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Scammed in #SPP-wifi?! Post here!

Discussion in 'Chatroom Discussion' started by Erik Destler, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Erik Destler

    Erik Destler cool cool cool

    This thread is for posting anyone who's scammed you in #SPP-wifi in terms of trading; say, traded you a crap Pokemon for a rare Pokemon and then disappeared without keeping their end of the deal.
    Or, perhaps they used some nasty hacks in Battle, or something along those lines.
    Maybe, you’ve even been scammed!

    Anyway, follow the template to post any user(s) who've scammed you to add them to the list and discuss the theft.

    If possible, post a screenshot of what happened. You can take a screenshot by using the Prt Scrn button on your keyboard if you are on a Windows PC, and then open Paint, and copy and paste, and save as a .jpg or .png. : )

    Please no "Oh I'm so sorry that happened to you" posts; they will be considered spam, and infracted.

    Name(s) (on chat):
    In-game Name:
    Friend Code:
    Pokemon Scammed (if any):
    The Story (What Happened):

    * - To find the host name, you simply have to type /whois nick, or right click it, and then you click Status, and it’ll show you. Example 1 Example 2

    Do note, that there is a thread especially for the Trade Forums, so if you were scammed on the forums, post there please ^^;
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2008
  2. Vinyacoire

    Vinyacoire Rare Hunter

    Name(s) (on chat): the-arbiter
    In-game Name: Andy
    Friend Code: 2964 6973 2311
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Choice Band
    The Story (What Happened): Disconnected after receiving my pokemon, but I never received his; after the error screen on my DS, he said "dont worr its successful" and disconnected from the chat before I could ask why it didn't work on my end.

    NAMBIRI Member

    Low Life scam

    WiFiGuest3317 is WiFiGuest3@6AD69119.84FAE69C.44B613.IP * Java User
    WiFiGuest3317 on #SPP-Wifi
    WiFiGuest3317 using hollywood.purplesurge.com the most addictive drug
    WiFiGuest3317 has been idle 25secs, signed on Sun Mar 23 22:41:32
    WiFiGuest3317 End of /WHOIS list.

    With the FC of 1203 6492 5906
    I scammed with From My Shiny Shiftry and Mamoswine level 99...
    While that person trys to deny their own shelfishness away and making the situation worse for themself.
    I advice you people not to trade with that person or any WiFiGuest(followed by numbers)
    Unless it gives you there name in the HOIS list so they can be easily identified
  4. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    I wasn't scammed but I was going to be if I didn't check the summary:

    [18:13] whitewolf #SPP-WiFi
    [18:13] whitewolf hollywood.purplesurge.com the most addictive drug
    [18:13] whitewolf End of /WHOIS list.

    I was going to trade 2 starter shinys to him. His spiritomb said "Pokemon League" (used a cheat to be able to capture other trainer's Pokes in-game) and his Moltres is from Hoenn.
  5. TraderGuy

    TraderGuy New Member

    Scammed out of good poke

    Names: ME: Trader HIM: PokeMart

    Sorry, I still don't understand the hostmask thing

    Friend Code: Mine is Jill 4124 1467 5145

    Pokemon scammed: Shiny Beldum

    The story: I met him online, said he had a mew for my shiny beldum. I told him that it wouldn't be a fair trade to him, cause mew is an event poke while Beldum is not. He begged and he begged and he begged and begged until finally I broke. He said he wanted to get rid of his legends because he felt they were cheap, and he wanted a team of non legends. He seemed to want it so bad. After we traded he immediately admitted it was a hacked mew. I checked the location it was found, and he was telling the truth. He refused to give me my beldum back.

    UPDATE!: The scammer returned to me, and after he was kicked from the wi fi chat again, he returned the pokemon to me, only he fed it rare candies, so now it's a level 100 shiny metagross!
    Last edited: May 12, 2008
  6. tommyhandsome100

    tommyhandsome100 legendaries hunter

    Name(s) (on chat): arafath
    In-game Name:arafath
    Hostmask*: PurpleSurge-78965A11.dsl.mel.iprimus.net.au
    Friend Code: ...........
    Pokemon Scam:dragonite
    The Story: arafath told me that we can trade pokemon is data in pokedex and I deal with him he swear that he will trade me a jirachi data for dragonite data and entei data we are connecting first i trade him a dragonite to get random pokemon (is gloom) and then i ask for the skitty he deal and I trade gloom back and get skitty but he didn't finish the trade he need to trade back to me dragonite and entei for jirachi (and back again meaning nobody lost pokemons) but just a second after that he disconnect and my dragonite was gone
  7. Deceptionex

    Deceptionex Member

    Name(s) (on chat): Pika
    In-game Name: Sam
    Hostmask*: [19:25] WiFiGuest7078 WiFiGuest7 PurpleSurge-2F50243E.rivrw1.nsw.optusnet.com.au * Java User
    [19:25] WiFiGuest7078 #SPP-WiFi
    [19:25] WiFiGuest7078 NorthernLight.purplesurge.com NorthernLight - your gateway from the US
    [19:25] WiFiGuest7078 End of /WHOIS list.
    Friend Code: 4425 2210 1516
    Pokemon Scam: tyranitar
    The Story: I was saying I had 492 pokemon and if anyone want any pre evolved pokemon for anything. He PM's me askign for a feebas. I add him and we both connect. We traded and he saw my tyranitar. He then said he needed it to complete his pokedex. He would also trade back straight after. I being a nice person traded him and then he dced wihout tradin back.
    Edit: He said he had DS problems and that he would get back to me later so and that his DS ran out of battery. I guess I can trust him for now... if he was a real scammer he would't have contacted me.
    Last edited: May 13, 2008
  8. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    I wasn't scammed but I'm a vop and I got a report by a kid who was almost... beware anyone trading with someone with the IP in the log.

    (8:41:38 pm) <slimy002> i need help
    (8:41:47 pm) <Yeti> ok
    (8:43:05 pm) <slimy002> there is this person and i said does bidoof evolve to eevee cuz i dont really know a lot about pokemon barley started and i said wat is worth him and he said shinies and i apprently had 3
    (8:43:20 pm) <slimy002> so i was about to trade him until i checked
    (8:43:29 pm) <Yeti> bidoof doesn't evolve into eevee lol
    (8:44:37 pm) <slimy002> i know
    (8:44:51 pm) <slimy002> he was going to trick me to trading him shinies
    (8:45:04 pm) <Yeti> what a jerk :/
    (8:45:06 pm) <Yeti> who was it?
    (8:45:40 pm) <slimy002> wifiguest2462
    WiFiGuest2462 is WiFiGuest2@PurpleSurge-E7F6B570.hsd1.ca.comcast.net * Java User
    WiFiGuest2462 on #SPP-WiFi
    WiFiGuest2462 using fusion.purplesurge.com Explosive chemical reaction
    wifiguest2462 End of /WHOIS list.
    (8:46:07 pm) <Yeti> ok, I'll report this on the forums so others know to be ware of him

    Just be wary of trading with this guy, since he tried to rip this kid off.
  9. Flamer

    Flamer Well-Known Member

    Name(s) (on chat): Me
    In-game Name: Jack
    Friend Code: 3995 6300 3925
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Nearly a shiny Doexys
    The Story (What Happened): He said he would trade a shiny Groudon for my legit shiny Deoxys. I asked him if the Groudon was legit and he assured me it was. However, when we got onto wifi, I checked the Groudons status etc to make sure it was legit and it said it was caught in route 229 at lv51. I disconected straight away.
  10. jimbobjam

    jimbobjam New Member

    Name(s) (on chat): G3ngar/WiFi guest 1593
    In-game Name: Unknown
    Friend Code: 1375-7256-0585
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiney level 100 Ludicolo
    The Story (What Happened): I had a level 100 shiney ludicolo, and i decided after talking to him to trade for 2 pokemon, he said he would trade me both of them for it, however he only traded one and ran off, i have the entire chat log if you want to see it
  11. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    You kind of deserve that. The only people who do 2:1 trades are scammers and/or hackers, and I'm pretty sure they're against the rules too (at least I've seen some OPS kick people for it).
  12. jimbobjam

    jimbobjam New Member

    yeah - that may be true...
  13. Abcd

    Abcd Bringer Of Death

    Name(s) (on chat): Arafath
    In-game Name: Arafath
    Hostmask*: arafath is WiFiGuest2@PurpleSurge-E4D972D9.dsl.mel.iprimus.net.au * Java User
    Friend Code: 2964-9316-2316
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Giratina (Legit)
    The Story (What Happened): In the #spp-wifi chat I was searching for a legit event Darkrai. So this guy named Arafath pms me looking for shinies. I list them all. He picks 2: Shiny Giratina and Shiny Electivire. I said I would because I desperately wanted a legit Darkrai. He then asks me to trade Giratina first for a Clefable. I declined it and asked for him to trade Darkrai first. After 30 minutes of arguing I finally gave in and traded my Shiny Giratina. Then after the trade was finished he immediately left the chat and the game. After getting over my dissapointment I remembered I could post this here. Please make sure this WiFi criminal does not scam any more.
  14. justforfun

    justforfun Member

    Name(s) (on chat): WifiUser????, said his name was Jeremy
    In-game Name: Sergay:) (the smiley face is part of his name). IDno.59210
    Friend Code:?
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Nidoking, Japanese Ho-oh
    The Story (What Happened): He offered me his 10 ANIV Celebi for the two pokemon above and a Kangaskahn from XD. We traded for the first two, then he disconnected and said his DS battery died so he'd get his charger. Then he logged off.

    I don't have all the info since he signed off. Hope this is enough. I'll edit this if he comes back, but that doesn't seem to be the case
  15. Shepard

    Shepard metaphysician

    Names on Chat: Guy, ihateshepard

    Trainer names: Ash (name s/he gave me), Mick (name that came up during the trade)
    Hostmask: @PurpleSurge-8037E956.lightspeed.sndgca.sbcglobal.net
    FC: 1761 9271 8645
    Pokemon scammed: Shiny Groudon
    What happened: We were to trade my shiny Groudon and Mew for his Darkrai. He purposefully disconnected after I had traded him the first shiny in the deal. I threatened to report him, to which he seemed to capitulate, but then he never came on wifi again and left the server.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2008
  16. BattleFrontier12

    BattleFrontier12 Well-Known Member

    Name(s) (on chat): AACD
    In-game Name: OT-Anthony
    Hostmask*: ?
    Friend Code: jessie
    Pokemon Scammed : Shiny Beautifly
    The Story : I was looking for a mew and she said she had one so I offered my shiny Beautifly and we traded and once we traded she said that it was a hack and then I said she hacked me and they banned her Ip.
  17. yiazmat

    yiazmat The ultimate terror

    name(on chat):--(forgot)
    In-game name: aiden*female*
    pokemon scammed:shiny lugia and a shiny feebas
    The story:eek:ne of those annyoing 2 for 1 trades, she disconnected after she got shiny feebas.:(
  18. Torkoal and Torterra

    Torkoal and Torterra DOES NOT COMPUTE!

    Name(s) (on chat): SAYACK
    In-game Name: SAYACK
    Hostmask*: ?
    Friend Code: Can't give, already traded and it hid the option to view friend code.
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Sableye (Holding custap berry)
    The Story (What Happened): He was supposed to trade me a shiny spoink and a manaphy egg for my custap berry. So we traded the egg and the berry, and half way into trading spoink, he dced. After 30 mins, he never went back on and he logged off of the chatroom.
  19. Xeladin

    Xeladin Ace Attorney

    Name on chat: Shadow_Trainer
    In-game Name: Renz

    [23:04] Shadow_Trainer WiFiGuest0 3751B7A6.7802EBA3.58999349.IP * Java User
    [23:04] Shadow_Trainer #SPP-WiFi
    [23:04] Shadow_Trainer fusion.purplesurge.com Explosive chemical reaction
    [23:04] Shadow_Trainer End of /WHOIS list.

    Friend Code: 3437 5604 5347
    Pokemon Scammed: Deoxys, Jirachi
    The Story:

    So he was going to give me a legit Darkrai for 2 deoxys and a jirachi. Three events for one, hmm. Anyway after giving him one deoxys and the jirachi (for 2 junk pokemon), he immediately disconnected and tried making fun of me for being scammed. And then all of the sudden he tries to give me the Darkrai because he "doesn't want to be a bad person" and when I threaten to report him he says he's a one time visitor here anyway so "**** you". He even tries to convince me that one of the junk pokemon he gave me deletes pokemon (lol). Then he tries acting all apologetic, trying to ask for me even more legendaries and then tries to make the excuse that he throught my last Deoxys (which is Japanese) was hacked for some reason, so now he's accusing me of hacking after everything he did because apparently he thought Japanese text being longer signified hacking, or something along those lines. Anyway after a long drawn out convo and him apparently being remorseful I was going to give him the last deoxys for the darkrai finally, but said I'm only bringing that. Unfortunately you need at least 2 pokemon to trade, so I once I found that out I said I'd be back to get one last pokemon, so when I did that 30 seconds later he logged off and DC'd. Said something about going swimming earlier.

    Too bad, I was going to forgive him and not do this. Also, claims to live in the Phillipines. I saved the latter half of the convo if anyone needs to read it.

    By the way, don't give me any of that "only people who do 2:1 trades are hacker/scammers" stuff. I didn't really need any of those pokemon so i didn't care.

    It's hard to keep track of all the scammers here. Might I suggest making a black list that's easily available to the chat room if you need to do a check?
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2008
  20. BlackGiratina

    BlackGiratina Sneasel Meister

    Name(s) (on chat): hunter
    In-game Name: Alex (If I remember correctly)
    Hostmask*: ...? It said Java User...
    Friend Code: 2191 6560 5371
    Pokemon Scammed (if any): Shiny Pidgeot, Shiny Pikachu

    The Story (What Happened): So hunter posted that he was looking for some shiny Pokemon. I decided, why not? I have some extras from earlier trades. So, I went a sent him a message asking him what exactly he was offering. He simply said "good offers; maybe events if it's good." I offered him two shiny Pokemon, which he declined stating that my Entei from Colosseum was "hacked." How can you hack on a Game Cube is something I have yet to learn. I offered him some more, desperate for an event Pokemon. He finally accepted these shiny PKMN: Pikachu, Pidgeot, Zangoose. I didn't like it; I only had one of each... and I liked Zangoose. Nonetheless, I accepted hastily when he offered an Alamos Darkrai for 3 of mine. Hmhm, how odd. We got into the trade and after I traded my Pikachu and Zangoose off, Darkrai being the final part of the trade, he paused and... bloop. Disconnected. He didn't get my Pidgeot, luckily, but the thing that got at me the most was the fact that he scammed me. Odd, yes. He logged off immediately after, never to be seen again. I posted on the public area not to trade with him, I was told by a mod to put him on the black list, and here I am.

    So... watch out for him! It was a legit Darkrai, but the PKMN I got for my shiny ones were a Cranidos and Anorith... What a deal.

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