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School Rules You Hate!


There are some horrible rules at my school. We must wear our uniform or we're sent home. I HATE THE UNIFORM.


Samuri Poster
i LOVE the uniform! Kidding :)

One time, this teacher in 8th grade took my game boy. I was SOOOOOOO pissed. I snapped at her, "my gameboy!!!" and this group of kids heard it and used it to make fun of me. I still hear it.

Difference is... I have a better job than them now. I make more money. Have better friends. have aged MUCH better. And!! One of them applied for a job for me and I let her interview only to say, "you have no chance."

/off topic rant. Sorry

I also hated no hats in school. I like wearing my White Sox caps.
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I never really had any problems with the rules except the no electronics in school crap. Though after i graduated in 09 the rules has completely changed due to change of school board members or whatever.

One stupid rule is if you are still in school grounds 30 minutes after school is over, you will be either get ISSP (In school suspension) for 2 days or you get a ride home by the cops plus a day suspension if you are not in an after school sports activity, tutoring, or a helper.

I was like wtf?

That is pretty extreme. I mean, isn't it classified as public property since, you know, your tax dollars go toward it.

My school district had multiple public playgrounds, a track, a 'butterfly garden' and some other misc features. You could surely lose your privilege to be on school grounds but to outright outlaw it like it appears yours did seems very wrong to me.

My latest rule I dislike is that despite being an IT major I and others in my one course can not obtain the discounted/free copies of windows 7 and server 08 until after the add/drop period. I wouldn't care so much if I didn't need it for the first project in my admin/security class before the add drop period was over.


New Gen, Go!
Still don't understand why we still have the "No hats allowed" rule. It's not like we're still living in the medieval ages anymore (where wearing a helmet in a castle was a sign of insecurity)