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Saving Cerulean

Water Spirit

~*Animus Aquae*~
I dunno where this came from – I was just sitting in front of the computer thinking that I had two hours left before I needed to get ready for a sleepover… and this came out instead!

I know I still have a fic to finish and I haven't been around for ages but when inspiration strikes, get it down on paper. XD

Hmm... better give this a title....

Please let me know what you think!

The Beginning of the End​

Part I

“So it is confirmed that there is no point in trying to negotiate with her because our attempts will be useless.” The man confirmed darkly from his chair.

He swivelled it around to face his mahogany desk and rested his tiring face on top of his hands, glaring at the young recruit in front of him.

“No Sir.” The young man replied, standing alert in his notorious uniform. “She is skilled and very stubborn. Our best plan is to move in without drawing attention to ourselves. If we make a disturbance or show signs of what we intend to do, then our plan will most certainly fail.”

The greying man surveyed him thoughtfully and then sighed heavily. The sun was slowly descending past the window of the large study, located in the headquarters of one of the sinister organisations specialised in the field of water Pokemon. The two men in the room had arranged this meeting abruptly after their plans of taking control of a particular city had met a rocky patch.

“This girl you speak of…” The man in the chair began and leant back slightly to allow it to recline under his weight. “She was not originally in charge of the gym when our plans were first drawn up. Why the sudden change of responsibility, Jack?”

“Yes, Sir. Originally, there were three gym leaders who were neglecting their duty and literally giving away their gym badges. If they were still in charge, it would not have been a problem to take over the city. However, their younger sibling has taken up the responsibility of the gym and her skills are advanced in her field.”

The young man watched his superior uncertainly as he got up and looked out of the window.

“Mr. Flumen, do you think it is rash to carry out our plans of domination?” Jack asked him doubtfully.

His boss did not turn around and remained silent as he stared out on to the calming oceanic life from his window.

“If we are to succeed in our plans…” He began and casually turned to face Jack. “Then we must capture the city where ‘Water Trainers are born…’”


“Misty, have you finished cleaning that floor yet?” A tall blonde asked annoyed. “It’s been dirty for like, forever!”

A frustrated red head emerged from a corridor that led to the enormous swimming pool famous for training water Pokemon at the Cerulean Gym.

“Why don’t you go and do it for a change!” The younger girl retaliated angrily. “I’m always doing the chores! You could do some for a change.”

A duck-like creature waddled along the side of the pool, chanting its name to itself and gazing airily into space before walking into the leg of its master. It blinked repetitively and looked up at the fiery haired girl who glared at it, annoyed.

“Why can’t you ever use your head for a change?” She asked it irritated.

Psyduck looked up at her expressionlessly and continued its stroll around the gym. Misty shook her head and returned her attention back to her sister. Both of them were dressed in warmer clothes than normal due to the colder whether having settled in with the approaching festive season. Fashioned in a straight blue skirt, she wore a tight fitting pale yellow polar neck jumper and had decorated her hair with a piece of holly to promote the Christmas days approaching. Daisy had put a thicker pink cardigan on top of her traditional clothing and had swapped her decorative blossom for a poinsettia.

“Like, I’m gonna be outta here for the festive holidays anyway.” Her older sister retaliated. “Lily and Violet have already gone and you know I’m off soon.”

“So much for spending Christmas with your family.” Misty replied angrily.

“Like, you’ve got Tracey and Mrs Ketchum has already invited you to spend the Christmas with her.” Daisy reasoned fairly. “Besides, it’s still just over two weeks till Christmas and we’ll be back in three.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Misty mumbled to herself and handed the mop to Daisy and stomped off.

She walked aggressively to her room and slammed the door behind her, looking wearily around her room and collapsing on her bed. She turned on her back after a while and looked at the picture of her and her friends before she’d left them on their journeys in Kanto and smiled. Her baby Azurill looked up at her loving from under the bed and cooed its name.

“Hey cutie pie, have you been sleeping again?” She asked it motherly and picked it up in her arms.

It bounced on its tail in agreement before snuggling into her arms and dozing again. Misty sighed.

“It looks like it’s just gonna be us two this Christmas, huh?” She asked it sadly and it bucked her chin up playfully and made her giggle. “You’re right, we’ll make it a great Christmas.”

She picked up the picture of her and her friends and traced the outlines of her two best friends – Ash and Brock. Both of them had been the cause of why she had started her journey with company and she was so happy that fate had guided her to meet both of them because they had become two of the most important people in her life. A knock at the door brought her attention back to reality. Daisy walked into her room and Misty glared at her. She frowned when she saw her sister now dressed up in several layers, a thick brown coat, pink mittens and matching scarf.

“OK, I’m off now!” She announced gleefully and surprisingly hugged her sister goodbye. “Make sure to take care of the gym and don’t get up to any mischief!”

Misty spied several large suitcases over the top of Daisy’s shoulder.

“I thought you were only going for a few weeks?” Misty questioned cautiously. “Why are you taking so much stuff?”

“Oh you know, all the essentials.” Daisy replied dismissively and began picking them up. “You wanna help your older sister out by taking them downstairs?”

Sighing in defeat, Misty put down her baby Pokemon and began picking up the heavy bags to take them down the stairs.

“What did you put in here? Rocks?” Misty asked irritated as she struggled with an oversized bag.

The taxi driver walked in through the main doors of the gym and sweatdropped when he saw the amount of bags Daisy was taking.

“And there is only one of you?” He confirmed and looked unsure when Daisy nodded eagerly at him.

“OK, so make sure to take care of the gym and that and I’ll see you soon.” Daisy finally bid her sister farewell and the driver struggled with the bags.

She waved goodbye as she drove off and Misty watched the car turn a corner before disappearing out of sight. She shivered slightly as she looked up at the dull sky to see soft white flakes gracefully descending from the sky and landing on the ground. Quickly, she turned back to go into the gym and began locking up for the night as the flakes fell harder. The quietness of the gym left Misty feeling uneasy but the festive decorations Daisy had helped her put up before she left gave a calming warmth to the empty building.

Outside the building, a tall but handsome young man was watching the events carefully. The snowflakes fell heavily on to him and bustled about him with the strengthening winds as he pulled out a walkie-talkie from his pocket and activated it.

“She’s alone.” He stated harshly and replaced it into his pocket again.

Misty hummed to herself as she prepared dinner for herself in the kitchen with Azurill and Psyduck playing around her feet. She was humming to a familiar Pokemon rap on the radio as she pulled out a meal from the oven and closed the door up with her foot as she set it down on the chopping board to cool down. As she removed her oven gloves, she frowned when the two Pokemon previously running about had gone oddly quiet and she peered around the door to the corridor to see where they had disappeared to. The lights were out, which puzzled her further because previously she had left them on. Cautiously, she ventured down the corridor with the sound of her flat shoes occasionally echoing as she went. She walked through the aquarium as the fish and water pokemon made little movement as they dozed and turned on the lights of the corridor to see if anything was wrong.

“Azurill?” She called confidently. “Psyduck?”

She heard a squeal from the pool area and dashed up another set of stair to see what the problem was. She stopped at the entrance to the pool area and looked around, seeing all the light on and the floats for the purpose of battling set up on the pool surface. She looked around fearfully, wondering who it was that must have intruded the gym in order to do this. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

“Hello, Misty.” A deep voice said behind her.

She gasped and turned around quickly on the spot.

“Who are you?” She questioned determinedly. “And what do you want?”

“Well, it’s funny you should ask that.” He pondered and pushed back his attractive dark hair. “My name is Alex and I am one of the executives for Team Aqua.”

Misty narrowed her eyes at him.

“I don’t associate myself with criminals.” She replied bitterly. “Get out.”

She slowly moved her hand behind her back with the intention of releasing a Pokemon off her belt. Before she could react, the man had already released a Pokemon from his ball in front of her. A fierce looking Milotic glared at her and stayed poised, ready to attack.

“Funnily enough, I don’t think you have a choice.” Alex replied with a grin. “You see Misty, Team Aqua specialises with Water Pokemon and what a better place to recruit willing members than the city where the name of water Pokemon trainers was born – Cerulean City.”

“I’ll never help you.” Misty shouted angrily.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll change your mind.” He replied calmly and held up her screaming baby Pokemon by the head.

Misty’s eyes widened in horror as she attempted to move forward but she was immediately stopped by Milotic. Alex moved towards her and lifted her chin up.

“I’m sure you’ll willingly compromise with our proposals.” He said menacingly and Misty smacked his hand away.

Thinking quickly, she grabbed hold of a crying Azurill as Alex was momentarily stunned and ran around the pool with Milotic following closely behind. She caught sight of a flash of light as he released another Pokemon and she came to a halt as a vicious looking Tentacruel stood in front of her. She backed up against the edge of the pool as the two Pokemon slowly advanced towards her and looked behind her to see the side of the undisturbed waters. She glared at the two Pokemon and then held her breath as she jumped into the pool and swam as quickly as she could to the bottom. She let go of Azurill who swam ahead of her until something grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her back.

Turning as best she could to see what had caught her, she saw Tentacruel moving towards the surface, dragging her along as she furiously struggled to free herself of its grasp. She twisted and turned until finally she freed herself and made a dart for the bottom of the pool again before she was unexpectedly attacked by a Poison Sting. A trail of bubbles were emitted from her silenced scream as she feel gracefully through the waters before being entangled within another one of the Pokemon’s tentacles and taken back to the surface.

She barely took in any air as she surface and felt a painful draining sensation as she was thrown on to the pool deck and left to weakly cough.

“There is no use in resisting.” The man replied coldly and knelt before her.

He lifted her chin up again so that she could look into his eyes but her focused kept dipping in and out.

“Soon you will see the greatness of our side and it won’t be long before you will follow in our footsteps.” He whispered in her ear as tears fell down her face and she collapsed in a sodden state at his feet.

End Part I​

Hmmmm... I'm interested to know what you think of this. Reviews and comments more than welcome!

Take care

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<--Yay New me!
OK! When I read the part where he's from team aqua I realized that *sighs* I was planing on writing a fic way back in 2003 similar to this! Yet its was was a little different and Cerulean wasn't going to be captured and well I'll asked you in a pm if something else I think (and was going to happen in my story) is happening. But regardless of that it's sounds really good! Also keep in mind you posted this in the shipping fics (In case this isn't shippy, you didn't say so yet. I doubt that it isn't ;)) And I agree you should let inspiration to write to happen right when it happens. Glad to see you post here on the forum again! It's been long!^_^
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Veteran Water Lover
Hmmm....Somehow this fic seems familiar somehow. But I think someone on fanfiction.net made a similar story where Team Aqua captures Misty, brainwashes her, and makes her join them. She's then pitted against Ash and the others before they can even have a chance to see her.


Well-Known Member
Oh my GAWD!

Who's the ratings whore going around giving Pokeshipping stories bad scores? Whoever is doing it, you better effing stop. This is getting effing ridiculous. :rolleyes:

Why would anyone give a one star to this story? It's, like, one of the best well-written stories posted here. People just simply have no taste.

Brian Random

Spirit! You never returned my calls! You never wrote me any letters! Where have you been!? …LOL! I’m kidding! Stop it! But seriously, I have missed you loads.

I’ve enjoyed that chapter, especially the part when Daisy was setting off on her holiday… along with several suitcases. The length is good, not too short and not too long. The descriptions of the actions are very, very good and you’ve left the suspense in the end. I’m predicting that there’s gonna be HECK to pay when Ash and the others find out. *Predicts huge battle scene coming up*

Overall score (so far): I'm stuck between 4.5 and 5 out of 5... aw, I'll stick with 5/5. Any time I see you, it puts a smile to my face.

PS: Screeching for a Christmas Treat? Click on link in sig.
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Master Coordinator
^^ I wondered what Melody was talking about...this is interesting, as predicted.

Well written, as usual, and a plot that looks good at the moment; I'll be waiting for more to see how it goes.


An old PS luva!
Well, a year on to the day of the last post so seems a good time to leave a review! This fic is great with great detail and keeping the known characters in character, if that makes sense!

I really hope you have time for this fic for christmas this year!
Wow, the chapter is amazing!!!!! I was so happy to see you back again on the forums.:D Good luck, and i cant wait for Chapter 2, this is so much fun!! But why did you use a graceful Milotic as Aqua's Pokemon? You seem to be a Gyarados person, I am however a Milotic person. Great start.


This is why love reading your fics Water Spirit! You create very suspenseful situations that leaves the reader on the edge of thier seat! I also like the fact that you keep the characters true to their character so it's a lot easier for me to follow the story in my head. I'm also curious as to how your going to include Christmas into this fic... I can't wait for Part 2!