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Scyther out, Scizor in.

Anyone willing to accept my Scyther and then trade it back so it can evolve into Scizor? I'll happily return the favour. I'm in the UK, so I'll be on at 7:00 British Standard Time.

Also, if you just fancy a battle that'd be cool too.
Now I have to decide who to choose. I think, and this may be a bit idiotic, but I think I'm gonna go for Umbreon just for announcing yourself as a trade thief.
Also, Team Go Getters #1, I'll happily battle you anyway, although my pokes are all pretty low level, mostly less than lvl 35 (except my Drapion and Infernape).

On the British Summer Time thing, thanks, I've been saying the other one for ages. Much prefered GMT though :D