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Sceptile Card


Time Traveler
Please rate my fake Sceptle card. The link is below.

Sceptile Card

Credit for the Sceptile image goes to Cotton-gravy of deviantArt.
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Jesus Freak Nor

Proud Jesus Freak
Very well done. Although, shouldn't the 'colorless' and 'grass' energy in Leaf Blade be switched. I haven't played much since Delta Species as it got weird, but I don't remember seeing any/many cards where the pokemon's actual type came after a 'colorless' energy in an attack. Other than that...awesome and awesome picture as well.

Terry. T.

One and Only...
That was a cool card, maybe you could make another, such as Pikachu or Pikachu (delta)! That would be cool.
Nice job. My only quarrels being that this is...a bad card for use in TCG play.

And no interesting Poke-Powers or -Bodies? It doesn't matter, but just a thought.

Still, it's a nicely done card.


i think its an awesome card apart from the fact nothing really makes it stand out.try giving it a cool poke body/power to make it even more awesome!!!


Blaziken rules!
It's cool, just something with the color, but it's very good!

Terry. T.

One and Only...
Right then, how about a Shiny Magikarp card (for humour)


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make my charmeleon look bad why dont ya Just kidding that is good and i like the effects and the attack damage


be your own guru
i like seeing risk w/ cards yet this is a bit overboard