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Scraping the bottom of the barrel

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Guys, this is it, my final attamp to make a competitive team... In gen 6. So I decided to use a really low tier (i had little luck in ou). I decided for a pu team, and after trying different sets these are my best ones:

Heatmor@choice specs
Ability: white smoke
Nature: modest
Ev's: 252 sp.att. 252 hp, 4sp.def.
- fire blast
- giga drain
- focus blast
- hp electric

Heatmor is one the first of my teams that actually succeeded. Thanks to a powerful STAB fire blast it can deal massive damage, whilst using it's just above average bulk to stall out types it's weak to with giga drain, wich covers all of his weaknesses. Focus blast is, well, focus blast, and hp electric is just a bit of extra coverage. This thing has helped me trough any rough situation so far, only being botherd by bulky pressure mons, that don't mind taking some fire blasts/ focus blasts.

Ability: rock head
Nature: adamant
Ev's: 252 att. 252hp, 4 def.
- head smash
- waterfall
- rest
- sleep talk

Relicanth is to bulky to waste on an offensive set, but it would be a shame to let a fine combo like rock head head smash to go to waste. So here's the compromise: a rest sleep talker combined with some offensive moves. Waterfall is for a second STAB, where head smash is useless, out of pp, or I can't risk the miss.

Crygonal@life orb
Ability: levitate
Nature: timid
Ev's: 252 spe. 252 sp.att. 4 sp.def.
- rapid spin
- ice beam
- signal beam
- flash cannon

Crygonal is normally a lead, especially when I see stealth rock setters. But he is also a great swap in for ground type moves. Rapid spin gets rid of traps, whereas ice beam is a STAB. Signal beam and flash cannon are just for damage on things that ice beam can't hit. My first plan was to give it choice specs/scarf, but I decided that getting locked into rapid spin could be bad, so i went with life orb. It doesn't work flawlessly, but can be really dangerous.

Meowstic@sticky barb
Ability: prankster
Nature: modest
Ev's: 252 spe. 252 sp.att. 4 hp
- trick
- thunder wave
- thunder bolt
- psychic

Meowstic is very nice with prankster, allowing it to get get thunder waves up. But it's first and foremost job is to start swapping items, hopefully messing things up really badly. I couldn't let that special attack go to waste though, I went for thunderbolt and psychic for some nice damage, but nothing to serious. I could have also used it to set up screens, but liked it better offensively.

Ariados@razor claw
Ability: sniper
Nature: adamant
Ev's: 252 att. 248 hp, 8 sp.def.
- mega horn
- poisen jab
- foul play
- night slash

Ariados is a nice attacker, and offers some good coverage with bug/poisen, especially against fairy types. Mega horn might be inaccurate, but hurts like hell. Poisen jab is mainly for the fairy types. Night slash is for some damage on other things, like steel types. Foul play is for mons that set up a lot of damage boosts, paying them back in kind. With boosted crit chances sniper might show some usage, and make it even better.

Ability: marvel scale
Nature: modest
Ev's: 200 def. 200 sp.def. 108 sp.att.
- dragon pulse
- fire blast
- thunder bolt
- ice beam

This is actually a set i made by accident, because I used my Dragonair like this, before I evolved it, in a battle, and believe it or not, it took down a togekiss. (Although togekiss might have been locked into air slash, and was paralysed) it's got some bulk thanks to the eviolite, but a nice special attack too. It's a pretty straight forward set, so I don't think i need to talk about it that much.

Well, that's it, tell me if i at least got a few good sets here, and what i can improve.
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Well, it may be because your team doesn't actually follow the rules. Specifically, rule #1 of this section; the team must be completed. That means having six Pokemon. This team has 8. Please edit to fit the rules or I have to close this within 24 hours.