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Scenes that make you cry


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Lion king...
the ONLY thing that can make me cry.
Except Physical pain, but that doesn't count

I don't want to sound overly macho, but really, its the ONLY thing that makes me cry


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That scene in the first Pokémon movie when Ash died/was turned to stone.
Really? I was laughing! But that is just me...

As for sad, I cried the first time I saw the Titanic! I was like! Oh my gosh! No! why? They didn't know! They were in love! And when I tried to go, 'it's just a movie!' I couldn't because it really did happen! Many people died, women & children watching their fathers and husbands staying behind... newly married people lossing there spouce or life... Imagine, just standing on the desk watching as your whole faimly leaving to saftey while your watching them... I know I would never had been brave enough... *sniffle* I'm getting sad just typing this... *Sniffle*


the part in toy story 2 with jessie's song thing. saddest scene ever!


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The scene where Zuko and Iroh reunite during the final couple episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I don't usually cry over animation and stuff... but... holy crap when they started hugging and the music reached it's crescendo it put on my waterworks (as well as my 19 year old brother's, he was all "damn it!!" while trying to conceal the tears)

EDIT: Almost forgot about Grave of the Fireflies, probably one of the saddest movies that I have EVER seen. Though my heart strings were being tugged multiple times during that movie, and I almost cried many times during that movie, the part when the little sister died made me cry.
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I must've watched it a million times, but no matter how much I know that she's coming back, the ending of Doctor Who series 2 always makes me cry. Brilliant acting combined with moving scripts and amazing music. Brilliant.

EDIT: God, I can't beleive no-one mentioned Doctor Who. Here's the scene in question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJab1yDAhDQ

If you look fo rit in the related section, you can see the beach scene. That's heartbreaking as well.
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Knowing. it was such a depressing movie. but when the kid had to be separated from his dad because the aliens/angels said so...


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The little slideshow they had at the end of the Scrubs episode, "My Finale", made me tear up the first time I watched it. After multiple viewings, I got over it.

Also the scene in Titanic when DiCaprio hangs on to the chunk of ice with Winslet, and freezes, and just sinks into the water, it made me sad the first time I saw it. When I was like 7 and the movie first came out, I was bawling crying.

And in I Am Legend when the families are separated so the sick are left behind and the healthy are taken away, it was emotional. It didn't help that Will Smith's wife was killed seconds later in the helicopter crash.
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the end of Metal Gear Solid 3 when you kill The Boss. when her horse walks over looks at her then tosses his head up and crys out for like 2 minutes without stopping. this combined with the flower petals floating around turning red makes me choke up and cry.


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I've thought of another thing. Not exactly heartbreaking, but still very moving. At the end of 'Ashes To Ashes', series 2, the scene just after Alex's parents are blown up by the car bomb, and she just sits there, crying, and screams for her parents. It's very moving.


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A lot of stuff does. I cry at the end of Homeward Bound. I cried at WALL-E and Bridge to Terabithia. I cried while reading Deathly Hallows. And around Christmas time, my mom and I curl up and cry while watching It's a Wonderful Life.

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Marly and Me
OMFG!!!! BEST MOVIE EVER!! and I was in a movie theater too...and when I cried.....it was just embarrassing..I was sobbing on someone shoulder that I didnt even know!!!
Not a lot of movies make me cry, it saddens me, but no tears.
This one movie got me to tear a little, Inu to Watashi no 10 no Yakusoku (10 Promises to my Dog). It gets to my emotions and I really like the movie.
Ash's "Death" in the first movie. It's not that I like Ash - I hate the guy - but whenever I see someone cry I cry too, it's the same with vomiting... I feel I've shared too much, good day. :)


Jurassic Park: Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler meeting the Brachiosaurus for the first time. The music, shots, reactions, the dinosaur....sublime moment. Best movie ever.

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Titanic..the ending part..i mean ive seen it a million times but i always cry