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Scizor's Everything Shop!


The Private Spy
srry bout the triple posting my computer was frozen at the time


call me mr. noob
can i have a magikarp banner like the first sample banner and can the text say "the noob"
when you get a chance
Could I please have a banner like the first ones?
Pokemon (Only One For Now)-Weavile...maybe one from the anime or a trainer card. as long as it's not deformed looking I'm okay ^_^
Backround Color-maybe a cloudy effect with black and red or somethng along the lines of that
What it should say in text-Weaviles<3


Infernape King
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Mew xoxo Kawaii
hey can i work here he is my worksheet
Can i get a trainer card?
Trainer sprite: Sinnoh male trainer
Trainer name: GAYLORD
Pokemon in back of trainer: Shiny charizard
Pokemon: Shiny charizard, Lucario, Togekiss, Electrevire, Lugia, Dusknoir.
Background: Your choise, must be black


the coolest trainer
can i have a trainer card the as professor oak with a mewcario but could you do the white be gone thing to mewcario

all 24 badges and all contest ribbons a mewcario, a tyranitar, an eevee, an arceus, a latios, and a dialga for the six pokemon trainer name as prof. Bob and a lab like back ground
please pm me when you're done oh and make the writing thing with mewcario saying mewcario rules
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call me mr. noob
oops now i realize the shop was closed when i posted. sry. can you do it now?
could you make me a tcg banner please?
Pokemon: Drifblim, Dewgong, Garchomp, Lucario, Luxray, and Torterra

Thanks in advance.
If there's too many requests before me I don't mind waiting ^.^


May I please have a mix-

Pokemon 1- Rypherior (base)
Pokemon 2- Tangrowth

Specifacations- May you please keep as many of Rypherior's plates (the orange things on its stomach and head.