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Scizor's Everything Shop!


Umbreon 4 President
Concidering u asked me to post if i was still looking for a trainer card, i'm uncertain wether to post or not(AGAIN ^_^) , if not i'll just repost it later on :)

-Name Eevee Power
-Trainer Sprite http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/dptr.html , Bottom Right if possible with a shiny eevee next to me instaid of behind(if possible).
-Pokemon Umbreon, Heracross, Sceptile, Suicune, Gengar , Snorlax
-Badge Set Battle frontier
-Template something dark (u can pick :))
-Fave types : Dark, Fire, Normal



Is Back Finally!

PKMN Legend Anthony

Water Gym Leader.
EDIT: Scrath that can i have one of your new banners instead but with a twist...could i have d/p sprites on it to?if so could i have

pokemon :Marowak in center, Blaziken far right, Blastiose far left
-Pokemon in background: Cubone picture (from a card) faded
-Backround Color: Brown
-What it should say in text : Team Chariot's ,Open for Rescue
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The Leviathan
Hey, I'm looking for new stuff. It's a new year and the whole Diamond/Pearl hype is starting to decrease. Not long until it's out. Anyway, I want a banner of my new favourite Pokemon, Goukazaru. I'd like to background to be a fiery red theme. Just something that looks cool. If possible, I'd like it to say "Bow down to the master!"


King of the SandBox
~i need 1 of your insanly good banners~
-Pokemon (Only One For Now):Aipom
-Backround Color: Green[kinde jungle green]
-What it should say in text: King of the Swings
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The Leviathan
ill be banned? for what i dont think ive done anything wrong. :S

anywyas no worries bout the banner cheers 4 trying - PKMN Legend
Try making your Diamond team into one image instead of several sprite images. That will lessen the amount of images in your sig. Then maybe he can help you.


Explorer of Time
Gum Stick
-Backround Color:Black,Yellow
-What it should say in text:Only One Wish Can Be Made
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The Leviathan
Banners done :)



FOR THE ONE WHO REQUESTED THE GOUKAZARU B ANNER: This was a previous banner I made so I think the text wouldn't matter.

Plesae leave credit to "The Scizor Master" and RATE THE SHOP A 5.

Requessts OPEN.
I wanted the Goukazaru banner. I did have something else in mind for the text, but that's good enough. Great stuff! I'm definately rating this shop a 5!


Is Back Finally!
kk hey... um could i have another TCG Banner: just like the awesome one u made me before

um i would like a
Pokemon: Pikachu, bulbasaur, charizard, squirtle, pidgeot, buttefree
Text: none...

thanks in advance