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Sean's Text Sig Shop

Pimp Sean

New Member
I am taking request to make text bars just follow the format and request instructions Below:

These type of Sigs is made up of 4 parts:

1. This is were the image goes (ill just call it the body for now) it can be changed to the way you like just give me details you can even send me a cheap painting of the layout you want also if you don like the glassy effect put "no glass" in the format.

2. This part is were the border around all the text goes (this can be Changed the way you like too as long as it works well with any other changes).

3. These are what the text is put in (the colors and style can be changed: Square,Circle,Etc.)

4. At last is the border of the sig the color,size thickness and scan line style can be changed.

If your going to make a request put it in detail and if possible draw it on paint.
It cant exceed 260x140.

If your making a request heres the format:

1. (image URL)/Glass Or No glass

2. Border/No Border/Border Color will depend on images(If you want a border)
3. Text Border Style Square,Circle,Etc./Text Font Default will be used if no font is picked./ 2 or 3 Colors/ what you want written inside each text border.
4. Sig Border Color if left blank will depend on images.

If You Have Questions or need help send me a PM.

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1. http://*******.com/view.php?pic=4pl1b4i
2. border
3. same as example/the one on the example/black,yellow
Size: same as my pic

Thank you very much
I hope i did it right
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