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Save Me [Contestshipping / Advanceshipping PG-13]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by ~!Mudkip Kitteh!~, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. PM LIST
    Forretress Fan
    David Beckham

    I've been sitting on this idea for a while... [not literally], so here it is.

    Since it's not doing too well, I may discontinue another fic of mine, "Flyin' Away". I have too many fics. Bleh.

    There's one difference in this fic than in my other fics. CAN YOU NOTICE IT?

    Story INFO:


    Main Characters
    May: Sixteen year old coordinating prodigy, brown hair, blue eyes, hometown is Petalburg City
    Drew: Seventeen year old coordinator extraordinaire, green hair, green eyes, hometown is La Rousse [me thinks]
    Misty: Seventeen year old gym leader, orange hair, green eyes, hometown is Cerulean City
    Ash: Seventeen year old Pokemon Master, black hair, brown eyes, hometown is Pallet Town

    Original Characters
    Kaylie: Norman and Caroline's new baby daughter, born ten days prior to May's hospitalization
    Mark: Drew's father [made-up, obviously], forty-three, gym leader in the Achamo Islands, married to Shannon
    Shannon: Drew's mother [made-up, obviously], thirty-nine, gym leader in the Achamo Islands, married to Mark
    Andy: Fifteen year old Coordinator May meets on the road, brother of Kyle, falls in love with May, hometown is Vermillion City
    Kyle: Andy's twin brother, fifteen year old Coordinator May meets, falls in love with May, hometown is Vermillion


    Main Character Shippings
    Contestshipping: Very slight and short, cut off due to the accident
    Pokeshipping: One-sided and so slight I might as well not mention it
    Advanceshipping: Main shipping, as Ash becomes May's main source of comfort

    Original Character Shippings
    Mark x Shannon: There the whole time [becuz they're married]
    Andy x May: One-sided and slight
    Kyle x May: One-sided and slight, cause of strife between the twins


    Some of the concepts in this fic are considered "adult", and maybe even "teen", because some younger people wouldn't really understand it that well.

    Throughout this fic I'll be asking you a few questions or so, so here's the first one.

    What type of character would you like to see enter this fic? [Original character, personality & descrip]


    Save Me
    Contestshipping / Advanceshipping
    Pages on Word: 3 ¼

    Chapter One

    As the wind howled through the deepest reaches of the night, a young girl was searching for shelter, shivering violently as the cold seeped into her very essence. The zephyrs whipped her long chestnut hair around into her cobalt eyes, and snow pelted her thin, travel-worn clothes- a white skirt over black bicycle shorts, a red and black zip-up T-shirt, and ratty sneakers. The blizzard had hit her unexpectedly. As she collapsed, she screamed. The cold bit into her, waiting to consume her.

    “Please… Drew…” She choked out past her nerve-wracking sobs. Tears stung her eyes, and as unconsciousness gripped her, her scream reverberated through the raging flurries of the night.


    He glanced up from the fire in front of him. His chartreuse hair obscured his piercing emerald eyes, which were surveying the area around him. He could have sworn he heard someone scream. Then it hit him. May was in danger. He leapt up and ran from his camp, straight into blinding snow flurries.

    “May…” The thought of the girl he loved forced him to keep going, little cold biting through his blue jeans, black long-sleeved T-shirt, and short-sleeved purple over-jacket. No noise could be heard in the forest now. It was deathly silent. And then he tripped, sprawling headlong into the snow. He stood again, only to stumble back down as his knees gave out.

    “May… I never got the chance…” He murmured, “To tell you, I love…” His voice trailed off as he fell headfirst into the black void of certain death.


    Blinding white light seared through May. Was this what it was like to die? If it was, it was quite nice. Warmth was returning to her limbs. A head with black hair swam in the light, speaking her name. She tried to move, but it felt like she was stuck in quicksand. She tried to call out, but her voice was lost among the hum of angels.


    “May…” Drew muttered, opening his eyes. Everything around him was pure white, and machines were beeping consistently.

    “Save me, Drew…” Her voice echoed through his very essence. Where was he? He sat up and saw all the various machines around him and another person. Drew gasped when he saw who it was.

    “May!” Drew cried, jumping out of the bed and over to the girl’s side. He reached out his hand to touch her, but his hand went right through her arm.

    “What’s happening?” Drew yelled, as a machine flatlined. A doctor rushed in, yelling over his shoulder,

    “Get a resuscitation team! We’re losing him!”

    “Losing who?” Drew asked, but the doctor either didn’t hear him or was ignoring him. He moved out of the doctor’s way. Then he caught a glimpse of the boy on the bed. The green hair fell limply over closed eyelids. His closed eyelids.

    “Come on, keep trying, we aren’t losing him like this!” The first doctor issued orders as an orderly pounded the things on Drew’s chest. Ten minutes later, the doctors pronounced Drew dead.

    “But I’m not dead! I’m right here!” Drew yelled, but to no avail.

    “They can’t hear you. I’ve been trying for years.” A kind voice said. Drew turned and saw a girl about his age standing there. Her long golden hair shone like sunshine on her back, and her large amber eyes stared at him, unblinking. She wore a simple but elegant midnight blue dress. Her feet were bare.

    “Who are you?” Drew asked fearfully.

    “Who am I?” The girl mused, “I’m not really anybody now, am I? But you may call me Katie.”

    “What happened to me, Katie?” Drew asked. The girl looked familiar, as if from some distant dream.

    “You were out in the cold too long. They found you sprawled on top of the girl. You kept her alive, but it cost you your life.” Katie told him, a distant, dreamy look in her eyes. Drew sat on the edge of May’s bed with a sigh.

    “Is there any way you can go back into your body?” Drew questioned.

    “Yes and no.” Katie answered, “Yes, because you can, no, because if you do, you will have no life. You will be dead.”

    “I’m not dead! A-am I?” Drew exclaimed angrily, furrowing his eyebrows.

    “You are in what mortals call the “Great In-Between”, psychics the “limbo”, pessimists “hell”, and believers “heaven”. There is no real name for it. No live person can see us. Only other people that have died and your… your… well, there is no real name for it. But we dead people call it the “Stalker”, for that is what it does. It comes when you least expect it, and it keeps you bound to this earth. Another name for the Stalker is “Fear”, for that is what it brings. There is no way to escape it, except to face it. It sees all, it knows all. And it comes to destroy.” Katie answered him, frowning.

    “I was only sixteen…” Drew whispered, tears stinging his eyes.

    “I was fourteen, but what does age matter now?” Katie told him, smiling grimly.

    “What made you so wise?” Drew asked.

    “If you had been around like this for a thousand years, you pick up on some things.” Katie answered. They both sat content silence, observing each other.

    “You did a brave thing, saving her like you did.” Katie praised him, a true smile radiating from her face.

    “I didn’t… I tripped, and I guess I landed on her… I really didn’t do anything…” Drew said, blushing furiously.

    “You really love her, don’t you?” Katie asked, smirking. All Drew could do was nod. He reached out with two fingers on his right hand and touched May’s eyelids gently. Then he found himself in a new place entirely.


    There was a large green field, and standing a few inches in front of him was May, staring into the distance.

    “Oh, Drew…” She whispered. Drew placed a hand on her shoulder, and she jumped and spun around. Shock was in her eyes.

    “May…” Drew whispered, pulling her into his arms.

    “Drew… where are we?” The girl asked, leaning her head on his chest.

    “I don’t know. A dream, because… I don’t know how to say this, so I just will- I- I died.” Stunned silence followed that statement. Silent tears gushed down May’s face as her sadness and agony permeated her being.

    “No… please, no!” May screamed, pounding her fists on Drew’s chest. He took the blows without flinching or drawing away. Maybe he deserved it. He probably did.

    “Shhh, May. I love you.” Drew murmured, kissing her lightly. May’s eyes widened, but she returned the kiss. Fire danced between them as they kissed passionately, hands roaming. Eyes squeezed tightly shut, May wished this bliss would never end. But all good things have to end some time. May found herself pressed against Drew. He was hugging her tightly, wishing he didn’t have to let go ever again.

    “I love you.” Drew said softly, “Please don’t mourn for me, Move on with your life.” Kissing her one last time, he left.

    “I love you too…” May whispered, knowing that Drew was gone. Forever.


    So… what do you think?

    I got this idea some time ago, and voila! Here it is!

    Wellpz, hope you like it!

    ~MK ;258;

    My friend [she doesn't have an account yet] suggested I put an FAQ down here, as to get some questions out of the way. She posed the first question... that lame-o.

    FAQ [started on 1/6/06]
    Why did you write this fic like you did?
    I wrote this fic like I did because I felt like these concepts are hardly ever covered in most fics.

    Pose any question you want ABOUT THE FIC. mmmkay?


    ~MK ;258;
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2007
  2. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3

    aww that was so sweet. sad but sweet. I loved the detail in the story and the technique. keep up the fab work
  3. aipom_fan

    aipom_fan Well-Known Member

    it was so sad when drew dies yet it was really cute
  4. I'm glad you liked it. I tried to make this as detailed as possible to make up for the shortness, but meh... whatevs. lol.

    I'm glad you like it. I've started typing the next chapter, so expect it up sometime soon.

    If anybody wants to be on the PM list, just say so.

    *Kitteh loves new readers* [hint hint]

    Love ya guys!


    ~MK ;258;
  5. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    OMG! TT_TT *is crying* *sniff* That was WONDERFUL Mudkip Kitteh! Please write more I want to know what happens!

    P.S. Can I be on the PM list?
  6. Yayz! *adds to PM list*

    I'm glad you like it. :D

    PM List

    ~MK ;258;
  7. Haruka_San

    Haruka_San < Togehther Forever~

    I must confess that I cried. It was a very sad story. I think I am going to cry again. Poor Drew, poor May.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2007
  8. MistyLover

    MistyLover Banned

    Excellent, it was kind of sad though, Drew died. Wow there are a lot of deaths in the shipping sections:) But, I like how this story is included, and I would most definitely want to be in the PM List:D This is great, and I want to read more of it!
  9. I cried writing it. = [ But meh.. idk. Would you like to be on the PM list?

    Yeah, there are a lot of deaths... hrrrmm... *added to teh PM list*


    Next chapter... I haven't even started. ^_^;;
  10. Forretress Fan

    Forretress Fan Let's Go

    It was so beautiful it made me cry When Drew and May had to part their ways...in a dream...May might find comefort in Ash cuz the AS part.

    MK continue with ur great writing!
  11. I will continue writing [though I don't think it's great], and maybe you're right about May finding comfort with Ash, I don't know yet. = ] Would you like to be added to the PM list?

    I didn't mean to make you people cry with this...

    = [

    ~MK ;258;
  12. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    *GASP* It's going to be Advanceshipping too? Oh well I stil read it! ^^ Don't worry I still will support you even though I'm not a big fan of advanceshipping.
  13. Forretress Fan

    Forretress Fan Let's Go

    I still will read this and will be glad to be added to ur Pm list!

    And the crying...was kinda short (srry)..

    [spoil]must be under 80 to read next spoiler[/spoil]

    [spoil]I called the ambulance![/spoil]

    keep up the material!
  14. I'm not a big Advanceshipper either. lol.

    It's OK. I will keep up the material. :D *adds to PM list*

    Forretress Fan


    ~MK ;258;
  15. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    :eek: YOU KILLED DREW!!! ...Wait a second...something isn't right here... *reads again* OMG! Has the world come to an end?! Mudkip has finally decided to use the English!!! :p This is extremly good. DON'T KILL DREW!!! >_< XD Add me to the PM list por favor. :D
  16. Yep. English. My Japanese kick has ended! *happy dance* Yep, I killed Drew. That arrogant jerk deserved it, after all the times he comes out victorious. But I still love the green-haired guy. :D

    *adds to PM List*

    Forretress Fan

    The next chapter is... uh... 1 letter long. ^_^;;

    ~MK ;258;
  17. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    wait....don't get one thing...

    how can there be another chaptah, if the hero is...well...dead :eek:
    unless you kill May, and then Ash :rolleyes:

    or you do something sweet, like ghosts tormenting the living...yeaaaah...now I see it...mouahaaahhahaaaa (my trademark french speaking evil laugh...)
    anywayz, I'll be waiting for the next part...just out of curiosity :D

    as usual, don't need to burden you with another PM, I'm allways here ^_^
  18. This is mainly an Advanceshipping, so, uh, yeah. :] and... Drew's not the hero. *ASH COMES TO THE RESCUE FOR ONCE* lol.


    Next chapter up maybe... next year?

    It's not going too well....

    ~MK ;258;
  19. jessieneese

    jessieneese Well-Known Member

    Even though I'm not a Contestshipper, I have to admit that was beautiful. Your description of the events was great; I can't wait to read more.

    I guess since I said that, I should ask to be on the PM list, huh? :)
  20. WHOA WHOA WHOA. Back up. You posted the same thing. EIGHT TIMES. In a row!

    But I'm glad you like it. *adds to PM list*

    Just don't... post eight times in a row again. OK?

    Forretress Fan

    Next chapter is NOT doing too good.

    Maybe it'll be up next year. I don't know.

    ~MK ;258;

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