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Screweh's Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Screweh, May 13, 2011.

  1. Screweh

    Screweh New Member

    Screweh's Screwtacular Shop of Stuff:D

    Welcome to the shop :) Familiarise yourself with the rules below

    Firstly! Some rules!
    Please make sure you read it all as it’ll make trades and the likes alot more pleasant :)

    1- All SPPF rules and Trade forum rules apply here.

    2- I'd prefer posts in the thread to PM's
    I'm more likely to reply to offers/questions posted in the thread to PM's.

    3- Try and be patient. I have a lot of Gaming and Real life commitments, so don't expect an answer immediately.

    4- No Hacks!

    5- I'll accept clones on the condition that you tell me before we confirm a deal.

    6- I only deal with Pokemon Black or White.

    7- Enjoy :D

    Currently For Trade!

    Black tower Shiny Gible (Want the shiny dratini for this please)

    Slakoth, Serious, Truant
    Wurmple, Quiet, Run away
    Hoppip, Rash, Infiltrator
    Delibird, Quiet, Insomnia
    Yanma, Gentle, Frisk
    Kangaskhan, Quirky, Inner Focus
    Kangaskhan, Modest, Inner Focus


    Shinx, Lonely, Guts
    Mareep, Quiet, Plus
    Ponyta, Quiet, Flame body
    Lickitung, Calm, Cloud nine
    Stantler, Quiet, Sap Sipper
    Surskit, Docile, Rain dish
    Butterfree, Adamant, Tinted Lens
    Pidgey, Naughty, Big pecks
    Spearow, Quirky, Sniper
    Igglybuff, Serious, Friend Guard
    Sentret, Hardy, Frisk
    Scraggy, Jolly, Intimidate

    Shiny Hoothoot

    Need to complete Unovadex
    Reshiram (Have Zekrom to offer for this)

    Pm me if your interested :)
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2013
  2. Screweh

    Screweh New Member

    List updated, pm me offers
  3. Screweh

    Screweh New Member

    Another update, got some new starters
  4. crimsonphoenix2

    crimsonphoenix2 New Member

    Hey, would you be willing to trade a torchic & squirtle for an abra & heracross?
    Please let me know, thanks!
  5. Screweh

    Screweh New Member

    i have an abra, got something else?
  6. Linknayru

    Linknayru New Member

    i would like Sudowoodo, Mareep, and Bagon. i can breed u any starters besides treecko.
  7. crimsonphoenix2

    crimsonphoenix2 New Member

    hey, would Heracross & Pinsir be better?
  8. Screweh

    Screweh New Member

    Link, chikorita, cyndaquil and totodile would be awesome

    and crimson, heracross and pinsir would be awesome :)
  9. 03Juice

    03Juice TSS

    I got a totodile for you and a shiny cyndaquil.

    I'm looking for life orbs or a focus sash
  10. Exprima

    Exprima Pokemang

    Whatchu gotta have for the Beldum? Also do you have a female Totodile, Squirtle, Torchic, and/or Charmander?
  11. Screweh

    Screweh New Member

    I don't have any of those starters as females, but I can try and breed for them for you.

    And the beldum basically any of the black exclusives or the pokes listed in my want list :)
  12. Exprima

    Exprima Pokemang

    I'll give you a Bulbasaur for the Beldum. Deal?

    Btw what nature is it?
  13. Screweh

    Screweh New Member

    I've got a bulbasaur, and the beldums nature is Naive

    Anything else you got instead of a bulbasaur. If not, I'm sure I could cope with a second bulbasaur :p
  14. Exprima

    Exprima Pokemang

    I have an Exeggcute and Anorith. =P
  15. crimsonphoenix2

    crimsonphoenix2 New Member

    Hey that's great, thanks! Would now be a gd time to trade?
  16. Screweh

    Screweh New Member

    Exprima - anorith ok for you?

    Crimson, yea sure, be in the WFC any minute now
  17. Exprima

    Exprima Pokemang

    Sure, when's a good time to trade for ya? We already traded before so no need to add each other's FCs and such.
  18. Screweh

    Screweh New Member

    Expi, now is fine for me.

    Crimson, I'll pm you when I have the eggs and hatched em for you :)
  19. Exprima

    Exprima Pokemang

    Alright I'll see ya in WFC in a minute.
  20. crimsonphoenix2

    crimsonphoenix2 New Member

    ^ that's great, ignore my PM lol (ps I don't mind if the eggs are unhatched)

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