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Saving the World from Ruins (579)


Too old for your rubbish..
Excellent review Ash-kid, very elaborated and you really contribute a lot in your episode reviews. Or should I say, postcount +1?

I've seen worse, like those people who post single sentence reviews like "This episode rocked, Sceptile is cool" in 10 threads within a minute of each other.
I've seen worse, like those people who post single sentence reviews like "This episode rocked, Sceptile is cool" in 10 threads within a minute of each other.

As long as they aren't breaking any rules and are making relevant statements, there's nothing we can do to stop them.
I found it odd how Mars' Purugly was able to take down Lucario so easily, even with the help of the Golbats. A Normal-type shouldn't have been able to do so much damage to such a strong Steel-type without breaking much of a sweat.
I wish there had been a Riolu egg; even if it got Oaked after hatching, it would have been awesome.


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Aura is way too cheap and Ash was hesitating too much when he was told to attack Lucario.
Of course he didn't want to attack it


Well it was actually good.

I liked that the Steel type Pokemon were acting odd, including Lucario. I was surprised that Mars had really planned to destroy the whole of Iron Island. That seemed too drastic.

Liked that Riley and Lucario pretty much prevented that in the end. 5/10


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The absolute highlight of this episode, and the whole two-parter, was Carnivine learning vine whip. After so many episodes with the twerp pokemon learning new moves to save the day- Pikachu with volt tackle, Ash's Squirtle with hydro pump, May's Squirtle with ice beam, Sceptile with solar beam, Happiny with secret power, and about 20 more examples- it's about time a Team Rocket pokemon got the same plot twist. At least it gives Carnivine a bigger moveset for upcoming episodes. I also love the final scene with James hugging Carnivine so happily. :)

Apart from that the episode isn't that great, but Barry helps make things great, and Riley and Lucario are good too.


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This episode was pretty good. I think Mars wins the award for "Deadliest Pokemon Villain Ever" for wanting to blow up Iron Island with Ash & Company plus all the pokemon still on it.
Just a continuation from the last episode it seems... But an equally good one at that!

All I'll say about this episode is that I'm glad Lucario pulled through it's possession alright.

Yeah, that's it.

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Riley and Lucario make a great team....He should consider going for the sinnoh league

Willow's Tara

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I think this episode was pretty good, Mars was defiently not bluffing, aleast the Island was saved.

And I agree it's about time one of TR's Pokemon learnt a new move to save the day. Although is it me or is James the only one who's Pokemon actually learns a new move, Wobbufuet might have once years ago but Jessie's usually already has them and they certiently don't do what they did with Cacnea/Carnivine,

Anyways good episode,


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This episode was ok... much better than the 1st part episode. It was rough to see Lucario set on trying to really harm Riley. There seems to be way too much of Steelix lately... It was cool to see Reggie and Cynthia's Grandmother making an appearance. It was cool to see Carnivine finally learn Vine Whip attack. It was cool to see Riley and Lucario use their aura to stop the Time-Bomb explosion. The Aura Barrier looked really cool!



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There's not much I have to really write about this episode. As far as TG episodes go (or any episodes relating to the evil team), I think this one is one of the better ones, in terms of action. There's no mindless battle against a million Golbat that feels like a filler of time. What's here is a pretty nicely orchestrated attempt by Ash and Brock to break the machine, and that works pretty well. Ash's combinations using Pikachu and Staravia are well thought out.

There were 2 scenes that were a little unusual. The latter of the two scenes involves Chimchar trying to use Dig to rescue Dawn and company, and being unsuccessful. It's actually a pretty cute scene; what's surprising is where it pops up, when the bombs are about to go off and potentially kill our heroes and everyone else on the island. I think it's a powerful scene though. We all deal with death of loved ones (and eventually the reality that death is very near for us personally) at some pt in life, and I think a good moral of this scene is that, even so, you still have to live. The problem solving idea of Ash's involves a range of emotions: excitement that he's figured out a soln, disappointment that it doesn't work, and then an apology to Chimchar. Dawn even admires Ash's idea, and then laments the fact that such a good idea doesn't work. These are normal everyday feelings and emotions that our heroes are enjoying, even though, more than likely, they are going to die in a few minutes. So in a sense, that's a really powerful scene. Were the writers going for that when they put the scene there? Probably not. But what you take from the scenes is really the fun of being a viewer (and reviewer).

The first of the two scenes, chronological wise, is the most interesting one for me in the entire episode. It's the one where Ash and Brock have Lucario pinned, with Riley urging Ash to have Pikachu use ThunderBolt on Lucario. Ash is highly hesitant to do so. It's not until Brock also says he should do it that Ash is really touched; as Brock says, he really understands how Ash feels, but this is what must be done. Pikachu's approval is the final push Ash needs to order the attack. But....was it worth it? Ash and Brock take huge hits from the thunderbolt (and this drives home the seriousness of the scene right away, that Riley and Pikachu are not concerned about the hits Brock and Ash have to take) as well as Lucario, but Lucario, ignorant of its pain, gets right up and heads towards the TG camp. There it's defeated quickly by TG, and taken out for the count; but its focus on the frequency machine draws our heroes' attention to it. So Riley's idea does produce results; but, his treatment of Lucario is pretty ruthless. I'm not so sure that Ash's concern was quite wrong here. Was there no other way, and did this really needed to be done? It's a scene like this that shows how special Ash really is, when everybody, from Pikachu to Riley is willing to do the "right" thing to win. Remember how Ash got Lucario to stop attacking in the first place: by talking to it and getting it to at least try to fight the influence of the frequency. Ash got that far with Lucario; Riley, his own trainer, could not. But that just seems to be the relationship Riley and Lucario have. At the end of the episode, after redirecting the bombs explosion, Riley is completely wiped, and it doesn't look like Lucario is too concerned. What goes around comes around, maybe...

The bomb scene is pretty interesting; the scene is actually more exciting than its "counterpart" Aura scene in the Lucario movie.


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Basically, this is what I think of this episode:

1. Mars was awesome. She kicked those dummies' butts.
3. Unfortunetely, she didn't get to blow up the whole stupid island. Which was sad.
4. And Ash was dumb, as usual.


I appreciated getting cameos from Professor Rowan, Cynthia's grandmother and Reggie here tbh, as well as seeing Cyrus, Saturn and Charon monitoring Mars's plans at Iron Island. I legit screamed when that wild Steelix tried to attack Ash and friends in the chasm, plus seeing Brock treat Meowth's injuries and everyone working against Team Galactic was fab.


So no one got a Riolu egg unlike in the games. I did like seeing Charon's cameo as well as the scenes with Barry & the TRio though. 7/10

Mrs. Oreo

I liked how Carnivine learned Vine Whip to help Team Rocket escape the chasm, plus Lucario and Riley using their aura was amazing. I was glad to see Charon's cameo and how Cynthia's grandma appeared.
I was expecting Team Galactic to do much more here, but my biggest disappointment was that Riley didn't have a Riolu egg to give to Ash. :(
I think that Riley's idea of stopping the explosions with aura was a little interesting though it looked kind of cheap, but unexpected. I guess this shows that aura can be used in more ways than one.