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Scenice and Dragonair's Banner Shop

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Scenice, Mar 6, 2007.


Did you like how your request turned out?

  1. Loved it!!! :D

  2. It was okay...

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  3. Not really...

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  4. NO!!!

  1. Scenice

    Scenice ~ Grace ~

    Closing Down!​

    Yes, that's right. I'm closing down this shop when the last request is done. However, don't despair. I will start a new shop next month after my exams. So until then, SEE YOU :D

    Waiting List
    1. Emerald Pikachu

    As I said, I only do banners so if you want some awesome pokemon sprites go to elyvorg’s Sprite Requests.

    If I'm closed just go and check out tyranidos's banner shop.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2007
  2. golden_charizard

    golden_charizard Shiny Hunter

  3. Scenice

    Scenice ~ Grace ~

    Last edited: Mar 7, 2007
  4. golden_charizard

    golden_charizard Shiny Hunter

    thanks it great.
  5. golden_charizard

    golden_charizard Shiny Hunter

  6. Scenice

    Scenice ~ Grace ~

    Last edited: Mar 7, 2007
  7. golden_charizard

    golden_charizard Shiny Hunter

    thanks it nice.
  8. Overheat Hothead

    Overheat Hothead Custom User Title

    hey, do you do WBG (for banners)?
  9. Scenice

    Scenice ~ Grace ~

    Yes, I do WBG for most things. Just PM me the link, as it says in elyvorg's shop, and I will do it for you :)
  10. Overheat Hothead

    Overheat Hothead Custom User Title

    Well the images I want WGBed are for a banner request, so can you just WGB them when you are doing my banner? This is my request:

    - Can you make it the size of your examples? Sorry, I don't know what size they are.

    - Dialga and Palkia. Please put Dialga on the left and Palkia right.
    (These are the images I was speaking of.)

    - Different shades of purple and pink.

    - I would like the background to be simular to the background of the Pachrisu banner in color, but would like it to be kind of "swirley" and no bubbles.

    - I would like it to say "April 22, 2007" in blue (like the color of Dialga) in between Dialga and Palkia in cursive. I would also like it to say "Made by Scenice" "Pictures from Wikipedia" in the same Dialga color, in the same place as the credits are in my current banner (lower left hand corner), with just plain font and quite small. The last text i would like is the word "Time" over Dialga's head, in the upper left-hand corner and "Space" under Palkia's head (sorta covering his body), in the lower right hand-corner, also in cursive and light pink (almost blending in with the background). I would also like "Time" and "Space" to be a little bit smaller than "April 22, 2007".

    Thats about it. I love your work. Thank you a lot! (even if you aren't able to do this)
  11. Scenice

    Scenice ~ Grace ~

    Overheat Hothead

    I really appreciate that you give me that much information. It will make it a lot easier for me to do it as close to you wish as possible.

    I’m right on it
  12. wad11656

    wad11656 CrazedPokémonBreeder

    Wow! 0.o I am amazed at your artistic skills, oh wise one. :D...But seriously; your work is amazing...Expect me to request a banner soon. It's 12:08 a.m., so I'm not going to do it now. When I figure out what I want on my banner, I'll edit this space. Make sure you pay attention to if I edit this space or not! :p
  13. SunsetKitsune

    SunsetKitsune New Member

    - Same Size as the examples

    - This picture of Eevee. Fit what you can on it, just get most of the head and some tail in there. I wish to have it facing the way it is, and towards the left. And could it be slightly transparent?

    - The colors of the sunset. I want midnight blue at the top, fading into red, then into orange, and finally, at the very bottom, yellow, but not a whole lot. I want it to be mostly the midnight blue.

    - I want those star-like things in the Pachirisu banner, mostly in the midnight blue part, but still scattered around the banner. (Don‘t want any on the Eevee)

    - In the light of the sunset, I’ll be waiting.
    I want the first part slightly higher than the middle and the second part a size smaller than the first, and right under the first. (If it‘s too long, just the first part)

    Thankies in advance ^^.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2007
  14. Chaos'Thunder

    Chaos'Thunder Feel The Chaos!

  15. Scenice

    Scenice ~ Grace ~

    Looking forwards to your request.

    Thanks for your descriptive request. I like that :D

    Your 2nd link doesn’t work. Will you please edit your post with one that works or just PM it to me. That would be nice :)
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2007
  16. Scenice

    Scenice ~ Grace ~

    Here you go :) All don


    Hope it's what you wanted
  17. Overheat Hothead

    Overheat Hothead Custom User Title

  18. Scenice

    Scenice ~ Grace ~

    Okay. Finished yours


    Hope you like it :)
  19. SunsetKitsune

    SunsetKitsune New Member

  20. Dragon Lord

    Dragon Lord Dragon Master

    -Can you make it the size of you banners?
    -Charizard in the middle.
    -Red backround but darker color of red of the sides of him.
    -In red could you put "Burning Red Fire"
    Plz and Ty.

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