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scary movie trilogy


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I can't say which one's I like more, since I've only seen the 3rd one, but I don't see the point in all these spinoffs. What's next, Dance Movie? Dog Movie? There are plenty of movie cliches they can make movies of.

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I've seen all of 'em except 3, and i've heard there's gonna be a 5, is that true?

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The thing about all these parody films made by these people is that if they weren't movies they'd be better.

Take for example Epic Movie. There are some scenes that are funny and if you put those together you get an enjoyable short. However because its a movie they have all these other scenes (which seem to be the ones they enjoy making the most) with really bad jokes and crude humour.


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The first two were the best, three was good, four wasn't anything to write home about. Better than Epic Movie, but still nothing great.

I didn't like the first two movies a lot because it involves stereotypical teenagers, but I did liked Scary Movie 3 and 4 the best.
You do know they put stereotypical teenagers in the first two to parody the average horror movie right?
Don't bother trying to teach him a lesson, this is Dattebayo we're talking about, with him it just goes in one ear and out the other.

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They were O.K. until the Wayans brothers sold the rights. 3 and 4 both got progressively worse.

Thats what I think, it just wasn't as good without them. But I still think 3 and 4 where ok, but not great.

But 1 and 2 where great, they made me laugh and entertained me.