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Scizor's Everything Shop!


the coolest trainer
can i have a trainer card the as professor oak with a mewcario but could you do the white be gone thing to mewcario
all 24 badges and all contest ribbons a mewcario, a tyranitar, an eevee, an arceus, a latios, and a dialga for the six pokemon trainer name as prof. Bob and a lab like back ground
please pm me when you're done oh and make the writing thing with mewcario saying mewcario rules


JPU Owner
Regular ms banners:
-Pokemon(s)~ Empoleon and Diftblim facing eachother
-Backround~ Can i please have an icy background with snow and such
-Text~ Pokemon Empire: The Frozen War
-Other~ Can i have the font in Script MT Bold
Can I have the six pokemon thing plz
pokemon:Blastoise,Shiny(if possible)pidgeot,Empoleon,Infernape,Mewtwo,charizard
no text
thnx in advance


6 different pokemon
Staff member
i want a Regular ms banner:
-pokemon: shiny illumise and shiny volbeat and shiny wurple
-text: 'my shinies'
-background:just a forest or something,just let your imagonation work

and it would be cool if you could make my illumise and volbeat kiss (like the pic on my signature)

Title: Adventures in Beklan

Size: 468x100

Subtext: A new region… and new adventures are waiting.

Pictures: Firkit should be on the right side of the banner and Lerrow on the left, with links provided.

Firkit’s link: http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h216/DarkArcanine/Firkit.jpg

Lerrow’s link: http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h216/DarkArcanine/Lerrow.jpg

Background: Any sort of good enough forest background will do just fine, thanks. Here’s one I just found. Link: http://images.google.com.au/imgres?...ges?q=Forest+backgrounds&gbv=2&svnum=10&hl=en

Professor Si Fron

Adventure Scientist
Ummm, if it's not to much to ask, I'd like a trainer card, but only if it doesn't cost me anything. He, he, he...

Laboratory background

Sprite/character: Ummm, is it possible to make a scientist that's slightly muscled and has spikey yellow hair w/shades to top it all off? If not, a scientist w/spikey yellow hair will do.

Pokemon: Mew, Pikachu, chimchar, bulabasuar, totodile, and an unknown of any letter

no badges

Am I missing anything? If it's too difficult, I'm sorry. But if you can, thanks! Also, once I do get it (if it can be done) how do I add it to my signiture again? Thanks in advance!

Professor Si Fron

Adventure Scientist

Oops! I didn't read 2 things:

Fav type: Psychic

Title of last reply: Trainer card please!

Sorry for the inconvienience!


can i have 2 siggys? no rush ok? ;)

-Pokemon (Only One For Now):Houndoom
-Backround Color: flames or something that matches
-What it should say in text: Inferno Rogue

-Pokemon (Only One For Now):Shiny Houndoom
-Backround Color: blue flames or something that matches
-What it should say in text: Inferno Rogue


Beginning Trainer
Can I have a white begone?

This is the image that I need white begoned, I hope you don't mind that it's not a pokemon. But I'd really appreciate it if you could do it anyways. Thanks in advance.


Falcon PUNCH!!!
can you make a drawing of a male ace trainer. same pose just bigger and drawn.

Lord Nox Noctis

why is Spiritomb so?
could i plz have a banner like he one in your siggy, but instead of scisor,a:
Mewtwo/gallade fusion, but more mewtwo than gallade and a mewtwo/gallade except with more gallade.
Text: Hells Angels
thanks!!!!!! in advance. oh, the gallade that would be best is in zarb's 493 use sprite shop on page 2.