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Scenes In Movie Teasers That Aren't Shown In The Movie Itself

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by matt0044, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    From Mewtwo Strikes Back to Swords of Justice, what's up with that? And a BW commercial showed Pikachu being caught by a net from Team Rocket unlike the metallic net they had in the actual episode. Trip and Ash's battle was also very different in setting.
  2. Atreyu

    Atreyu Well-Known Member

    In teasers for Movie 13, there was footage of Ash encountering an evil version of himself.
  3. Honeyichigo

    Honeyichigo The manliest

    That tends to be a thing with most movies. It's a result of the trailers having to be put out before the movie is actually finished. That's why the earliest trailers tend to be the most off.

    Also, @Atreyu: You mentioned that but no the Lugia vs Ho-oh scene? I mean, at least Ash vs Evil Ash could be chalked up to an early bit of the story involving Zoroark that got scrapped. The GS birds have no excuse.
  4. An00bis

    An00bis Wicked Witch

    The first Japanese Trailers rarely use footage that's actually in the movies.

    I can think of two reasons why. The first being that trailers are put out while the movie is still in Production, so the scenes and animation used are subject to change. They might have a general idea of what would happen from scripts and storyboards but change the details somewhere down the line. That's most obvious in Movie 1 which went through several rewrites before the Mewtwo plot. Movie 4 went through similar things.

    The other reason is a bit more simple; for dramatic tension. That's probably why we saw Evil Ash in Movie 13's trailer.
  5. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    What sort of rewrites?
  6. Spin Attaxx

    Spin Attaxx 2012-2013

    One thing I don't get: one not-scene in M01 had TR on what looks like the Subspace Gunship (or to be more accurate a lookalike). What would THAT be like in the final movie? Some weapon to take down Mewtwo (and failing)?

    Also, that M07 trailer apparantely had a scene with Rayquaza and Ash fighting Deoxys in space. Had Deoxys been the villain, I would see that as some epic final battle for Earth (but I guess they didn't think they had enough evil-looking mons to infect with misunderstooditus).
  7. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    Lol I remember they changed a BUNCH in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. xDD There was one scene where Lucario was covered in scratches, and Mew physically teleporting Pikachu away...and the Tree of Beginning looked more rock like. Part of me wanted to see this movie. xD
  8. Brownie

    Brownie Anti Drew & paul fan

    I remember seeing Pidgeot in one of the movie posters (or maybe it was a trailer) online, but apparently, he didn't return.
  9. Spin Attaxx

    Spin Attaxx 2012-2013

    That was M10 I believe. And right now poor Pidgeot is likely flying around Kanto, thinking "he's not coming back, is he? He's ditched me for my fourth cousin in Unova, hasn't he?! *sobs*".
  10. Brownie

    Brownie Anti Drew & paul fan

    Thinking about it, Pidgeot has it worse than most (if not all) of his other Pokemon...
  11. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    That Ho-Oh vs Lugia thing wasn't even shown to be a movie scene. It was specifically made to just tease the fact that a new movie was being made. It wasn't just like during a trailer, where yes, some scenes in theatrical trailers get cut and aren't in the movie.
  12. An00bis

    An00bis Wicked Witch

    Movie 1 was originally supposed to be an Epilogue for the entire Series.

    Movie 4 originally didn't have Celebi in it. That was supposed to be for the anime.
  13. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Actually, yes they do.

    The movie starred Zoroark.

    The "Illusion Fox" Pokemon.

    The scene of Lugia and Ho-oh was an illusion.
  14. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    I remember a scene from Movie 7's trailer with Rayquaza shooting a Hyperbeam directly at Ash and Pikachu and them looking very hurt after the match.

    Also, wasn't there a scene that showed Ash and May battling in the Battle Tower instead of Ash and Tory? I don't think that made it into the movie.
  15. Blessed

    Blessed Well-Known Member

    In the Movie 2 trailer there was a scene where Ash falls off a cliff and Misty starts crying. Too bad it wasn't included.
  16. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    Wish that happened. They could made Suicune the main focus. Or hell, feature the GS Ball in Movie 4.
  17. Haunter ゴースト

    Haunter ゴースト Well-Known Member

  18. Dephender

    Dephender Gizakawayusu Staff Member Moderator

    Nope. The original plan was for the series to run a year and a half. The movie would be screened during the latter parts of the series' run, but it'd still be going on at the time.

    Also wrong. The anime writing staff was told to drop their "Celebi-in-the-GS-ball" plot because Celebi was going to be in movie 4, and they wanted to debut it there. The GS Ball was gone from the series quite a while before movie 3 was even screened, no work had been done on movie 4 at that point.

    You also seem to confuse "the writers brainstorm somewhat to come up with a plot for the next movie" as "the movies go through several heavy rewrites".
  19. An00bis

    An00bis Wicked Witch

    It's more that " the plot of the movie is subject to change " because that's true with any sort of script writing. The original plan isn't always the one they go with.

    I'll keep looking because I remember reading about both of those cases from a source that looked legitimate. I know for sure there was a thread here about it.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2012
  20. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    Aside from everything in the first movie's first teaser trailer, I remember that the third movie's preview had a scene where it shows a shadowed Mewtwo standing outside a cave. And though this may not count, this was on the official Japanese website for the eighth movie. For some reason, Mewtwo had a bio on the website. Far as I can remember, I saw no cameo appearance from Mewtwo whatsoever.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2012
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