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Saving Time: An RPG of Prehistoric Proportions [SU]

Treecko's Awesomeness

Treecko is claimed!


Some time in the not-too-distant future, an amazing discovery has been made. A discovery that will change the world forever. Whether it will be for better or for worse, no one can say. Let's take a look at where it all began.

In a completely uninteresting little galaxy called the Milky Way sits an equally uninteresting star known as Sol. Orbiting around this star is an insignificant little blue planet locally known as earth. On an entirely unremarkable landmass on earth, there is a trivial desert known as the Sonoran Desert. Sitting right in the middle of this desert is an irrelevant little building known as Temporal Laboratories. Irrelevant, that is, until within it the very fabric of the universe was put into the control of man.

The scientists working at Temporal Labs, then called Quantum Communications, were preforming experiments in quantum physics in order to uncover potential for more efficient communication technology. Inadvertently, they discovered something much greater than that. Through their experiments, they found that quantum links were occurring between their lab and somewhere else. They sought out the other end of these links and found another plane of existence. Their tests had proved the controversial many worlds theory. This theory states that every time an event occurs in the universe, the path of time splits into separate universes, one for each possible outcome. This also means that there is a universe where the events leading up to the Big Bang happened at any given point in our history. Since one possible outcome for this is for the events following that point to mirror our own, there is a universe where any point in history is happening at this moment.

The scientists at Quantum Communications quickly saw the potential in this information and moved their focus onto developing a way to travel to these parallel universes, their name changing along with their studies. Eventually, they found a way. By using the minor alterations every universe has on every other, they were able to transmit matter between worlds. It was only a matter of time before humans were sent through the machines. They returned safely, and the project was a complete success. Their findings were published, and they were hailed as some of the greatest minds in history. The first to take advantage of the technology for the purposes of research was a group of elite paleontologists sponsored by a rich dinosaur enthusiast named Henry Grant. He payed Temporal Laboratories millions to allow his team to visit the Mesozoic Era and document their findings. They all jumped at the opportunity to study their life's work in the flesh, and after gathering their supplies, they were ready to journey to the past.

Inevitably, though, science was not the only goal pursued with this technology. Since Temporal Laboratories' findings were released, many people had thought of ways that they could take advantage of the technology. None, though, were quite as sinister as the terrorist group known as Chronos. They planned to use the technology as a tool of war, bringing horrific beasts and diseases from the past and great weapons from the future to spread chaos throughout the world and seize power themselves. Their attack on Temporal labs was ill timed for both parties, however, as they were both scheduled for twelve o' clock noon, July eleventh.

Sign Up Form:

Name: Self explanatory.

Gender: Self explanatory.

Organization: Chronos or Grant's team.

Description: Try to write at least two paragraphs at four or five lines each.

Personality: Just like description, try to write at least two paragraphs at four or five lines each.

History: What led your character to join Chronos or Grant's researchers. As there might not be much to say, this one only has to be one paragraph of the same previously mentioned length.

Inventory: The supplies your character is taking into the past/to attack Temporal Labs. This must include one weapon (try not to go overboard. ie; use a handgun, not an anti-aircraft gun), a radio, a week's supply of food, and a bag to hold everything. If your character is a paleontologist, it must include either a camera or a sketchpad, and if your character is a Chronos member, it must include a second weapon.


- Obviously, all SerrebiiForums and RPG forum rules apply.

- Try to keep things PG if possible. Be sparing with your swearing, and use asterisks as you see fit. Blood and gore should be mild, and other adult themes should be absent.

- No bunnying. Unless you have coordinated something with another player, you should not control their character with your post. If you have coordinated it, be sure to make a note of that. This excludes minor NPCs, such as dinosaurs.

- Be polite. Obviously, our two teams aren't going to like each other, and the members might not either, but make sure all insults/arguments are kept in character.

- Try not to make completely out of character posts. If it is absolutely necessary, go ahead, but at least try to get some actual role-playing into your post if you need to make an announcement.

- That said, anything out of character in a post should go at the beginning of the post and be marked with the letters OOC.

- Any player may have up to two characters, as long as these characters are on opposite teams (just to keep things balanced).

- You do not need to post your inventory at the end of your post unless it has been changed since your last post.

- Posts should be at least seven lines long.

- Do your research. There should not be a Brachiosaurus waltzing around the Late Cretaceous period.

- Make sure you don't get eaten, and have fun!

Additional Information:

- In case you were wondering, the characters will be going to the late Cretaceous period, in the North American forest. I'll be fairly lenient about what animals appear, as long as they were from close to the same time period and place.

- The RPing will start at the end of the attack on Temporal labs, as the machines malfunction and send everyone to the past.

- In real life, the RPing will start once we have about seven five members on each team. Members may join shortly after that, as it will be assumed that their characters were already there, and just never did anything worth mentioning. About one in-universe day into the RP, though, sign ups will be cut off until a rescue mission can be planned.

Approved Characters:
Grant's team:

Lucas Daniels -------- Treecko's Awesomeness

Robert Stone -------------------------- greatguy

Jeffrey Lynne -------------------- Megamuncher

Daniel Clarke ------------------------- KYOGRE-D

Nina Shaw -------------------------------Sophie S.

Blake Kane ----------- Treecko's Awesomeness

Marleena Feyr -----------Chthonic Flames


My sign ups:

Name: Lucas Daniels

Gender: Male

Organization: Grant's team.

Description: Lucas is still fairly young at twenty five years of age. His head is topped with a messy tangle of short dirty blonde hair. Years of working in the sun, mostly in the desert, with an experienced dig team have left his skin darkly tanned and rough. He isn't very tall at five-foot-nine, but he has fairly good muscle mass for his age (once again from working at a digsite). He has light blue eyes and a serious looking face. He lacks any noticeable facial hair, but still appears wise and experienced beyond his years. Lucas's face is wide and defined, much like the rest of his body. He has a large scar on his left calf from an accident on a cliff-side dig, and his body is covered with the remains of other small injuries from the general wear and tear of the desert. While not being particularly attractive, his build is well suited to his profession, and he never wishes for anything else.

His clothing choice usually consists of a blank forest green tee shirt, khaki shorts that go just below his knees, and a khaki vest that covers his back and about one fourth of his chest on each side. The vest, and to a lesser extent, the pair of shorts, is covered in pockets in which he stores general tools such as his Swiss Army Knife and fossil brushes. He covers his head with a dark grey fedora that he has owned since he was in grade school, when he bought it to keep the sun out of his eyes. He very rarely removes the hat, as he considers it good luck. He wears a pair of brown hiking shoes and short white socks, which help him navigate whatever terrain he needs to cross. He sports a pair of fingerless gloves to protect his hands in case he needs to climb to reach his destination. His leather belt has a holster for his pistol on his right hip.

Personality: Lucas Daniels is the very picture of stoicism. He neither smiles nor frowns very frequently, preferring to stick to a constant serious demeanor. His reluctance to express emotion cause some people to label him as antisocial and rude, but in reality he just feels that he has better things to do than talk about his feelings. Despite his apathetic appearance, however, Lucas is incredibly determined. Once he has set his mind to something, he refuses to give up or rest until he has accomplished his goal, even if it seems to be impossible to reach. His persistence can lead to trouble in some situations, though, as he isn't exactly capable of knowing when it is an appropriate time to quit. This sometimes leaves him stuck in hopeless scenarios still stubbornly hanging on to the tiniest hope of coming out on top and needing the help of others.

Lucas is fairly intelligent and resourceful, both academically and practically. He will also make sure no one forgets this. He has a habit of asserting his athority over a situation whether everyone else is okay with it or not, and, due to his slightly self-important nature, they often aren't. He refuses to admit that he is wrong, even after it has become quite obvious to everyone else. His intelligence, regardless of quantity, is rendered useless when he cannot cooporate with others. He can, however, despite an overfed ego and reserved personality, work in a group if he tries hard enough. He also hides a strong sense of morrality behind his stoic mask, and will do whatever he can to help others without putting himself into serious danger.


Lucas, like most children had an affinity and borderline obsession with dinosaurs and other terrifying beasts of the past starting around the age of four. Unlike most other children, however, he had memorized the names of more than five hundred of these animals since he was ten. He had always wanted to be a paleontologist, but until he turned twenty, he had to settle for studdying the animals at the university while working the fossil exibits in the local museum. After that, however, his school provided him a unique opportunity to study in the field as an intern on a fossil dig. After he graduated, he secured a job at the digsite for three more years, despite an accident that almost cost him the use of his leg. After three years and the discovery of a new subspecies of ovaraptor, though, he was contacted by a man named Henry Grant who had an even more impressive mission for him...

- Desert Eagle mark XIX x1
- Bullets and shells (.44 magnum) x20 Rounds
- One-way radio x1
- Assorted dehydrated food x1 Week's Supply
- Internal frame backpack x1
- Moleskin notebook acting as a sketchpad x1
- Metal canteen x1

And obviously, I am ACCEPTED.
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Name: Robert Stone

Gender Male

Orginazation Grant's team

Description He is fourteen. Robert is broad-shouldered, but skinny. Despite this, he can lift twice his weight for about five minutes. He has quick reflexes and can be easily startled. He has long brown hair, which together with his dark brown eyes, draw attention to themselves.

He is built more for speed than for strength. He can run fast and can easily jump fifteen feet. Though he enjoys fighting, he is very defensive and evasive whenever he convinces a friend to wrestle with him.

Personality He's mostly introverted, but he doesn't mind talking. He is very cheerful, and hums to himself frequently. Despite this, he is immensely pessimistic in his worldview. He rightly describes himself as a "cheerful pessimist."

He is conservative in religon and very liberal in politics. He is a Christian and a libertarian. He wishes the government would be smaller, because it's been very annoying lately...

History Robert 's parents died when they fell afoul of a gangster in the streets of Memphis, where they lived. Being ten, he was spared by the murderer, and Robert ran away. He recognized a family friend's house, and knocked on the door for help.

The person that answered took Robert in. He homeschooled Robert and influenced his political thinking with his own, and managed to obtain parental responsibility of him. Robert was happy with him once he got over his parents' deaths, as the man was immensely interesting.

One day, Robert was getting the mail when he experienced a sharp pain in the back.

When he awoke, he was tied up in a moving car. A woman was next to him, who explained that he had been abducted by the CIA. The abduction was held for two purposes--One, to blame Pakistan for it, by explaining that its government had contacts within Memphis, and two, to use him as a science experiment. They explained that they had inserted mini-cameras inside his eyes that would be recording starting in an hour and could record for two weeks. When asked what it was for, she did not answer.

Before he could react, she stabbed him with a needle and ge fell back, unconscious again.

When he awoke, he was in a strange place, with a full backpack by his side...


1x handheld revolver
50x rounds
1xhandheld radio
1xmetal canteen
10xpackages of dehydrated food and strange paste
1xhunting knife

Note: If this doesn't make much sense, I'll edit it later. It's midnight, so it might be a little...fuzzy.


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Name: Daniel Clarke

Gender: Male

Organization: Chronos xD

Description: Daniel Clark is 5 foot 11, and has black hair and dark brown eyes, often mistaken for black when seen at a distance. His hair sticks vertically up, thanks to his Asain heritage (believe me, I should know) and his eyes are piercing and seem to see right through you. He is not muscly, but still rather strong, despite his slim build. His main feature, however, is his intelligence. He does not have any facial hair, but he has a scar just above his eye from a knifing incident when he was at school. He is not particularly attractive or repulsive.

His clothing typically consists of a black and red t-shirt, shorts which reach halfway down his shins which have many pockets, and a camouflage vest. His vest also has various pockets, but they are generally hidden. He wears a cap sometimes, which he uses to observe people without their noticing. His footwear is normally a pair of comfortable trainers that are made of a special, hard wearing material, and he was short grey socks. He also has a pair of gloves which can be both fingerless or not to improve his aim with his weapons in whatever weather. He has a visible pistol holder on his hip, as well as a hidden one on his leg for his knives.

Personality: Daniel Clark is a perfectly modulated person. He rarely shows any emotion, preferring to keep his thoughts a secret. He is mostly silent, with not much for him to express his thoughts and emotions with. He is considered anti-social but many, and only has a few friends. He also prefers to start off meeting someone by either pretending to be stupid to evaluate the person or by projecting a different personality than his real one. He is, however, when he deigns to speak, often sarcastic.
Daniel is, however, tenacious unless either his contract is broken or he determines that his goal would be better off not being achieved if he can walk away. He would, however, be willing to sacrifice his allies to protect himself/his boss or to achieve his goal. He is, under his façade, rather quick tempered, and as such sometimes makes remarks that cause the recipetent to go on the defensive.

Daniel is, as a result of his past, resourceful. He will often hang back, preferring for people to not notice him, but he has a quietly authoritive air around him - when he is not sarcastic. Daniel dislikes entering situations where he cannot plan, as he is rather methodical, shown by his mastery over altering the course of thrown knives by hitting it with another knife. Daniel will work with a team if he has to, but he prefers being alone, and views others as a nuisance. He secretly harbours slightly derogative thoughts towards everyone. In the end, he is loyal, yet not enough to martyr himself.

History: Daniel's mother died when he was 5, leaving him in the sole influence of his father, a leading criminal and thus left his son in a boarding school. He was considered to be an anti-social freak, and was bullied, until one day he managed to procure a blunted shruiken, and to his disappointment, only managed to knock out the bullies with it. He was then tagged as a troublemaker, and was constantly looked down upon by his teachers. As a result of both what he felt was his abandonment by his parents, as well as the teachers and pupils snubbing him, he developed a passion for weapons. He specialised in thrown projectiles, but later, after transferring into a posh school, gained the ability to develop his shooting skills by joining the CCF (Combined Cadet Force). After he graduated, he had a small stint as a soldier specialising in covert operations, but after a conflict which ended up with his father putting a hit on him, he quit and decided to go rogue as a bounty hunter. He studied how to live rough in any environment, and eventually wound up working for Chronos, first as a hired hit-man, but after various successful missions, he was offered a permanent place. He accepted, safety in the group, and thus he has ended up here.

- Modified double action double barreled revolver pistol x1
- Bullets and shells x35 Rounds
(Idk about good guns so I guess copy+paste it! I'm assuming that it COULD be modified to be a double barrelled and double action one?)
- Assorted dehydrated food x10 (1 week, maybe more if careful)
- Lightweight Backpack (50 litres - an extra hidden apartment at the bottom can be unfolded to help carry stuff if needed, might be OTT, no idea, if so, then 40 litres)
- 2 Litre canteen
- 1 army metal pot-food thing (used for food mostly)
-17 throwing knives of various lengths - 4 of each size, plus a long one that's strapped to the leg holster, usable for both throwing and hand-to-hand combat.
-1 Radio

Treecko's Awesomeness

Treecko is claimed!
Okay, then, down to business:

greatguy: PENDING. Both the personality and description sections are too short. Try adding about four lines to each of them. Also, include either a camera or a sketchpad in your inventory. Great job with your history, though. Much better than mine, I think.

KYOGRE-D: ACCEPTED. While your description was a bit short, it was only by a line or two, and your other sections were fine.

Okay, I can't edit my post for some reason.

Appearance: Robert is fourteen, with slightly long brown hair that looks out of place so near to his brown eyes. He's tall-not just for his age, but for most people. He's thin, but not exactly skinny-he has enough muscle and his shoulders are broad enough to make him intimidating when he wants to be. He will occasionally stare at a point in space for a few minutes, then promptly forget what he was doing.

He is quicker than he is strong, partly because most of his strength is in his lower body. He can run fast, and his life goal is to beat the state record for speed. However, he doesn't do well in sprints, though he is nigh-unbeatable in long distance racing. He can also regenerate energy easily.

However, he is clumsy with whatever he holds. He once dropped a glass that riocketed off the floor and left a scar on his throat, which hurts when he moves his head to the left. He also tried playing baseball once, and found he could neither putch nor bat well.


He does not have many friends. The few he does have don't have many friends either, and all are introverted.

He is sarcastic by nature and whenever someone asks something they don't really care about, he has fun making them regret they asked. For example:

[spoil]Woman: What's your favorite color?

Robert: Well, that depends. First I must ask myself the question, "Do I really care enough to answer this question?" If the answer is yes, I answer it. If the answer is no, such as in this case, one of three things happen. I might say, "The second darkest shade of ultraviolet," and look away. Or I could simply say, "I don't know," if I don't have energy for much else. The third, and most enjoyable option, is to explain my thought processes to the asker, which in turn does three things: first, to tell the asker that he or she is boring, second, ensure that they will stay away from me, and thirdly, provide me with immense satisfaction.[/spoil]

As one might infer from that conversation, Robert does not like unintelligent or boring people. Whenever he encounters one, he proceeds to bluntly tell them what he thinks of them, possibly a reason he does not have many friends.


1xhandheld revolver
10xpacks of dehydrated food, will last a week.
1x metal canteen
1xhunting knife
1xhandheld two-way radio
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greatguy: That's pretty much perfect. ACCEPTED.
Great! No idea how that double post happened. The inventory was going to be part of the other post...?

Okay, my 3ds is going haywire.

This might be my first RP. I say might be because I'm not sure if this will ever get enough members.


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Gimme a reserve. A RP that I was going to take part in has... died, sadly. Because of that, I'm going to use the same SU from there; it shouldn't take too long to make some changes and post it here.


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Oh, goody. I'll probably be editing my post at some point. TA, remember though, I can't access the forum from the 5th of September until christmas break, with breaks for half term. I'll try to go on it via my phone though - it has free internet that's not my school's.

Treecko's Awesomeness

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Don't worry about it, greatguy. Just try to edit the posts later. I certainly hope it works out!

Switchknife: Before you make a reserve, you'll have to say which team you intend to be a part of, although I doubt a reserve will be necisary unlessten people make sign ups today for some reason.

KYOGRE-D: Don't worry about it. We'll work around it.

Also, I have a villainous sign up.

Name: Blake Kane.

Gender: Male.

Organization: Chronos.

Description: Blake Kane is a tall, thin man at the age of thirty. His body is by no means muscular, Kane preferring to rely on his brains and his weapons to do his work. He stands six-foot-five and makes a point out of always standing up strait, as he feels that improper stature makes one appear unprofessional and can ruin one's image. His short, flat, slicked back hair is stark black, contrasting sharply with his pale, almost snow white skin. His eyes are dark brown and have a constant cold and calculating look locked onto whoever he may be scrutinizing at the moment. He looks down at others not only figuratively, but literally as well. His forehead is strewn with frown lines brought on by a stressful career in crime despite his fairly young age.

Blake Kane's usual outfit consists of a black short-sleeved polo shirt buttoned all the way to the top of his collar tucked neatly into a pair of long khaki pants with four pockets, the front two of which are often stuffed with his hands. He wears a leather belt with a black holster of the same material on his right hip. In cloose combat, he often pulles out his belt, using its pointed metal tip as a flail. He carries with him a large canvas shoulder bag with him to hold his supplies. On his feet is a pair of brown moccasins covering a set of black socks, as his employer convinced him that his typical dress shoes would be unsuitible for the mission. Despite his boss's reques, however, he refused to wear tennis shoes, regardless of the suitibility to the terrain.

Personality: At first glance, it seems that Blake Kane is a textbook example of an introvert. This is not, however, because he is shy, but instead because he is such a remarkable narcicist that he considers communicating with others a waste of time. As far as he is concerned, no one else is capable of thinking on the same level as he is, so listening to what others have to say is idiotic. As could very well be imagined, this keeps him from being an ideal team member. The only reason he has yet to betray Chronos is his paycheck. Due to his indulgant lifestyle, he needs a steady sorce of income, and he also knows that money is power. Despite his overwhelming greed and pride, however, are overcome easily by another of his powerful emotions.

This emotion is the unquenchable desire for revenge. Whenever Kane feels that he has been wronged, he will go out of his way to return the favor to the one who he feels has challenged his authority in any way. This challenge could be anything from a gunshot to the gut to a petty insult. All offences were treated as unexceptable, and responded to as such. While normally restrained and calm, when his temper is set off, he loses any semblance of sanity and let's loose the full brunt of his seething fury out upon whoever is foolish enough to give him reason to. While not angry, however, Kane makes sure to act as a perfect gentleman. The way Kane understands it, this facade allows him to both impress those who have the capability to further his goals and throw off his enemies.

History: Blake Kane was born into a very rich family, as his parents were the owners of a successful hotel chain. As such, Kane lived a life of luxury in the early years of his life. When, at the age of twenty-two, he was brought into court for the murder of a man who had once gone to school with him, his parents' lawyers managed to keep him of prison. His parents, however, believed him to be guilty and cut him off from the family fortune out of digust. Without a source of income to fund his extravagant spending, Kane went into a career as an assassin. After earning quite the reputation as a professional killer, he was finaly sought out by a mysterious organization that wanted him to assist in an attack on the time-travel laboratory that he had heard about. The pay was good, so he packed his bags (or bag, rather) and set out.

- Colt M1911 semi-automatic pistol x1
- Shells and bullets x50 rounds
- One-way radio x1
- Assorted dehydrated food x1 week's supply
- Canvas shoulderbag x1
- Metal tipped belt acting as a flail x1
- Metal canteen x1

And, due to my GM status, Kane is ACCEPTED.
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^Personally, I think that's a bit cliche. Also, how exactly does he kill people? He doesn't seem to be too...fit.

Also, is it okay if my character starts off already in the alternate universe and is a little ways away from where Grant's team will arrive?

Okay, I want this RPG to get on so much I'm considering making ten more characters so this can start.

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Yeah, it's cliche I'm hoping to smooth it out with character development. He kills mostly with guns, which don't require much physical strength to use. His flail is also lightweight enough to be handled without much difficulty.

It's perfectly okay, as long as you can RP it. Most likely, there will only be about one post per character before leaving our world. It'll act as a sort of role-call (no pun intended). Your character could be a scout sent ahead early if you'd like, as that would explain both issues.

Alas, the rules permit only one character per team per player, meaning no more than two characters total per person. This is to encourage more people to participate.


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Heh, he sounds like a guy I'd dislike. *adds in to my profile: Wants to *****slap Blake Kane for being a dick*(not really). Bit cliche, yup. Also, I guess that my character suddenly developing Naruto-style weapons like the Sharigan is prohibited? :p

Treecko's Awesomeness

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Yes, as cool as they would be to use on dinosaurs, I'm afraid magical ninja eyes would not fit in in this setting. And if you hate him, then I've succeeded.
Well, as to handle them, I would get them eaten by a Carnotaurus.

Btw, I totally would love to use Tsubaki's ninja star or chainsickles on a dinosaur.

As to my character, I've decided he'll be shoved through the portal/whatever after everyone else went through?

If you have any ideas, I'd be glad to hear them.


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"Yes, as cool as they would be to use on dinosaurs, I'm afraid magical ninja eyes would not fit in in this setting. And if you hate him, then I've succeeded."

And here I was planning on him to awaken the Sharingan and summon the Nine-tails, then have it evolve into the Rinnegan. Oh well. At least he can fashion some sort of ninja star later on, since he's a pro at those ^^.

Chronos, who'll be the team leader tho?
That's a mysteeryyy...

I think Treecko's Awesomeness wants to keep that a secret. Or maybe he doesn't know himself, kind of like with Tom Bombadil and Tolkien.

Treecko's Awesomeness

Treecko is claimed!
@greatguy: That sounds fine, except for the Carnotaurus part. They only lived in Argentina.

@KYOGRE-D: No one. The leader didn't participate in the raid, so either one of the members will be chosen to lead, the members will work together, or anarchy will ensue. If you mean who's behind the whole thing, greatguy's correct. I have no clue.


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Hm, thought I would let you know I am working on a character for this. Not quite sure when I will be done though.