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School Rules You Hate!


No hats in school.
Ridiculous and whuthe.

No gum.
I just swallow it..

No "Nintendo Dual Screens Game Boy Handheld Video Game Player Toy".. and the teachers always say the whole thing. (>.>) Whenever I hear it, I heckle, "IT'S CALLED A DS!!!!!" They still haven't found me. :)p)

No drinking in class, even though I have a disorder where I have to drink when I have to drink or I have to go to the hospital. I manage to smuggle a disguised bottle, however. :)3)

No shouting. I have a REALLY short fuse and if I don't shout I hit, there's no other way to calm me down. Oh wait..

No hitting. *tiny fuu*



Seriously, schools are just a place to work kids to death with no pay nowadays. We don't even get apologies in the form of liberty. It's slavery for seven hours a day!!

Also, one time my brother thought it would be funny to put my 3DS in my back pocket. My teacher found it and took it for his son. After school, I used a toothpick to get into his class, punched him and took my 3DS back. Shows him for stealing! }(>:U)

Also, I stinkbombed his car, put some dog attractants on his wheels and hid rattlesnakes in it. Let's see if he'll buy from my dad some time soon. }(>:3)


La Melancolie Noir
1.- use of uniform
2.- having to have short hair(only boys)
3.- not beeing alowed any romantism(kisses flirts etc.)
4.- on mondays everyone unites and stands still for the flag(honores a la bandera Mexico)
5.- no electronic objects(nintendo ds,cellphone,etc)
6.-when the teacher is not there stay on the classroom instead of doing what we want
7.-not allowed to be 1 minute late to each class(seriously)
Basically all the school rules were i live suck.

Whaaat? Haha, I guess that rule is to prevent girls like me having crushes on those long-haired boys. :p Just kidding.

I'm no longer in high school, but I remember hating the no-hats rule when I was. A bunch of my friends said I looked good in hats, so I was really disappointed. But the stupidest rule my school had was that we were prohibited from wearing shoes with any red or blue on them. Supposedly, doing so was a gang reference. And keep in mind that this same school sold Pepsi Blue on campus for a while. Those hypocrites.

But other than that, my high school was quite lenient on things. I remember playing games on my GBA after I finished a test early (the sound had to be off of course). DS's didn't exist until just before I graduated, so I dunno how the whole Internet-access thing might have changed things since then. Eating and drinking in class depended on the teacher. I remember cell phones not being allowed though, which is kind of stupid. What if your parents have to call you saying they'll be late to pick you up or something?

But college is not without its stupid rules. At my college, there's one I really hate. In all on-campus residences, incense and candles are prohibited. On one hand it makes sense, because the campus is in a forest. But on the other hand, all the on-campus apartments have gas stoves! I think those pose more of a fire hazard than candles do. And the incense thing is kind of stupid because incense is always very weakly lit. As someone who loves both incense and candles, I hate this rule. Electric candles and plug-in scents are kind of cool, but they're just not the same.
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c l a r i t y
I had brought my laptop with me to school to e-mail myself a school report (the internet at my house was down then and the report was on my laptop) and it ended up in me getting 3 days out of school suspension for bringing an "electronic/gaming device" to school. =_=

Yeah, that stinks. I feel sorry for you Bluekit.

I always thought it was stupid that in my highschool, you couldn't wear hats, but if you were religious you could wherever the hell you wanted. Do I hate people of other religions? Nah. Am I really tired of people using their faith to get out of things other people have to put up with? Yeah, you bet. Okay, so someone's reason for wearing a hat or head garb of sorts is because their religion tells them to. Well, my reason is because I slept in too late, didn't have enough time to brush my hair, it looks like crap, and I want to hide it. Bite me.

Honestly, a lot of schools are basically mini fascist institutions that don't care about their students.

As for college rules, I have all of you beat.


What? Rules on Masturbation in the shower!


something or other
No gum as well, chewing gum is quite the habit of mine


c l a r i t y
The stupidest rule is we have to wear uniform. WHY! why is what we wear relevant?

I may be 19 and already finished high school but in my nation of Australia we have to wear uniforms.

My brother is going to Year 9 next year at a boys school and he has several tough rules:

- No hair longer than your neck
- No jumpers without school blazer
- No electronic devices
- No eating in class
- No being late to school


Am I even still here
In my homeroom class (main class) Your allowed to chew gum as long as the teacher doesn't see it, if she does see it it goes in the Garbage.

So, youre allowed to do it if youre not caught?
Thats not really being allowed to is it?
Hell, we can do anything people say they cant do here if theyre not caught.


something or other
Lol no masturbation in your collage? I don't masturbate myself, but the collages could just provide anti-masturbation tools(that don't hurt your privates)


Well-Known Member
Although I'm more concerned with the lack of rules, the rule about only drinking water, but they wouldn't care if you drank diesel as long as they didn't see it.

You have to remove the labels from water bottles before the exams as well, just in case you feel like cheating. I know it's fair but it's a little tedious.


Are you high...?
Probably the No-eating rule. You get held in at lunchtime if you're caught doing it. Luckily for the whole class, we had a HG teacher that didn't really give a crap (I suspect she was pretty oblivious to the whole thing though. Pity.)


Water Gym Leader
No electronics allowed.


Well-Known Member
I may be 19 and already finished high school but in my nation of Australia we have to wear uniforms.

My brother is going to Year 9 next year at a boys school and he has several tough rules:

- No hair longer than your neck
- No jumpers without school blazer
- No electronic devices
- No eating in class
- No being late to school

Is focusing on school while in school really that 'tough'

Is not stuffing your face all day long really that 'tough'

Is being on time really that 'tough'


Big charmander fan!
Having to use a hall pass to use the halls, only allowed to leave homeroom on tuesdays through friday, No bookbags in class, No electronic devices during passing period, The no soda rule only water even though tons of teacher drank pop and even let kids bring pop on occasion.
Apparently the lunch room used to have a no passing/trading/giving food rule that the lunch ladies used to be very strict on, thank goodness that rule is not in place anymore.

In the middle school when my sister attended the principal made all sorts of new rules. No high fiveing, hugging, or entering the new hallway they just added. Only the new 6th graders were allowed to use the new hall. 7th and 8th graders had to use the old hallway. (This rule came about when a student wrote on the stall bathrooms so the privilege was lost, but still a hassle to avoid walking into a hall that was the fastest route)

If u are caught chewing gum, u MUST pay a dollar and spit it out in the trash can. No dollar=ur expelled. That's like illegal.


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I'm in college right now, so things are pretty laid back. One of the rules I hate is that you have to go this is serious procedure to get registered for classes. They've let me get advised over email, which isn't as annoying, but this semester it took forever.

I'm more annoyed by a rule people don't obey- no food in the computer labs (food in class is usually fine). I don't know if it's just the food or what, but there's usually like dirt or grime on the keyboard.

In high school, I thought the no hats rule was silly, although I don't wear hats. I also thought the uniform rule was stupid- fortunately my school was one of the few, maybe the only, one in the district that didn't have to wear them.
I lol'd at this, seriously.
As for college rules, I have all of you beat.
I see what you did there...
Would it be out of place for me to ask how you know that?
lol again, good question.
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Searching for her...
torchicflame said:
Having to use a hall pass to use the halls
Why is that dumb?

Hikari10Girl said:
- No hair longer than your neck
- No jumpers without school blazer
- No electronic devices
- No eating in class
- No being late to school
It's a sad time in society when things are tough just because you have to listen to somebody.

People still posting rules that make sense and are just whining because they can't distract themselves...