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Scizor or Scyther with Eviolite?

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Cryochronic, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. Cryochronic

    Cryochronic Well-Known Member

    Both Scizor and Scyther are powerful pokemon and despite Scizor being Scyther's evolution, they share the same Base Stat Total.

    While Scizor gains a strong defense and has its weaknesses reduced to a single 4x Fire, it sacrifices speed, neutralizing its sweeping capabilities without a priority move.

    Scyther is cursed with a 4x weakness to rock and 4 weaknesses to common types. However, it has access to Eviolite, which boosts its defenses beyond that of Scizor. It also maintains a 105 Base Speed, enabling it to sweep through a number of other pokemon. And with Technician, Scyther can be a humongous threat.

    Scyther's new bulk also enables it to be an effective Swords Dance, Agility, or Substitute Baton Passer for added versatility.

    So in your opinion, will Scyther move from UU to OU in this generation? Will it overtake its evolution in terms of usefulness?
  2. Slydevil

    Slydevil Well-Known Member

    use used both of them scyther @ eviolite +swords dance and baton bass
    for me scyther works a lot better than scizor if you can set up.
    but good thing about scizor is he has a lot of resistances than scyther.
  3. MewTwoEx

    MewTwoEx Metagross Master

    The steel type definitely adds a big advantage to Scizor. In my opinion, it depends on the user and their team and what type of offense they want Scizor/Scyther to bring, so i would call it a draw.
  4. chanseychansey77

    chanseychansey77 Elite Trainer

    Terrakion stole all hope of Scyther getting any good, it outspeeds and murders it with Stone Edge.
  5. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    eviolite scyter wont be able to maximize acrobatics though, even with STAB
  6. Cometk

    Cometk west side

    There's only a 30 base power difference between Acrobatics and Aerial Ace after Technician and STAB. And now you'll be able to hit those pesky Garchomps.
  7. palingensia

    palingensia amends

    i can't see eviolite scyther being better than scizor at all. first up is the obvious stealth rock weakness, which kills any attempt at being bulky. next up is, despite the extra bulk, the typing is bad enough to offset it. i'd probably use scizor any day.
  8. blaZofgold

    blaZofgold Active Member

    ...Why not both? Just to be more annoying

    It's true I never liked Scizor since its SO SO SLOW

    But Scyther sounds way too frail, even with Eviolite, that Flying type just really makes it hard for it.

    And 105 spd isn't that fast, so many other leads can outrun that, even rogue ones like Galvantula.

    It's certainly better as a late-game sweeper, but Scizor can be used in more situations and as a revenge killer.
  9. rk9growlithe

    rk9growlithe The Arcanine Trainer

    Yeah! But it would be annoying if people just had teams full of Blissey, Scizor, Eviolite Chansey, and Eviolite Scyther.
  10. chanseychansey77

    chanseychansey77 Elite Trainer

    SR kills off any defensive capabilities granted by Eviolite, just go with Scizor.
  11. cantab

    cantab Well-Known Member

    If I were to run Scyther, I'd think about Life Orb over Eviolite anyway. As mentioned, poor typing makes the defensive boosts less relevant.

    I'm not sure why I'd choose a Pokemon weak to four common attacking types (and Flying, but that's less seen), 4x weak to Stealth Rock, with good but not outstanding stats, and so-so STAB.
  12. UnoDS

    UnoDS New Member

    I would go for Scizor, as already mentioned he doesn't have the Stealth Rock weakness + might be good to mention he doesn't get dmg from sandstorm, unlike Scyther.
  13. xmip

    xmip New Member

    stealth rock
    end of discussion
  14. Rezzo

    Rezzo Donkey Kong is here

    It's definitely gained usability over Scizor as a BPer this gen, but it won't ever hit OU because of that 4x SR weakness and lack of type coverage compared to Scizor.
  15. Zachmac

    Zachmac Crystalline Guardian

    I don't think scyther has the typing to pull it off. Weaknesses to Rock, Electric, Fire, Flying, and Ice. Not to mention it could have better defenses, and it's walled by Steel types.
    Really? Saying that it can't be used because of one pokemon? Okay, then, let's not use Scizor, Ferrothorn, Fortress, Tyranitar, Genesect, Hydregon, ect., because of Infernape.
  16. Karzon

    Karzon The Noobish Breeder

    We already don't use Infernape because of Starmie and Slowbro...But we don't use Starmie because of Shedinja. Slowbro is ok, because he learns flamethrower.

    It looks like it could work. Maybe not OU worthy, but it could be fun to play with.
  17. Um...what?
  18. Witchan

    Witchan Shauntal, FTW!

    Even with Eviolite, Scyther doesn't stand a chance against powerful sweepers with super effective moves, unless there's Light Screen and Reflect support. That's why I prefer Scizor over Eviolite Syther anyway, not only because he's good at physical attacking and having Toxic immunity.
  19. SomeoneIGuess

    SomeoneIGuess ?Hu Hsilaciryl

    Depends, I guess.

    Scyther's typing is crap, but the speed lets him sweep better than Scizor. Until you find out he doesn't have Acrobatics or Superpower. Then you know that Scizor wins him hands down.

    Use Scizor unless you want Scyther's Ground and Fighting Immunity/Resistances. But I'd use Escaliver over Scizor if he had a better movepool.
  20. Zachmac

    Zachmac Crystalline Guardian

    ...s/he is just stacking onto my argument that a pokemon can't go to NU or UU because of a single pokemon.
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