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Scytherian's art dump

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by AScytherianWanker, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. AScytherianWanker

    AScytherianWanker This is a tltle

    I'm not exactly /that/ good at art (as in, I'm pretty much unable to draw anything without using extensive reference material), but here are a few pieces of art that look atleast halfway decent. I'll post more on here as I gradually draw more artwork to post, so hopefully this thread won't just be one or two posts that will end up dead in the water.

    1. Scyther petting
    Mainly practice for drawing hands, which came out somewhat reasonable. I don't like how the Scyther's pose came out so statue-like, though.

    2. Earthbound Halloween Hack styled Gengar OC
    Have a head shot of an edgy-looking Gengar OC, she was one of the protagonists of a fanfic I was cowriting with a friend of mine a while back. This image was meant to be an in-joke of sorts and isn't how her design actually looks. Was also meant to practice fire and backgrounds.
    Please ignore the pixelation, I made the mistake of trying to resize the thing.

    If anyone has any tips they could give me, please do so! I'm looking for critique so I can try to make my art better.
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  2. DingoPox

    DingoPox Member

    I love gijikas! What is your gengar's name? Do you have a link to your fanfiction?

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