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Saving Grace

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Mia Blaze, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. Mia Blaze

    Mia Blaze I'mma gonna Deku in the face, Kacchan

    So, after a break from writing for Pokemon, I decided recently to get back into it, and I only just realised I'd never posted my Black and White Anime AU on here so why not?

    The premise of this AU is to mix the games and anime together, creating a what if that completely changes canon from Castelia City and the missing Team Plasma V.S. Team Rocket two parter that was dropped due to an earthquake which changed BW forever.

    As for the characters... I have made some changes personality wise (more in the case of Iris than the other two) and characters that appeared in the games will keep their game roles in the AU (Such as Cheren being a rival rather than a Gym Leader and being friends with Bianca, N being more on an anti-hero as he is in the games, excreta)

    Age wise, Ash is 13, Iris is 15 and Cilan is 18, everyone else is around their canon ages.

    That's all I wanted to say for now, thanks ever so much for reading and I hope you enjoy!

    Warning: This fic contains infrequent rude language, moderate violence, mentions of death. If you are not comfortable with any of these, then please don't read this story. Thank you

    Mizu : Oshawott
    There was always one starter of the bunch that was left behind. If two trainers set off on a journey, there was always the one who was left behind for the next trainer to choose from.

    Oshawott had always been that Pokémon.

    He didn’t know why, but he had never seen a trainer consider taking him from the day that he was brought into rotation for new trainer choices. From the days spent as a hatchling, running around with the Tepig and Snivy he was raised with, to the moment Professor Juniper showed up to get him ready for his first choosing, Oshawott had high expectations for his future as a trainer Pokémon. He had planned everything out in advance.

    A trainer would welcome him with open arms, train him to become the best Samurott that ever existed, and take on the world with him.

    During his first few choosings, Oshawott was highly optimistic that his plan would begin to become reality. He was practically bouncing up and down on the inside as the new trainer would look over the three choices, before coming to a decision that ended up being either the fire or grass type starter. Weeks passed and the ideal plan began to crumble into dust. Some days, he would be out of rotation and another Oshawott was chosen in his place, since he was ill or undergoing testing.

    The poor water type was slowly losing faith in his ability to be picked, each performance upon the moment of choosing became forced and overly dramatic. Now, when he tried to appeal to the target, all he was given was a scoff of disgust. First impressions were everything, and Oshawott was failing horribly with his.

    He felt as if all hope was lost, as if there was no way that he would ever find a trainer who would happily take him on to begin their team. The water type had increasingly become less and less picky by the day, until all he wanted was for someone to kneel down, look him in the eyes and say, ‘I choose you’. Obviously, in theory, that should have been able to work…

    If only humans had been able to understand Pokémon.

    Oshawott was at his wits end, he really couldn’t take anymore rejections and the professor knew it. She had often focused her attention on him during check-up times, noting stages of depression settling into his poor, fragile mind. Juniper tried her hardest to make him feel better, to cheer him up when times were tough, but it wasn’t working well. Oshawott needed a trainer and soon, or he might just go crazy.

    A new trainer was scheduled in for a morning choosing, which was where Oshawott would hopefully make the best first impression that he possibly could and win over the trainer’s heart. When he was released from the Poke Ball that was marked as his own, he took a good look at the boy who could be his new trainer. Stern, focused, calm and collected, words that could easily describe the sandy haired boy with the camera that was looking down at him with one eyebrow raised in an elegant curve. Perfect, just perfect. This boy was the ideal trainer that Oshawott had been waiting for, the one that would push him onto greatness, the one…

    “Naww, you look strong and adorable at the same time!”

    …that didn’t speak that sentence.

    Oshawott looked around, confused by the sudden speech when his eyes met amber orbs of fire and warmth. There was another boy there, this one looked slightly out of place within the scene. Thinner eyes hinted at an eastern descendance, at the very least, midnight black hair roughly tamed by a cap, compared to the smooth and styled looks of both the professor and the new trainer. That didn’t matter much though, however, as Oshawott just soaked up the praise whilst blushing.

    He’d been called cute AND powerful!

    “And finally, Trip, here’s the grass type starter, Snivy!” Juniper announced, pulling the water type out of his glorious world of sunshine. Next to him, the cocky grass snake he had come to hate over the last week, formed with a smug grin and a flash of malice towards Oshawott. Of course, the foreign boy had something nice to say about Snivy, but it wasn’t as thought-provoking as the one he had given to him, Oshawott. That gave the water type reason to puff his chest out slightly, much to Snivy’s disgust and Tepig’s sniggering behind its snout.

    “Professor, I’ve already made up my mind,” the boy, Trip was his name apparently, smirked; having just called the other boy a ‘Boonie’ whatever the heck that was. In Oshawott’s view, the pouting and furrowed eyebrows told him that it wasn’t a pleasant nickname of any kind. “I choose…”




    “… Snivy.”

    Wait, what?

    Tepig groaned next to him, snorting angrily at the lack of being chosen, whilst Oshawott simply collapsed as all noises around him became distorted. The conversation between Trip and Professor Juniper continued, not that Oshawott even cared about what was being said anyway. He only started to react when he felt gentle hands pick him up and pull him into a hug.

    “It’s okay,” the foreign boy was speaking again, much closer this time in a quiet whisper into his ears. “I know it won’t be long until someone chooses you, why wouldn’t they? Don’t give up hope, everything will be Subarashī, it’ll be great. Just you see.” Oddly enough, Oshawott felt inclined to agree with him, spurred on by reassuring words that he had heard a thousand times before. There was something special to those words that couldn’t be found in the ones the scientists gave him, a special something that rekindled his passion and dream for the future.

    Maybe he’d just been looking in the wrong place.

    Oshawott unfroze, looking up at the boy who was sending affection and kindness to him through the simple action of hugging. His eyes were closed, mouth set into a tooth showing grin that was anything but malice. It warmed Oshawott from the inside out, providing a nice sensation throughout every fibre of his being. It was then and there Oshawott decided to take matters into his own hands and choose his own trainer.

    And he chose that boy.

    He was so enveloped in his daydreaming that he hadn’t noticed that the boy had put him down in an effort to chase after Trip. Oshawott stared at the closing automatic doors, realising this was his only chance to push his point across… only to be almost mauled down by another Pokémon. The two collided, with hissings and/or yelping of pain following soon after. Oshawott pushed himself up to give the other Pokémon a right royal telling off, stilling himself when he realised who he had bumped into.

    A Pikachu.

    Pikachu couldn’t be found natively in Unova, it was impossible. Sure, some trainers had them but that was only because of breeding centres from around the world who would give eggs to people for starters, since not everyone was lucky enough to get one of the three regional starters. The Pikachu, male by the flat edge of his tail, gave him an apologetic bow of the head.

    “Sorry about that, really need to get going, have to find Ash, see ya!” With that, the yellow bundle of fur burst out through the doors and into the courtyard, all within a matter of seconds. The dots began joining up in Oshawott’s mind. Foreign boy, plus foreign Pokémon equals someone who already was a trainer just visiting Unova. At least he had a name to go with the nice human.

    Hoping that there could be a compromise, maybe Juniper would let him go with an already certified trainer, he followed the Pikachu outdoors, only to find to two on the battlefield, Pikachu VS Snivy. Oshawott couldn’t help but cheer as a Quick Attack sent the grass type flying across the battlefield.

    “Snivy, get up!” Trip commanded as Snivy struggled to even push up from his arms.

    “Pikachu, Thunderbolt!” The boy, Ash, grinned to the electric type, who had the exact same expression on his face.

    “With pleasure! Eat volts, asshole!” Crackles of electrical energy rushed over the red electric sacks on Pikachu’s cheeks as he started to fire up a deadly bolt… that never came. “Urrr, Ash? What’s going on?”

    “I dunno,” Ash responded, shocking Oshawott down to his core. Did… did a human just understand a Pokémon?! What madness was this?! “Try a Volt Tackle, just the build-up though.”

    “Roger…” Once again, Pikachu tried to channel his electrical energy, but to no avail other than a few sparkles of yellow from his cheeks. “Okay, what the actual hell?! Why can’t I use my moves?!”

    “Ha!” Trip’s condescending tone smeared over everyone that could hear him. “What kind of Pokémon can’t use their type attacks? You’re weaker than I thought!”

    “I guess we’ll just have to improvise,” Ash muttered loudly enough for Oshawott to hear him, but not his opponent. “Pikachu, Iron Tail on the ground!” Pikachu didn’t reply this time but jumped into the air, his tail hardening and turning metallic in both colour and appearance. Using momentum, he twisted before he hit the ground, slamming his tail into it causing the ground to break apart.

    Snivy was thrown up into the air like a ragdoll, leaving himself open to be taken down by a simple Quick Attack, throw to the floor combo. Sulkily, Trip returned his Pokémon before storming off the grounds to wherever he was heading off to.

    Peering out from his little hiding spot, Oshawott looked up at the winning duo, who were giving each other confused glances. If that was the two of them without half of their move set available, he couldn’t help but beam at the thought of them in peak form.


    The boy, Ash, had left the day after the battle. It didn’t seem like a shock to his mother, or to the Kantonese regional professor the two were travelling with, but it did leave an opportunity for Oshawott. If he could follow the trainer and get his attention, maybe he could join in with a journey to the Unova League.

    That was exactly what Oshawott had decided to do.

    This was Oshawott’s first time outside of the lab, and whilst nerve-wrecking, he knew the ultimate reward would be worth the journey to claim it. He hadn’t warned anyone of what he was about to do, he just did it without a word. It wasn’t like they expected him to tell them where he was at all times, right?

    It wasn’t until much later that he had caught up to the boy and his Pikachu, who were now joined by a girl and her Axew, plus a Pidove that the trainer had probably caught in advance. Ash was clutching at his arm, dark red liquid slowly running down from under his hand instantly gave a worrying message to Oshawott, who realised that one of the glass shards nearby him was splashed with a bit of blood. Loud curses of pure rage were coming from three figures standing in front of a downed blimp, dressed in mostly black with red R’s printed across the top of their uniforms… for the humans at least, the Meowth with them was devoid of clothing, but spoke the language of the humans, surprising Oshawott to say the least.

    “Listen here, twerpy!” Meowth grinned, twirling a whisker around one of his his sharpened claws. “We ain’t gonna stop until we nab us that Pikachu, and yer hurt pretty badly, so give it over!”

    “Firstly, Pikachu is a he, stop objectifying your own kind,” Ash growled slightly as he spoke. “And secondly, you can kiss my arse!” Pikachu burst into fits of laughter whilst the trio of evil doers gasped in mortified shock.

    “Since when did the twerp know bad words?!” The periwinkle haired man had paled slightly in complexion, which meant a lot since he was already a light shade of peach to begin with.

    “Never mind that, just…” It was by then, Oshawott had decided he’d been watching on the side-lines for too long, and threw his scalchop at the remote in the Meowth’s hand, which broke into pieces upon impact. The normal type yelped, clutching at his now injured hand as the blimp blew up behind them, bringing a black cloud of burning fabric to cloud their vision. The whirring of machinery caused those on the ground to look towards the sky, where the trio were hovering with their jetpacks. “This time was just a fluke! Soon Team Rocket will rule over Unova!”

    “Yeah right, when Tepig’s can fly!” The girl, with overly large eggplant coloured hair, scoffed back at them. The trio didn’t answer back, instead choosing to fly off to wherever they were headed. Good riddance to them, Oshawott thought. With them out of the way, he could turn his attention to what was actually important, or for that thing to turn its attention on him.

    “An Oshawott…?” Ash knelt down in front of him, staring at him for a brief span of time before it clicked. “Wait, are you the one from Professor Juniper’s lab?”

    “That’s right!” Oshawott grinned happily, nodding his head up and down like one of those bobble headed dolls. “I came here to see you! I mean, I wanted to leave anyway and all but, I was wondering…” He was rudely interrupted by the girl, who had forcibly put herself between him and the trainer he wanted to work under.

    “Look, you can thank, talk to or praise the Oshawott later,” she huffed when her companion pouted at her. “They could have coated that glass with anything and that anything could now be in your bloodstream. Plus, you’ve lost a fair bit of blood! That wasn’t a minor scrape! At the very least, let me treat it here so it can be properly looked at when we get to the nearest Pokémon Center!”

    “Fine!” Seemingly, Ash visibly sulked as the other human pulled all the necessary equipment out of her backpack. “But seriously, Iris, it doesn’t hurt…”

    “Doesn’t hurt my ass!” Iris snarkily replied back. “You were nearly crying when it happened! Just let me do this…” She dosed a piece of cotton wool with some kind of liquid from a bottle, and dabbed it against the wound, flinching at the screams of pain her companion was making. “It’s for any signs of infection. Can’t have you getting a fever or cold, it’ll make things worse.”

    “You… could have… warned me.” He groaned as she stopped dabbing with the wool and began to wrap fresh guaze and a bandage around the wound.

    “Sure, and give you the chance to run away?” Iris rolled her eyes as she tied the ends of the bandage together. “There, all done. But we really need to get going to the Pokémon Center to get it properly seen too. I’m no Nurse Joy or anything…” For a moment, she stopped talking to take a deep breath as a smile etched its way onto her face. “But thank you for saving Axew. If I had been more careful, then you wouldn’t have been hurt so, it’s my fault in a way. I had no idea Pikachu’s Volt Tackle was that strong!”

    “You should have seen what it did to that Latios…” For some unknown reason, Iris didn’t hear that, but Oshawott did. Latios, one of the Guardian legendaries that occupied the Hoenn region? His Pikachu, a second stage evolution, took on a Latios and caused considerable damage?

    Now that, was incredible.

    “Anyway, we’d better get going,” Iris helped Ash back up onto his feet, making sure the injured arm was kept away from any form of irritant. “Thanks for helping us Oshawott.”

    “Yeah, thanks a lot!” The boy added with another toothy grin.

    “We owe ya one!” Pikachu finished, rushing to return to his trainer’s side, who was already being dragged away to the nearby log cabin-esque Pokémon Center. Watching them go, Oshawott realised that he had missed yet another chance to get himself aligned with the trainer he wished. Oh well, there was always tomorrow.


    Oshawott was happy.


    Well, he had just been relaxing in a hot springs bath and had been given permission from Professor Juniper that it was alright that he could travel with Ash. He was lounging happily on the bed in the room the two trainers were staying in for the night, curtsy of the owners of the springs for thanks in helping deal with the Sandile problem back when the springs were just sand baths.

    Pikachu was rightly angry with him for a bit, especially when he knocked the electric type off of his perfect perching spot to prove a point, not that he needed too. Oshawott was sure Ash understood Pikachu perfectly, if not himself and Axew as well. That resulted in the poor trainer getting shocked accidentally since his scalchop was a poor conductor and reflected the bolt of electricity in another direction.

    Even after all that though, the trainer never once was angry at him. Ash listened calmly, assessed the situation and even agreed to have Oshawott join him on his journey understanding how important this was to the small water type. Oshawott had never had a trainer before, having a trainer was something he had dreamed of since the first choosing he had been involved with. Now, he didn’t have to worry about that because he had chosen a trainer, and that trainer wanted him too.

    Sitting upright, he noticed a gap in between Pikachu and Ash’s chest as they slept, tuckered out after the long couple of days. Slowly and quietly, Oshawott squeezed himself into that gap, once again feeling warmth and love that he had only ever felt by being near this trainer in particular. He didn’t know why and, quite frankly, he couldn’t care less.

    Oshawott was happy…

    And that’s all that mattered.
  2. Mia Blaze

    Mia Blaze I'mma gonna Deku in the face, Kacchan

    It's been a week, so here's Chapter 2!

    Thanks to everyone who has read, and for those who are wondering, yes this will be a... very very long fic by the time I'm finished. You'll see what I mean when I get there.

    Some anime episodes will be cut out of the story, unless they involve character development or captures of Pokemon that will stay on the character's teams. This means there won't be as many canon captures, but there will be some new additions that I wanted to add.

    Without further ado, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

    Honō ~ Tepig
    Tepig was weak, he felt weak, stumbling around as his stomach grumbled and groaned with the lack of food.


    He needed food!

    Thinking about it just made his stomach scream at him for energy, for nutrients, but he couldn’t. Not with this rope entangled around his snout he couldn’t open it wide enough to do anything but breathe. At times, he could slurp up tiny amounts of water, but that wasn’t enough to keep him sustained. Tepig knew he was slowly being starved to death, he had to get the rope off as soon as possible. The only problem was he didn’t know how. He had brushed his snout against anything he could think of that could snag and tear away the problem that was killing him.

    Only, it tore away his skin instead.

    The ropes sometimes rubbed against the sensitive sore flesh, and all Tepig could do was whine and sob in pain. He had started to raid the nearby Pokémon Battle Club’s food supply to see if there was anything in there that he could manage to gain nutrition from. Surely enough, if he left the pellets of general Pokémon food in a small bowl of water for a while, they would be mushy enough for him to get down his tightly enclosed snout. He didn’t care that the food has a horrible texture when wet.

    It was food and it was keeping him alive. Plus, he always made sure to drink the water just in case any vitamins seeped out into the liquid. Tepig quickly learnt how to use the indoor tap with just his front legs, how to make a hole in a bag for the food, how to collect a clean bowl for each meal and, most importantly, how to get in and out of the storage container that held the supply.

    For weeks, he continuously used this cycle, the constant need for survival cast all thoughts of his previous trainer out of his mind, and any thoughts that did pop up were ones of malice. It was because of his blindness that he didn’t realise what could result in chasing after someone who didn’t want him. However, as all abandoned Pokémon do, he had just a glimpse of hope deep down inside that told him his trainer would come back, that he would be welcomed with a loving embrace.


    Love was just not Seamus’ style.

    Tepig was digging into another meal when he heard the container’s door slid open with a loud clang. He froze, terrified to think that he could be caught by Don George, the head of the Battle Club. Seconds passed, feeling like hours to the fire type as he awaited the typical clod of slipper shoes that he had already come to expect from the Don. His muscles relaxed as, instead, the clack of high heels and boots echoed around the metal walls. Peering out, Tepig glanced upon three figures dressed in black uniforms entered, searching around for something. They were pre-occupied with the boxes of Pokémon food, now was his only chance to escape.

    Using as much strength as he could muster on his barely digested food, Tepig sprang at the trio, bouncing on the ground before leaping off down the backroads as the alarm behind him began shrilly calling out to those nearby of thieves and intruders. It was then he realised that he’d revealed himself, in front of the camera, on tape.

    Oh crap.


    Tepig didn’t like being cornered. He didn’t like being restrained or tied back. He didn’t like being trapped. Approaching figures, human specifically, when he felt like a caged rabid monster were not things he wanted to encounter. He would fight tooth and nail to escape, bite and burn anything that stood in his path but yet now…

    He was letting a young trainer pick him up.

    Sure, he had snorted smoke into the boy’s face, but that was just a defensive measure. Once the smoke had cleared, Tepig realised the boy wasn’t angry but instead was worried, frowning as his amber eyes glossed quickly over the fire type’s appearance. The boy said nothing, coughing due to the dirty air that was trapped in his lungs, before sitting cross legged on the floor whilst gently placing Tepig down on his lap.

    Normally, Tepig knew he would have run, but a warm, loving feeling rolled over his body in waves as fingers gently scratched the top of his head.

    “Daijoubu!” The trainer was smiling, closed eyes and mouth to hide any potential signs of aggression. The hand left his head, leading Tepig to groan for it to return, that was until he realised what was happening. Fingers delicately worked at the rope around his snout, avoiding the areas where the skin was chaffed and ripped off.

    “Be careful,” The girl with him, a person who Tepig had only just noticed at that moment, was glancing at them from a far enough distance. “The poor thing has already been hurt by the rope, we don’t want to cause it any extra damage!”

    “Right,” The boy nodded, making sure that he was careful to not cause any more harm to the poor fire type. “Who could have done such a terrible thing?”

    Tepig froze for a moment and looked up at the human who had almost freed him from the dreaded curl of fibres. The feeling of warmth returned as the tips of the boy’s fingers brushed against his cheeks. It was a warmth far stronger than the fire that blazed inside of his body, of which was slowly burning out due to his lack of food and strength. The warmth faded as the rope was gently unravelled from his snout, allowing the fire type to take huge gasps of fresh air, freeing up his windpipes from the tiny snorts he had managed to achieve before.

    Seconds after Tepig had returned to a regular breathing pattern, a cloth lightly rubbed into his mucky fir, slightly damp to draw the mud and dirt away. As the boy was doing this, the girl, whose name was mentioned to be Iris, drew up a large bowl of dry Pokémon food for him. He didn’t even know he was drooling until the cloth wiped the side of his mouth as the human boy chuckled kindly.

    “Pretty hungry, huh?” The trainer finished off his job, stuffing the cloth back into his bag along with a partially empty water bottle. “Thanks Iris.” He took the bowl off of her hands, placing it down in front of Tepig, who eyed it greedily. Within seconds, Tepig was head first into his first dry meal in a while, wolfing down every pellet he could find. The warmth returned with a content sigh, as the boy began to pat his back.

    “I bet it’s really good and all, but I’d slow down a little,” he, the boy, advised. “We still have plenty for you to eat your fill.”

    “I’m sure Don George won’t mind if you ask him, Ash,” Iris crouched down beside them, beaming at the adorable sight in front of her. “Tepig probably has enough there to put him to sleep afterwards.”

    “Yeah, I guess so.” Tepig continued to munch as the trainer, Ash, continued to stroke his back reassuringly. It wasn’t long later that the fire type realised that girl had been right, and he was getting increasingly sleepy.


    “That’s horrible!” Tepig blinked his eyes open to Iris’ horrified shout. Looking around, he could make out the imposing figure of Don George in front of the two trainers, with Ash still carrying him in a tight but caring hold. “What kind of madman would just tie up their Pokémon and leave it to die?!”

    “Please miss, calm down…!” Don George said in a hushed voice.


    “Sorry about that Tepig,” The fighting match ended almost immediately as Ash realised he was awake and had started stroking the fire type between his ears. “We didn’t mean to wake you up.”

    “No problem…” Tepig yawned and stretched, only to relax into the arm hold he was held in, the stroking fingers moved with his stretching ending up in the wrong place. “Left a bit…” To Tepig’s surprise, the action moved to his perfect spot, following his instructions clearly. If he wasn’t enjoying the nice head rub, he would be questioning what had just happened.

    “It seems Tepig really likes you, young man.” Don George laughed heartily, causing Tepig to jerk upwards, completely alert. “Normally, in cases like these, the Abandoned Pokémon Institute or A.P.I would come and take the Pokémon to be cared for and rehomed, but I think it would be the best for Tepig if it…”

    “He,” all eyes swivelled in shock at Ash’s icy cold tone. “Tepig is a he, not an it. He’s a living being, not an object, treat him as such…”

    “Right… he…” The man coughed nervously and continued from where he left off, “It would be best for Tepig if he went out there with you. I hardly think the A.P.I could remove him from your arms right now.”

    Thinking about it, Tepig realised the old man was right, he didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to leave Ash. Whilst the boy had saved him from death, Tepig realised his hate to leave didn’t stem from a debt of having his life be saved. The natural warmth and love the human projected just felt like a mother would to her son. Thanks to a lack of love with Seamus, the idea of having a human trainer who loved him just sounded so appealing. He had almost died, but now, he had a better future because of one act from a crueller being. Confirming the man’s suspicions, Tepig clutched at the jacket fabric beneath him with an adamant glare, no one would separate him from his new trainer.

    “It looks like Tepig’s made his choice,” Iris smiled, leaning in with a sparkle in her eyes. “So, gonna catch him now?” Ash stared at her for a moment before shaking his head, shocking everyone around him.

    “I’m not gonna catch him…” Tepig’s heart broke. He couldn’t believe it, there was no way that… “Not until I’ve sorted these injuries out.” Oh, well, that was still good news, right?

    “Oh Ash,” Iris took a deep sigh of relief. “You really had me worried there for a minute.”

    “Heh heh, gomen,” Ash seemingly sent another wave of warmth through Tepig’s body, just by readjusting the hold he had on the fire type. “Is there a Pokémon Center around here?”

    “Yes, pretty close by,” Don George nodded, before giving some instructions, plus a note to the boy. “This should exempt you from a telling off or revoking of your trainer’s licence for Tepig’s condition. Thanks to your Pokémon, we were able to secure the grounds pretty quickly, I believe you will be wanting them back now?”

    “Yes please!”


    “Wait, he can what?!” Tepig’s jaw dropped as the group of five, four Pokémon and one human, wandered the streets of Accumula Town in search for the center Don George had told them about. Unluckily for the group, their trainer didn’t have a keen sense of direction. A Pikachu and a Oshawott took up the shoulder spaces, whilst a Pidove flew alongside them. She cackled at his response to their big reveal as Pikachu tried his best to explain.

    “It’s kinda out of there, I know but… It really takes a demonstration to show it…” He began making gestures to his trainer, pointing at Pidove, who gave them a smug grin back. “Okay, just watch.”

    “Pidove, just say any word you can think of.”

    “Biscuits.” She replied instantaneously.

    “Seriously?” Ash raised an eyebrow at her, close to rolling his eyes at the flying type. “You’ve only just eaten, how can you now be hungry?”

    “I just like biscuits,” Pidove replied honestly with a shrug of her wings mid-flight. “Plus, you did say any word.”

    “But biscuits suggest you want food and I don’t have biscuits on me right now!” Their trainer argued back, not noticing the wide eyes of the Tepig in his arms.

    “I too am a little peckish.” Oshawott announced, smiling at the rest of the group. “Maybe biscuits would be filling enough…”

    “Guys, we don’t have biscuits…” Ash looked down at Tepig only now realising the fire type had been listening to everything. “Umm… surprise?”

    “But how?!”

    “No clue whatsoever,” Pidove butted in before any of the others could get a word in edgeways. “But he’s our Ash and I don’t care if half of his hair falls off or he breaks his leg or something because he’s still our trainer and nothing’s gonna change that.”

    “I’m not going anywhere!” Oshawott proudly tapped his scalchop with a wide grin. “I’m not losing my first and only trainer for nothing!”

    “Ash and I have been everywhere together,” Pikachu nuzzled his cheek against his trainer’s, earning a joyful giggle from his actions. “And I would never leave him for anything. I just love my adorable doofus way too much.”

    Ash was about to object to being called a doofus when a voice caused all of them to stop in their tracks.

    “Your Pokémon, just now they were saying…” They turned around to find a man behind them, a white and black cap covered his eyes whilst his green hair flowed down into a long ponytail. A white shirt was worn over a black one, leading into beige trousers and green shoes. The man oozed with an electrifying air of mystery about him, cold and untamed.

    “Huh?” Thoroughly confused as to who this man was, Ash remained quiet, hoping he hadn’t just head their conversation.

    “Strange, I could have sworn I heard friends conversing with a human,” The man lowered his head to the ground with a smile. “And here we have four friends, free from their Poké Balls to thrive and prosper…”

    “What the hell is this nutter on about?” Pidove questioned, perching atop of her trainer’s head. “Poké Balls are actually very comfy, they even allow for rest between fights.”

    “Oh, so mine is the only cramped one!” Pikachu huffed and crossed his arms, thinking back to the man who caught him. “Stupid old coot!” Trying to drone out the argument, Ash decided to ask the man a question.

    “Umm, pardon my rudeness but, who are you?”

    “My name is N,” was his swift reply. “I’m just a traveller, searching to make the world perfect for my friends, something I haven’t been able to do yet. And you are…?”

    “Oh, well,” Ash pointed to each of his Pokémon in turn. “This is Pikachu, Oshawott, Pidove and Tepig, and I’m Ash. Nice to meetcha!” He held out his hand for a shake, pleasantly surprised when N took it.

    “Placing your Pokémon above you in an introduction,” a soft smile graced N’s more whimsical features. “I respect people like that.”

    “Well they are my family…” Ash’s Pokémon clung to him tightly with that remark, easily showing their agreement to it. “Hey N, do you know where the Pokémon Center is? Tepig hurt himself after being abandoned and I really want to find the center to make him feel better soon!”

    “Abandoned…” N zoned out, staring across the town as if he was judging them for letting such an act happen. “How horrible. The Pokémon Center is just ahead, I hope Tepig recovers.”

    “Thanks! And thanks for the instructions!” Ash turned to leave, waving as he ran with Pidove flying after him. “Sayonara N, thanks for everything!”

    N watched him leave, still smiling as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a photograph. In the middle of the photo was a storm cloud, Zekrom only barely visible inside of it and below…? A black-haired boy and his Pikachu, wearing the exact same clothing as the one he had just met.

    “The Hero of Ideals, huh?” He put the photo back into his pocket and grinned. “Well then, I must prove myself to Reshiram, so I can help all my friends!"
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