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Scary Good Time [ShoppingShipping, K, One-Shot]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Pikachu Fan Number Nine, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    Author: Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Fandom: Pokemon

    Shipping: Main shipping is ShoppingShipping (Brock/Takeshi X May/Haruka), mentions of FireRedShipping (Ash/Satoshi X Zoey/Nozomi) and MesaFanShipping (Clemont/Citron X Misty/Kasumi)

    Rating: K

    Notes: Dared by AmericanPi. Wanted a one-shot with a shipping I don't support. I decided to set this in an alternate universe from the stuff I usually write (i.e. with the shippings I do support). In this one Drew does not exist. Oh and since Halloween was close, well you know...

    Tonight was a big night for Brock and May. They were going to go to a Halloween dance in Petalburg City. All of their friends had dates too. Ash was going with Zoey. Misty was going with Clemont.

    May was dressing up as Lynn Loud from The Loud House. Brock was dressing as Nick Fury. Brock said to May, "so, Lynn is like, your favorite Loud?"

    May said, "well, I pretty much had a choice between Lynn, Luna and Luan, and since Lynn is as energetic as I am I chose her. What's your story?"

    Brock said, "Nick Fury is my favorite Marvel character. Too bad he doesn't curse like other Samuel L. Jackson movie characters. He really needs to, that is a major part of what makes Jackson so good as an actor."

    Brock and May drove over to the Petalburg Community Center where the Halloween dance was being held. It was being organized by May's parents, who pretty much are the leaders of the whole city given that Norman is the Gym Leader in Petalburg.

    There were much refreshments about. Norman and Caroline had planned this for quite a long time, pretty much the entire month.

    The DJ played his first song, Maneater by Hall and Oates.

    Brock and May thought of this song as not very fitting for Halloween despite its title. Brock said, "don't let the title fool you, this isn't about a monster".

    May said, "I agree, there are better songs for this dance. Want to go get some punch Brock?"

    Brock said, "not a bad idea May." The two went over to the refreshments table and got some punch.

    The next song the DJ played was Monster by Paramore.

    Brock said, "I've heard this song before, it's Halloween related in title only".

    May said, "where did the DJ get his song ideas?"

    The DJ said, "it gets better as the night goes on"

    The DJ's next song was a more fitting song for the dance. Bark at the Moon by Ozzy Osbourne.

    May said, "now this is Halloween music."

    The DJ said, "told you it would get better".

    Brock and May went over to get some refreshments as the guitar-driven song played.

    Brock said, "May, want to go get a shake after the dance tonight?"

    May said, "sure, dear, the diner across the street should be open still. I think they're open 24 hours a day actually."

    The DJ said, "here's something you might not recognize" and then played Night of the Living Dead by The Misfits.

    Brock said, "I recognize the plot of the song, it's retelling the movie Night of the Living Dead"

    May said, "I saw that movie, couldn't sleep for days."

    The DJ then played the song everybody waited for – the Monster Mash.

    Everybody, including Brock and May, began dancing to the song.

    For many people, this was the definitive Halloween song.

    Next on the playlist was Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon. This was a favorite among those dressed as werewolves or similar creatures.

    Brock said, "when are we going to do the Time Warp?"

    May said, "perhaps soon. I'm eager to do it too."

    The DJ said, "I was just getting to it, here's the Time Warp" and began to play that song.

    As with the Monster Mash, everyone at the dance did the Time Warp. This was perhaps the most popular song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    As the night went on more Halloween-themed songs were played by the DJ. The DJ at one point managed to play Tricked from The Loud House.

    May said, "where did he get that song?"

    The DJ said, "I have my sources".

    Tricked was a big hit with the crowd. It was something they did not expect to hear as it was from a TV show.

    The DJ played Phantom of the Opera from the musical of the same name as well.

    At least one dancegoer was dressed as the Phantom. He said, "I actually saw that musical back in Castellia City".

    The big finale was Enter Sandman by Metallica. The DJ said, "we are just about to wrap things up here at Petalburg Community Center. We hope you had a scary good time."

    Brock said, "I sure did, this was the best night of my entire life. How about you May?"

    May said, "I really enjoyed going to this Halloween dance. My parents did a really good job setting this up. Based on the audience response it might be an annual event."

    The DJ said "and it's off to never never land we go! Thank you all for attending. We hope to see you next year. This just might be an annual thing because you liked it so much."

    After Brock and May left the Community Center, they went across the street to Tyler's 24-Hour Diner.

    They had the best milkshakes in the city, and of course they had a wide variety to choose from.

    Brock said, "they have a seasonal special milkshake – the Orange Scream."

    May said, "let's get a couple!"

    The waitress said, "welcome to Tyler's 24-Hour Diner, the best milkshakes in Petalburg, how may I be of service this evening?"

    Brock said, "2 Orange Scream milkshakes for us, that will be all."

    The waitress said, "2 Orange Scream milkshakes, coming right up!"

    May said, "so Brock, you look very good in that Nick Fury costume you know."

    Brock said, "thanks, I spent a lot of time on it."

    The waitress brought out their milkshakes, and the two sipped on them a little.

    Brock said, "this is very good."

    May said, "I like it too. Tastes like an orange creamsicle."

    Brock said, "that is the very first thing I thought of as well."

    The two finished their milkshakes and went on their ways.

    Brock said, "it was nice seeing you May, we should get together again sometime."

    May said, "we'll keep in touch. Maybe we can get together again around Christmas or somewhere after New Year's Day".

    (Word Count: 1,000 exact)

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