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Discussion in '1st & 2nd Gen RMT' started by lifesharker, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. lifesharker

    lifesharker Spring-Loaded Fish

    I'm doing a scramble type challenge and have ended up with these pokemon; I was wondering if you guys could help me improve my movesets for them.

    ;241; Miltank
    Milk Drink
    Iron tail

    ;178; Xatu
    Confuse ray

    ;062; Poliwrath
    Mind reader
    Ice punch

    ;123; Scyther
    Swords dance
    Wing attack
    Steel wing

    ;106; Hitmonlee
    Hi jump kick
    Mega kick
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2008
  2. Dragon_Reborn

    Dragon_Reborn Well-Known Member

    All my changes are in bold above.You do have some electric weakness though.You "could"use Earthquake on Miltank to deal with them,but I think Body Slam works better.Electric types usually have weak defense stat so a pokemon with a high attack stat like Hitmonlee might be able to deal with electrics.Also Hitmonlee has some good special defense for a fighting type to take some hits.You may have to try that out since this is a scramble team.
  3. M4zz

    M4zz Banned

    Changes in BOLD
    Gold Berry for when Hi Jump Kick misses

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