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say if pokemon where real would u be scared how they will look in real life

wolud u be scared of how pokemon will look in real life

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just imange if pokemon where real think how they would look wolud u be scared of how they will look or u wont be scared
will u be scared if they where chasing u
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Well i guess when Kyogre and Groudon were fighting, it would be quite scary. But some Pokemon could be scary like Beedrill chasing after you, or a GIANT spider like Spinerak, but some will be awsome (Raichu, Infernape, Charizard etc.)


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If you saw a Tyranitar running at you i bet you would crap your pants.

Yeah, thinking how the hell a big rocky thing with such short legs can run.

I'm sure seeing the legendary pokemon doing all their fighting wouldn't be as commonplace as people say. Kyogre and groudon sleep more than snorlax, so there usually isn't a problem.

But I'm sure some of the most normal pokemon would be terrifying in real life. I'm sure you'd scream in real life if a zubat came along. Of course, it is a different story when you have your own pokemon, but still, a live two foot speedy eyeless vampire bat would be a whole different experience from seeing a lifeless sprite flash across the screen.

I wonder if people might even be afraid of their own pokemon. I'm sure it might cross someone's mind that turtwig might be able to chomp their own arm in half. I love sableye, but in real life, I'd probably be terrified, especially since I'm so scared of any of those little tricky demonic fantastical creatures. Mawile would probably be even worse, with those huge chompers.

I bet fire pokemon like charmander are a whole other deal in person. Would you really feel comfortable having something constantly alight sit on your lap?


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You know what would be cool... Having a Aggron or Garchomp I wouldn't be affraid cause if I just believe I can train my pokemon well. I would beat them.


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actually it depends on what pokemon i saw in real life if it was an eevee then i would be the happiest person on earth but if it was groudond then maybe a bit startled but not scared unless it tried to attack me

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You know in the summer when a dragonfly latch's onto you and wont let go? Imagine that, only with Yanmega instead.

( Although I would probably see it as adorable =D )
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Nope. Because I'd have ma own Snorlax to fire its lazers at them. And if that didn't work Snorlax would just eat them or squah them.
It depends. If I saw Groudon,Rayquaza,XD001,Palkia,... I would probably cr*p my pants under.


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It all depends on the pokemon. Usually lower level ones will give no harm so theres no fear there. But seeing one of those humongous destructive legendaries or third evos would be terrifying

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It depends, like people said about which pokemon they see. I think it depends on wether if you own that pokemon or not, for example- (in real world) if you see a bear running towards you, you would crap your pants, but if you are people like Jeff corwin and the late, great Steve Irwin, you would not, this can be applied to pokemon as well. Personely i would probably crap my pants if I saw a Gyarados flattening my neighbourhood