smoke and mirrors♪

    I am actually planning on writing a Cilan/Burgundy chaptered fanfic after my current fanfic is finished. It takes place in an alternate universe/AU, but it will still be appropriatly shippy. I might ask for ideas from this thread when it gets rolling \^^/ Shameless self-promotion FTW!

    New topic because this poor thread is dying yet again

    What are some scenarios you hope will happen in the anime? Remember what is currently happening in the anime, and make sure the idea and legit and NOT a fanfic idea!
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