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Search for Knowledge: A Champion's Story

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by GoldenNoctowl77, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. GoldenNoctowl77

    GoldenNoctowl77 Back in Business!

    Well, it seems that after a very rude pruning, the old Search for Knowledge thread has been lost. However, even though I was angered by it, I learned to change it in my favor. I am reposting Search for Knowledge, but with added benefits to my readers.

    Let's face it...when I began this fic I wasn't the greatest fic writer. My writing was poor, undeveloped, and there were many plot holes. Because of this, I am releasing the Search for Knowledge: Special Edition so to say. By this I mean that I am going back and either totally rewriting or changing parts of chapters. They will have the same occurences in them, but a lot of them will be more detailed with much more character development and clarity. There will also be new scenes added that were cut out of the chapters. (Think of it as the re-release of the Star Wars series :p).

    Now, if you recall from awhile back, I gave you a glimpse of this by releasing the remake of chapter 1. Well, here it is again. This gives new readers a chance to experience the fic the way it was meant to while also giving my old readers new content before I can start with new chapters again. Well, without further ado, here's chapter 1 of Search for Knowledge!

    The Search for Knowledge Index of Chapters
    Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Legend
    Chapter 2: What Dreams Are Made Of
    Chapter 3: A Month Goes By! The Final Test!
    Chapter 4: A New Challenge! The Hoenn League!
    Chapter 5: An Unexpected Challenge! Off to the Archipelago!
    Chapter 6: Taillow Trouble! Last Plunge for the Ferry
    Chapter 7: The Road to the Hoenn Archipelago! Intentions Revealed!
    Chapter 8: Accused of Cheating! Jeff's Special Seedot!
    Chapter 9: A Touch Battle! Mike's First Gym Fight!
    Chapter 10: Skitty and Delcatty! Feel the Love!
    Chapter 11: Forest of Frights! A Ghoulish Experience!
    Chapter 12: Sandstone City! Amanda's First Contest!
    Chapter 13: Beginner's Luck or a Harsh Defeat? The Final Outcome!
    Chapter 14: Aron's on the Beach! Cave Escapee!
    Chapter 15: Alabor City! Panic in the Harbor!
    Chapter 16: Mike and Tropius! The Field of Grass Types!
    Chapter 17: Cinder Town Gym! A Flaming Outcome!
    Chapter 18: The Problem Solved! Pokemon Fishing!
    Chapter 19: Carvanha Vs. Camerupt! Cinder Town Rematch!
    Chapter 20: Reno City Lighthouse! Nuzleaf's Awesome Battle!

    Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Legend

    "Dad wait up!" A small boy yelled as he tried desperately to keep up with the man that was walking out of the house. The boy leapt out the door and onto the porch as the man tiptoed down some steps carrying an umbrella. Rain was falling hard and the boy's hair began to droop from the drops that struck it. "Daddy!" The boy yelled again. Sadness was evident in his baby blue eyes. The glimmer in his face went away like a star that fades when morning comes.

    The man turned back once, looking out at the small boy at the top of the steps. He smiled once and leaned down. "Come here Michael…" He said opening his arms and placing the umbrella down. The rain began to trickle down on him; drenching his overcoat. The boy's eyes felt a sense of delight for that moment and he ran down and into the man's arms.

    "Daddy…" He smiled gripping the man's torso tight. His father rubbed the boy's wet hair and then stood up again. The short sense of happiness they felt was diminishing in both their faces now.

    "Be a good boy son…" The father said and turned. He placed a small glowing object into his pocket as he did. It was small, but looked like a piece to something bigger; something not of this world. The child then watched as a cab pulled up. His father took one last look at his son and then stepped into the vehicle. It sped off without so much of a glance back by the father.

    "Daddy! Come back!" The child said beginning to cry. He rushed off down the street after the car but tripped onto the cement as he did. The door the two exited earlier opened again and a woman came into view; her brown hair blowing in the stormy breeze. She looked around with concern in her hazel eyes; ones that had shed many tears recently. She then noticed her son lying face down on the ground. Quickly, she rushed out into the street to pick him up. She grabbed the boy from the ground as he sobbed and began to cradle him.

    "Don't worry…daddy will be back. It will be ok. I won't let anything else happen to you…" She said rocking the child back and forth as he whined and gripped her pink bathrobe in his small hands…


    "And it's four a.m here in Bayside City for all you early birds!" The alarm roared from a small dresser next to a twin bed. Suddenly, a muscular arm came into view smacking the clock and sending it flying across the room. It skidded across the floor and smashed into the wall; leaving a dent in the drywall and a large crack in the plastic of the alarm. The room was small; even smaller because it was covered in clothes.

    The alarm's assailant slowly rose from the bed, pushing the covers to his feet and yawning. He then brought his hands to his face and began to rub his squinted blue eyes. "Need more sleepy…" He then said and fell back down into the covers; burying his head into the pillow.

    "Michael Anthony Strateri, get your butt up this instant!" He then heard a loud feminine voice call from down the hall.

    "All right I'm up!" Mike roared leaning back up and rolling his eyes. "You know, you could let me sleep a little longer. I mean, it's not everyday I don't get home from a party untill 3 a.m!" He roared back down the hall.

    "Actually, it happens every Friday!" The woman roared back. Mike could tell she had a smirk on her face just from the tone in her voice. His mother always had a thing for enthusiastic speaking. He slowly moved towards the side of the bed and put his feet off; slipping on some Azumarill slippers. He then began to stretch his arms and yawn again. He placed his hands on his jet black blonde tipped hair and rubbed them back. He then noticed that the room was very dark and decided to go to the light switch to rectify that problem.

    "Bah, you would think a mother could turn on a light switch for her son? But no! I have to walk this far to bring light into the room! They should make remotes or some clap on thing." He roared flicking the switch. The room instantly lit up and Mike squinted, rubbing his eyes again.

    "What are you complaining about?" He heard his mother yell.

    "Nothing, just cranky from waking up this early!" He replied and sat down on the foot of his bed. He grabbed the remote from the bedside and flicked the switch, turning the stations on the television to find something fun on. However, the remote wasn't working properly. Mike kept trying to switch stations but nothing happened.

    "What the hell is going on here, I want to watch The Poke-War Chronicles!" He screamed to himself.

    "I took the batteries out so you could would focus on the professor‘s introduction!" His mom said peaking into the room.

    "You touched my remote? Get out of here before I do something regretful!" Mike roared. His mom sighed and shut the door. Mike thought about getting up to turn the station on the television itself, but he was too tired.

    He began to check out what this show was all about. It seemed like some instructor was blabbing about some school or something. "Welcome to the Pokemon Tech TV Station!" The instructor blared. As soon as those words were uttered, Mike remembered why his alarm went off so early. Today was the start of his classes at Pokemon Tech!

    "Yes, I get a Pokemon to train with today!" He yelled leaping up and smashing his hand on the fan blade above. "Ow, son of a…" He began, but stopped himself when his mom entered.

    "Breakfast in ten. Better get ready. You can't be late for your first day of Pokemon Tech!" She said and shut the door again as a shoe hit it causing a black mark in the wood.

    The instructor on the television continued to talk and Mike couldn't help but turn it up. "As most students know from the broacher, each person that begins classes today will be issued a beginner's Pokemon, a Pokedex, and Tech balls. Though each enroller will receive these, they are not allowed to leave school grounds to catch Pokemon at any time. Each student must spend the entire month at the school and get a passing grade. If they do, they will receive a trainer card which will allow them to start their journey collecting badges." The instructor finished his introduction and continued to a nearby table.

    The instructor stopped in front of the brown desktop where some spherical Pokeballs were placed. Mike recognized these as Techballs; Pokeballs with a teal top instead of a red one. They were virtually the same, just issued for the school. "There are over 100 species of Pokemon that will be available for first beginners, but there is only one of each type. To assure that our students can handle any type of Pokemon, they will choose their beginner randomly. To demonstrate this, the instructor picked a Tech ball from the table and tossed it. Just before the Pokemon appeared, the screen panned directly to the professor’s face.

    “That is all you need to know for now, the rest of the information will be given in your morning classes." The instructor finished his speech and the screen began to flash images of the Pokemon that would be available.

    Mike instantly got up and walked to his closet. He noticed the hole he had made in the closet door from punching it the week before. He got a yelling for that, but he was just practicing his strength exercises and didn't see the big deal. He scrounged through his clothes and eventually pulled out a light blue long-sleeved shirt. He then grabbed his newly purchased blue jeans and finally placed a navy blue polo shirt over his light blue one. Mike had spent the whole summer getting in shape for this journey, and he was now more muscle then anything.

    After, he walked to the door and into the hall carrying the clothes. He turned his head from the left wall as he slid past a picture. On it was a portrait of his family; his WHOLE family. He never liked to look at it because his dad was on there; known to him only as the deserter. He continued down the hall past his brother's room which was blaring music. Mike liked his brother, but they never really connected. Where Matt was a lazy rebel without a cause, Mike was a helpful perfectionist. As he slipped into the bathroom, he could hear his mother making breakfast. The sound of eggs flipping always made him hungry. He could also smell the fresh scents. She always made a huge breakfast before her sons left the house. Eating right was something Ms. Strateri always preached.

    Mike had finished his shower in minutes and slipped on his clothes. He then began to perfect his hair while looking in the mirror. It usually took hours to do it, but he decided to cut that short. After doing the normal bathroom tasks, Mike left and walked into the kitchen. He sat down at the table and watched as his mom set a plate with a large steak and some scrambled eggs down in front of him! "Wow, you went all out." He said grabbing a fork and knife. His mother smiled a bit and then sat down across the table. Mike could see the disgruntlement in her eyes. "What's wrong?" He asked concerned.

    "Oh nothing, just waiting for your lazy brother to get up. His first day of Pokemon Tech and he is still sleeping! I don't know what I'm going to do with him!" She laughed and prodded at the eggs she made for herself. Mike's brother Matt was a year older then him, but his mother decided to enroll him when Mike was ready. He didn’t seem to mind much though as the last thing on his mind was going to school. He wasn't that into Pokemon training, but he needed a hobby.

    Matt slowly walked out of his room. His dark black hair was whipped and uneven. He wore a brown hoodie with some jeans. Mike couldn't help but laugh at how enthusiastic he seemed. "I decided not to do my hair today; it'll save time!" Matt smirked pulling his hand through his messy black hair. He proceeded to the kitchen table and grabbed his backpack from a chair. "Got to go!" He then said and turned to leave.

    "Where do you think you're going?" His mother roared folding her arms.

    "My friends are waiting outside so I'll be going there!" He smirked before walking out the door.

    "Yeah, I better head off too." Mike replied as he grabbed his backpack and pushed his empty plate forward. His mom took a glance at the food she had for Matt and sighed.

    "Be safe!" She told him and sat up. She held her arms out and Mike came forward, giving her the hug she desired. "I will always be here. Call if you need anything...." She said with a small tear growing. Her children had not been far from her their entire lives.

    "I'll be fine mom. Don't worry…" Mike said and turned towards the door. He looked back once more before stepping into the nice morning air. Bayside City was just how it was named; a city by a bay. The ocean air whished by relieving Mike. A port city home was perfect, but he needed to get out more. He leapt off the porch and down the sidewalk. As he turned the corner, he noticed Matt and his friends up ahead, but he wasn't about to join them. They were probably not even heading towards the school.

    Mike made his way a few blocks down the street and then turned into a nearby driveway. This belonged to his good friend Jeff Flays. Mike skipped up the walkway and onto the porch; placing his fingers on the doorbell. After several rings, Jeff opened the door. His dirty blonde hair was freshly cut and he wore his black and blue sleeved shirt. Mike laughed. Jeff always looked so tall and gimpy, and the fact that he wanted to train dark types was even funnier. Jeff had a light-hearted, energetic, and carefree personality, all of which are not qualities of dark Pokemon.

    "You ready?" Mike asked as Jeff stepped out the door.

    "No, I still have to redecorate my backpack." Jeff replied rolling his eyes. Mike smiled as his friend joined him on the porch. They then headed back onto the street and continued down the road.

    "So what's new in the world of Jeff?" Mike asked trying to make small talk. Jeff had recently been on vacation for a week so they hadn’t talked in some time.

    "Not much. Met a few girls, lost a few when they found me annoying. That's how life is though." Jeff replied. Mike began to laugh. His friend was never serious and everything was a joke. The two boys continued down the road some more before reaching their last stop. This was the home of Amanda Belicina, Mike's long time best friend. They knew each other since they were six, and had grown up spending countless days just chilling in each other's houses. She was Mike's pride and joy, the one thing he loved about Bayside City.

    She was already waiting on the porch curling her brown highlighted hair with an iron. "Damn curls!" She roared trying to get them out. Mike laughed when he heard her. It was unlike Amanda to swear or get mad, but when it came to personal appearance, she was a monster. Amanda noticed them and jumped up waving. She walked down the walkway and towards them grinning happily. She was a little short, but very pretty. Her purple bandana and matching shirt were on, as it was her "lucky ensemble". She smiled as she approached.

    "So, miss me?" She giggled pushing Mike's shoulder back.

    "The party was three hours ago." Mike replied smiling. The party was actually Amanda's Pokemon Tech bash. Mike would've remembered that, but it somehow slipped his mind when he woke up.

    "What party?" Jeff asked giving Mike a look. Mike instantly became nervous. Amanda and him had decided not to invite him after he showed up with alcohol at Mike's last one dressed like Britney Spears.

    "Nothing…me and Amanda had a movie night." He said hoping Jeff would buy it.

    "Then what are all those streamers and stuff in the trash over there for?" Jeff asked pointing to the garbage Amanda brought out earlier. Mike closed his eyes knowing Jeff would find out.

    "Silly Jeff, you know how much I like streamers even when there are no parties going on." Amanda replied. Jeff shrugged. Mike smiled knowing he had bought it. Jeff wasn’t the brightest of children. The three then returned to the street and headed off to Pokemon Tech.

    "I can't wait to get my first Pokemon!" Amanda announced as they headed off.

    "As long as it's a dark type, I don't mind!" Jeff added in.

    "We'll just have to wait and see." Mike ended with as they approached the front gate of what would be the greatest and most influential month of their lives…..
    Last edited: May 13, 2006
  2. indigestible_wad

    indigestible_wad Well-Known Member

    I can see many similarities with this to your other story, as well as similarities in writing. I can't say it's off to the start like Apocalypse rising did, but it certainly did grab my attention just enough to keep me reading. I hope to read more.
  3. Kiyohime

    Kiyohime Well-Known Member

    Hm. Your writing isn't bad, but I see a lot of trivial errors, mainly where you neglect to place commas in the proper places and the such. Also, it isn't neccessary to capitalize pronouns after quotation marks.

    Your description is average at most, and a little plumping up wouldn't hurt. I've never read the first version, so I don't know quite where the plot is leading to, so I will check back when another chapter is posted to see how it develops.

  4. Ladyumbra

    Ladyumbra ... ..no comment

    nooooo we are no many months from the dancing pineapple. yeah for jeff
  5. IceKing

    IceKing Sexorific!

    Well for a first time reader it can sound pretty unoriginal, but for the previous readers we know it aint going to be all unoriginal. I thought you made another version of the 1st chapter, and it was alot better than that. Either way the first chapter was alright, but the true funny has not been released yet :) And when it does you can except us to get all spastic
  6. GoldenNoctowl77

    GoldenNoctowl77 Back in Business!

    Woah, not getting the feedback I expected, but such is life.

    IW- Yeah, chapter 1 doesn't do much to draw the reader in I'll admit. It's pretty much a prologue to introduce the characters. My readers know now though that if they get through the first 10 chapters or so, the fic becomes one of the best and most unique trainer fics around. It focuses on comedy while also having a very serious plot with a lot of character development. Keep reading and reep the rewards :)

    Scrap- Thanks for the input. While I like to here about ways to improve, I really don't take small grammatical errors that seriously when reading fics. If there is a lot of spelling errors or very bad grammar, then I can see a reason for it being bad, but things like capitalizing words that begin quotes is something I don't see as very important for a fic. It doesn't hinder the reading in anyway. If this were being published, I would have a different opinion though. As for description, I think I excell in that, especially in later chapters. People on these forums are always stressing description, but in my opinion it is better to have a deep amount without overdoing it. I feel I do just that, and as you'll see in later chapters it does its job well. I'm not for that "The yellow-orange sun peaked over the straight horizon gleaming with vibrant reds and cascading the green grass with a bright hue that made my eyes pool with beads of fresh happy magical special water that made me smile a bright toothy grin." LOL

    Lady Umbra- Don't worry, the fic should be caught up to where it was within the next two weeks. You'll get to review the old Pineapple action in the mean time and I might surprise you with new Pineapple scenes in already established chapters :p

    IceKing- Nope, this was the remake of the 1st chapter that everyone loved before. I guess releasing it again was a bad idea though as it isn't going off too well. Thanks for your continued support though :)

    Well, I'll start posting the Special Edition Chapters more thoughout the following weeks until I am caught up again. I'm beginning to see this as a bad idea though because of the feedback. I got praised when my fic was already established, but going back to the beginning has proven icky. Keep in mind, while I write my fics as a story, I tend to make them more of a script type nature. That is, I use the description and extensive dialogue of a novel, but also minimize EXTREME detail and such to give it a more show-movie feel. I don't feel the need to go all out as I explained above, and I think I accomplish the task well. People always say they can picture everything that I write, and from experience I feel that it is because I use just enough detail to let you imagine the scene yourself while also showing the ropes of what it's like. I don't want to clutter the fic with uneeded words.

    Well, I'm done blabbing. I thought I would defend myself while welcoming your criticism. :)
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2005
  7. Kiyohime

    Kiyohime Well-Known Member

    XD Good point, so I bow in defeat (for now....fehehehehehe) I haven't seen the later chapters so I'll reserve judgement until I read more of your work.

  8. Lust

    Lust Guest

    This is the fic that brought me back to being a Pokémon fan in the summer. I was only on Chapter 30 something in the old version. I like the revised edition of the first chapter. I agree with you that it's not really important to have description and all that stuff as long as people can understand your story and picture it. I can't wait for the funny parts!
  9. GoldenNoctowl77

    GoldenNoctowl77 Back in Business!

    Sorry for the delay, but in truth I have pretty much lost interest in Pokemon. However, I feel that for the fans of my fic, I must bring Search for Knowledge to a close. With that said, I will be releasing the Special Edition Chapters. Only the first few will be completely remade, that's what has taken so long. But after that I will only be revising already written chapters, not completly rewriting them. When I get back to where I was, I will write the new chapters and finish the fic by the end of the summer. I am in no way going to blaze through it and not care anymore though. The fic will still maintain the same quality that I always display. No worries there. Sorry again for the delay, but with graduation and the last month of school, it was very hard to find time. But now it's summer, so I will have chapters galore. Anyways, here is the remake of chapter 2. Enjoy...

    Chapter 2: What Dreams are Made Of

    A flock of Pidgeys fluttered down onto a sandy path next to a large building. The rain storm that had recently passed the area left beads of rain that pooled on the pathway. The small birds cooed as they fluttered into the puddles; flapping their feathery wings and flinging the water into the air. Suddenly, the Pidgeys began to squawk and fly away from their bath. Three sets of sneakers leapt across the puddle and skidded hard against the dirty road coming to a stop at the main gate of the complex.

    “Well, this is it…The Bayside Pokemon Alumni Institute,” Amanda grinned wiping her forehead with her gloved hand.

    Mike took a quick glance at her smiling politely and then turned back to the large wooden gate that separated them from their life with Pokemon. The doors began to stir and then slowly opened up allowing the teens a view of a wide park-like environment. Different types of foliage surrounded the cemented area that held a fountain in the middle of a walkway that led to a large complex which was the school. A playground was just to the right and Mike saw many battlefields to the left.

    As the three friends began to advance through the gates, they noticed many students running happily around the complex. Several of them were busily studying in a circle under tall oak trees while more argued about who would get the better Pokemon. Mike was forced to halt as three younger students raced in front of him laughing excitedly. Behind them came a purple rodent that Mike recognized a Rattata. Several seconds later a small Pidgey and a mushroom-like Pokemon known as Shroomish waddled after.

    "Looks as if some students already received their beginners," Mike noted to the others as they approached the wide set of stairs that lead to the doorway of the school. As soon as the doors were opened, Mike and his friends were greeted to hundreds of students lining up by a set of desks that stretched down the hallway. There was a lot of commotion, but Mike expected this for the first day. The faculty tried to keep order as children ran around and parents gossiped. Jeff shot a look to his right to see a little girl bawling her eyes out. Her hazel eyes were littered with tears that she tried to rub off with her hands. Her mother attempted desperately to soothe her.

    "A Caterpie is a great beginner Pokemon!" She said. The girl began to cry harder causing Jeff to wince.

    “Maybe the random selection idea isn’t such a nice idea,” Mike said smiling awkwardly.

    Amanda and Jeff took their place in line and Mike quickly walked over to join them. As he looked around some more, Amanda began her registration.

    “Name?” The brown-haired lady at the front desk inquired.

    “Amanda Belicina,” she replied. The lady pulled up a goggle-like machine and placed it to Amanda’s eyes, giving her a small eye and reaction test.

    “Everything checks out. Move to the Pokeball selection table please,” the lady requested.

    Jeff began to look uneasy. "Crap, Mike I forgot my contacts!"

    "Jeff, just take the exam, your eyes can't be that bad if you can see right now!" Mike replied. Jeff sighed and stepped up to the bulky woman.

    "Name?" The woman asked just like with Amanda beforehand. She sounded bored and Mike didn't blame her. Dealing with students all day must be tough.

    “Jeff Flays,” Jeff replied. The woman’s expression changed from boredom to complete shock.

    “You’re the boy who my little Whitney said stole her bra at Bryce’s pool party last week!” She recalled with a loud voice.

    “I…I don’t know what you’re talking about ma’am,” Jeff said starting to step back. Mike couldn’t help but laugh. That bra made a fun catapult to launch water balloons at Jeff’s neighbors, that is until it snapped one day and backfired on them.

    “I’ll be watching you son. Please read the letters in the lenses of this,” She said sternly while handing Jeff the same contraption she handed Amanda.

    "Um, E, H, 4, 676…bra," Jeff began. The woman stared at him blatantly.

    "Son, they are all letters…" she replied. Jeff rolled his eyes and pulled away from the machine.

    “Well I left my bra…I mean contacts at home!” he yelled. “And what’s with the third degree?”

    “I’m just going to speed this up and say you passed. We’re moving to the reaction test. Place your eyes back into the goggles sir,” the woman said growing rather impatient.

    Jeff did as told. He waited patiently as the woman played with some buttons. The area around Jeff’s eyes lit up with a white flash but Jeff didn’t react. The woman looked around to her colleagues and then back to the lanky teen.

    “Woah!” Jeff yelled around ten second after the flash. He pulled back squinting. “That was bright!”

    “He has the reaction time of a Slowpoke…” the lady said out loud placing a hand to her forehead.

    “Maria this has gone on long enough! Just let the kid through. I doubt he’ll pass anyways. He’s holding up the line,” the man to the left of the woman requested.

    “Move along,” Maria said dispassionately. Jeff smiled and walked towards the right.

    Amanda nodded in appreciation to the person that handed her a Pokedex. The small light blue contraption would be the key to understanding the different types of Pokemon. The teen then moved on to another desk that held many slots that each held an aqua blue Pokeball in place.

    “Make sure the one you pick up is your gut’s best choice. This Pokemon will be your companion the whole time you are in school.” The blonde lady behind the desk explained.

    While waiting in line for his Pokedex, Mike watched her pick one of the Pokeballs. Amanda grabbed the one closest to her.

    "Ahh, now let's see what you have there," The instructor enthusiastically said. Amanda threw the Pokeball onto the ground allowing it to go form a slight bounce to an all out roll on the padded floor. In a flash of red light, the ball opened to reveal Amanda's beginner Pokemon.

    "Ralts!" The tiny creature cried as it placed its hand on its helmeted head.

    "Ahh, great choice miss. Let me record your Pokemon. By the way, it's called Ralts and it's a psychic type!" The woman added in. Amanda stared at it for some time, and then bent down to meet face to face with it. The Pokemon smiled and waddled towards her.

    "It's cute!" She said and picked it up. She then pulled out her Pokedex and scanned the little creature.

    "Ralts; the feeling Pokemon. Ralts senses the emotions of people using the horns on its head. This Pokemon rarely appears before people. But when it does, it draws closer if it senses that the person has a positive disposition…" The Pokedex uttered.

    Mike walked up to her after getting his Pokedex. "Wow, you must have a very positive disposition. Ralts really likes you!" He smiled happily. Amanda nodded.

    "Pick your Pokemon Mike! I can't wait to see what you get!" She happily said.

    Mike walked up to the table to find many Pokeballs. All of them looked the same, and his choice now determined his best pal for the rest of his life. After scanning for some time, Mike decided to go with the one farthest to the left. He really wanted the right side, but he read somewhere that it's best to go with the opposite direction in times of uncertainty. He picked the Pokeball up and casually threw it down. Like Amanda's, it erupted in a fountain of red after hitting the ground.

    There stood Mike's first Pokemon.

    "Tttttrike!" it growled happily. The green-haired Pokemon shook its broad head and barked as it opened its eyes. It resembled a small reptilian dog, one in which static constantly ran along its fur.

    "Ha, you got Electrike! It's an electric Pokemon!" The instructor commented. Mike leaned down as Electrike sniffed at his heel. He petted the furry back of the cute Pokemon, and then took out his Pokedex.

    "Electrike; the lightning Pokemon. Electrike stores electricity in its long body hair. This Pokemon stimulates its leg muscles with electrical charges. These jolts of power give its legs explosive acceleration performance." The Pokedex marked.

    "Wow, you got Speedy Gonzalez!" Jeff said as he approached.

    "And Amanda, you got…a helmet head!" Jeff laughed.

    "Shut up and pick your Pokemon!" Amanda snarled.

    Jeff walked towards the desk and clumsily picked a ball. "Here comes my dark type!" He grinned and threw the ball. In an stream of red, a small circle formed.

    "dot dot dot!" The Seedot said as it happily leaped up and down. This Pokemon looked exactly like an acorn with eyes and feet.

    "Cutey!" Amanda grinned.

    "It's pretty cool!" Mike laughed. He then saw Jeff drop the Pokeball; his mouth wide in shock.

    "No…dark….type!" were his first words in moments. They were so silent it was hardly audible.

    "NO DARK TYPE!" This however, was loud and heard throughout the school. Seedot waddled up to Jeff and rubbed against his leg. It then proceeded to roll around on the ground.

    "Keep it down sir! That's a Seedot you got there right? Don't worry; its evolved forms will be part dark. You'll get your dark type eventually!" The instructor informed him. Jeff stared down at the rolling acorn again. He then picked it up.

    "So you become a big scary dark type, huh?" He asked it. The Pokemon grinned. Jeff then pulled out his Pokedex to learn more.

    " Seedot; the acorn Pokemon. Seedot attaches itself to branches using the top part of its head. It sucks moisture from the tree while hanging off the branch. The more water it drinks, the glossier this Pokemon's body becomes."

    "Great, if I give you water, you can become a lamp!" Jeff shouted. The Seedot just happily smiled at him.

    "Let's go Jeff; we have to check out our dorm!" Mike shouted. Jeff turned the Seedot upside down and inspected it from all sides.

    “I hope we don‘t run into any squirrels on the way,” He said sarcastically.

    The three headed down the long twisting hallways with their new Pokemon in hand. Ralts seemed to really enjoy Amanda's company, but stayed clear of Jeff.

    "Even Ralts can sense you have a rather negative disposition!" Amanda laughed as the group proceeded forward passing many window-filled walls that gave them a view of the outside complex they saw earlier. They even passed a pizza place in an open area of the hall. Jeff was busily seeing how high Seedot could go. He threw it up into the air and caught it as it descended. Electrike and Mike got off to a good start. The Pokemon was really energetic, and after some time, Mike put it down so it could run off some energy.

    The group opened a door that led outside. They had entered a recreational area with tennis courts and other assorted sports arenas. The next part of the dorm hallway was on the other end. It was a beautiful day outside as the sun shone down, so they decided to stop at the picnic tables to the side. Mike looked around a bit as Electrike investigated some nearby bushes.

    "Hey Mike, it's your brother!" Amanda pointed to one of the tennis courts. There he was, playing tennis with his friend Kevin. The two were exact opposites in looks. While Matt displayed a body perfect for sport playing, Kevin was a gimpy kid with dirty blonde hair and clothing that always sported punk bands. To the side of Matt was a small blue crocodile known as a Totodile. It slashed as the tennis ball came over the net and sent it back to a Houndour that was also playing.

    "Your brother is actually playing doubles with a Pokemon?" Jeff asked. He then added in about how much he liked Houndour.

    The three stood up and Mike motioned to Matt. "Get lost! I'm busy!" He stammered and hit the ball back over the net.

    "Wow, an idiot as usual!" Amanda replied. Ralts didn't like him either, and it should it by folding its arms. Mike looked down at Electrike, who was chasing a small butterfly around. It saw him and ran up to his feet. Mike picked it up and the three began to head off.

    Mike and his brother had never been really close. They were opposites. While Matt was the sport loving, arrogant, and cocky person; Mike was the adventurous, friend loving, and down to Earth one. He wasn’t sure why, but Mike noticed that another thing seemed to keep the two apart; family issues that had been left unsaid. Mike knew there was something out of place, but he never had the heart to ask.

    The three teens made it down the hallway to find Dormitory Court 77, the round room to the side that housed their dorms. There were three people to a room, and Mike was shocked to learn that they allowed coed living. Jeff unlocked the leftmost dorm and opened the door. Inside was a small living room with a 13” TV and a couch. To the left was a cramped room with a bunk bed and another room on the right that held a small single person bed.

    “I got dibs on the small bed!“ Amanda shouted rushing towards the room.

    “I’ll take the bottom bunk then.” Mike stated and saddled his pack.

    “Oh no, I’m not taking the top bunk. Remember last time we used bunk beds and I was on top?” Jeff replied folding his arms. Mike remembered back to summer camp; the instance Jeff was referring to. He recalled being woken up every few hours by a crash and finding Jeff lying face down on the floor with the covers of the top bunk spilling over and the wood of the ground splintered slightly.

    “Get over it. You get top.” Mike grinned and continued forward. Jeff whined for a few more moments before following.

    Electrike, who was waiting just outside the door when the teens walked in, instantly bolted into the room barking curiously. It investigated every nook and cranny before happily sitting down in the middle of the room; its small tongue hanging out as it panted. Seedot rolled inside twisting and turning into Amanda’s room. It smashed against her night stand and blinked a bit.

    Amanda kneeled by her bedside and set Ralts on the bed. As she began to unpack her things, the Pokemon leaped off and waddled toward Seedot, its ghostly bottom dragging behind it. The two Pokemon smiled and began to play.

    Jeff threw his stuff onto the top bunk and then turned to Mike.

    "You guys hungry? I think I'll pick us up a pizza at that pizza place we saw on the way to the dorms."

    Mike nodded and turned to see Amanda had entered the room.

    “A pizza sounds fine,” Amanda grinned. Jeff walked into the living room and saw his Pokemon leaping about with Ralts. He quickly picked it up; causing Ralts to frown.

    “What are you crying about whitey?” He asked before turning and heading out of the dorm. Ralts sulked some more.

    "I think he likes Seedot." Mike laughed.

    "Probably!" Amanda added. Electrike leaped onto Mike's bed and peered into the suitcase. Mike grabbed his Pokeball clock and placed it on the shelf. Electrike yelped and grabbed a bandana that Mike had inside his pack. It then leapt of the bed and ran around the room. Mike smirked and walked towards the Pokemon. He found it quite hard to keep up with the little Pokemon, and knew he would have the advantage of speed in battle. It was amusing to see it run rings around the room trying to find a path out. It finally leapt towards the door making its grand escape.

    “It’s a good strategy maker.” Mike said grinning.

    Amanda walked from Mike’s room and found her Pokemon sulking in the corner.

    “Oh, Ralts! Did Jeff hurt you?” She asked walking over and consoling her Pokemon. She pulled a purple ball from her pocket and handed it to the Pokemon.

    The Pokemon was very emotional, and Mike could tell it was the perfect Pokemon for Amanda.
    He then looked down at his and laughed. Electrike was good too, and he knew they would be best friends. A few minutes later, Jeff reentered with the pizza and the six inhabitants enjoyed the cheesy goodness.

    There was a knock on the door and Mike answered it to find a student instructor.

    “Is this the dorm of Mike Strateri, Amanda Belicina, and Jeff Flays?” He inquired pulling up his glasses with his index finger.

    “Yes…” Mike responded. The nerdy teen hoisted up a large amount of school books and shoved them in Mike’s hands.

    “These are your class books. Sort them out and attend your introductory class sessions at five.” He instructed. Mike took a glance at the clock on their wall to see it was 4:45.

    “Thanks,” he told the teen and shut the door.

    After separating their text books, the group left the dorm to get to their classes. Mike was enrolled in the Pokemon League Preparation Class. After all, he was the one collecting the badges, and he needed to know the basics. Amanda was in the Pokemon Contest Class, as it was her grand desire to compete in contests. As for Jeff, he was in Dark Trainer Strategies. He was so set on getting a dark type as his beginner that he signed up for it without thinking.

    “Movie after class?” Mike asked as they split in different directions in the hall.

    “Sure thing,” Amanda responded and Jeff nodded.

    Mike's class was surprisingly interesting. His teacher, Mr. Straglin, was a short man with spiky brown hair and a leading expert in Pokemon battles. His prized battler was a very powerful Hariyama, a sumo-like fighting type with bulbous thighs and huge hands. The professor explained the basics of the class, and informed the students that each trainer would have to pass a battle test with him at the end of the month in order to pass. They didn't necessarily have to win, but must demonstrate that they indeed paid attention and learned how to battle with a right mind.

    As for Amanda; her class was a blast as well. Her teacher was a middle aged woman with blonde hair and a thin figure named Ms. Applebee. She was a kind woman and an expert in Pokemon Contests. Her star Pokemon was a Roselia, a pint-sized biped creature with womanly features and roses for hands. Amanda would have to have a contest battle with it at the end of the month. That was the only thing she didn't look forward too.

    Jeff got stuck with Mr. Farken, the plump, balding, and irrational man with the big forehead. He was known as the meanest teacher in the school. Jeff was assigned a lot of homework on the first day, and dreaded returning the next. He also had to actually beat Mr. Farken's Crawdaunt, a crustacean Pokemon with huge pincers and a star on its forehead, in order to pass; something he didn't expect to do.

    The month was going to be tough, but when it was over, each of them would be able to head off into the world as Pokemon trainers!

    Next Chapter- A Month Goes By! The Final Test!
    Summary of Mike and co's month at Pokemon Tech and each of their final tests!
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    Yeah, this is back. I can't wait until we get back to where we were, this story was really great. Not only has it been a great read, but it has been a great inspiration for some of my writing, and for that I thank you.

    Back on topic, I'm glad about these chapters, it had improved from what I remember of the old ones. Although, I don't seem to remember them being in school. *Thinks* I probablly just forgot the start, I'm not that good with memory.

  11. IceKing

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    Oh, that sucks. Just wondering, what were you planning on doing for the end of the fic. Was Jeff goign to end up getting eaten by a giant Wailord?

    This chapter was wonderful and hilarious especially when Jeff got his test for the PokeDex. I almost forgot Jeff was the inspiration for one of my charachters. Description was good I could easily imagine what every1 and everythign looked like and your style kept me reading to the end as usual. Too bad this fic wont be advancing anymore, but all good thigns must come to an end I suppose.
  12. indigestible_wad

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    Well, that chapter was interesting. It sort of picked up halfway through. It seems like the story is starting to come along quite nicely. NOt as well as your other stories, but it's starting to speed up.
  13. GoldenNoctowl77

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    Actually, if you continued reading you would of read that I am finishing the fic. You will see the end. I don't like Pokemon that much anymore, but I owe it to everyone to write to the end.
  14. GoldenNoctowl77

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    I had time to write the remake of Chapter 3, so without further ado, here is is :)

    Chapter 3: A Month Goes By! The Final Test!

    "Electrike, try a quick attack!" Mike shouted as his Pokemon ran full blast at a small blue muscular Pokemon across the field. Static ran down Electrike’s legs as it gained speed. The crested opponent flexed its arm muscles as it prepared for the strike.

    "Machop, dodge and use karate chop!" Mike’s opponent, a fellow student named Phil commanded. Machop dove out of the way, curled in a ball and rolling to the side. However, its speed was no where near Electrike‘s.

    "Electrike, use spark before it can recover!" Mike followed up. Electrike let out a growl as static bolts surged over its furry body. The hairs on its back stood up and the Pokemon let out a large ball of electricity. Machop broke from its roll and turned to face its opponent, but was hit hard by the attack. The Pokemon let out a cry as its body was filled with electricity that it shouldn’t contain.

    “Machop, use endure!” Phil demanded. The Pokemon clenched its fists and opened one eye, glaring at the electrifying Pokemon from across the field. Machop then pulled its hands outward catching the electricity on them and flinging it away. It panted heavily but still looked ready for more.

    “Mach punch!” Phil roared. His Pokemon instantly leapt towards its foe. Electrike yelped as its opponent’s hand smashed into its face. The strike was so sudden that even the speedy Electrike could not react in time.

    Mike had to think of something else. An electrical strike would just be countered again. He looked around the battlefield. It was one of the many that littered the grounds of the outdoor arena of the school. There were a few oak trees to his left and the rest of his class to the right. If he didn’t come up with a plan, this battle could be over.

    “Electrike, quick attack one more time!” He yelled.

    “Counter it Machop!” Phil responded, his long black hair falling over his face and his green eyes fixed on the opponent. The two Pokemon ran towards each other; Electrike was faster but Machop held its hands in a cup-like fashion ready to snag the speedy Pokemon.

    “Jump!” Mike ordered when Electrike neared Machop. In a burst of static, his Pokemon flung into the air and landed behind Machop. Both Phil and Machop were caught off guard, giving Mike his chance.

    “Tackle it!” was the words that came out. Electrike did as ordered, leaping into Machop and pushing it straight in its ribs. Machop let out a gasping cough and fell back. It was dazed and seemed to have got the wind knocked out of it. It a matter of moments, the Pokemon slumped to the ground unable to battle.

    "We have our winner!" Mr. Straglin announced jumping up from the sidelines and placing his hands in a y formation. Electrike growled happily, and then turned and leapt into Mike's arms.

    "Ha-ha Great job buddy!" Mike laughed petting his electrified friend‘s head. The month was almost over and Mike had learned so much. Electrike had gotten stronger everyday from all the practice battles Mr. Straglin made the class have. Mike was not the best student, but he won a fair share of the matches he had, twelve out of twenty to be exact. Mr. Straglin had said many times before that he admired the boy’s bond with his Pokemon.

    It was the day before the last day of class, and tomorrow Mike would have to face his greatest opponent yet, Mr. Straglin and his bulbous Hariyama. It was something he had been looking forward to. Not many students ever had the pleasure of defeating Straglin, but he hoped to be one of the few.

    The students returned to their seats as Mr. Straglin began to explain what would take place for the next day.

    "Tomorrow you will be taking your final exams. As you all know, the written portion will consist of fifty multiple choice questions on the basics of Pokemon battling. Following this is a one on one match against myself. I will be using Hariyama for everyone, so you may plan accordingly.” At this statement a few of the trainers seemed a bit nervous. Mike knew why, these trainers received beginners that were weak to fighting types, and they didn’t have the confidence to put up a fight against a powerful opponent when at a disadvantage.

    “Though I don't expect any of you to win, as only a few students have ever done that, I do expect you to show the skills necessary to become a trainer. It will be a one on one match with no time limit. We will have it outside on the rock battlefield near the west wing of the school. Any questions?” No one spoke up. “Well that's all for today, good luck tomorrow and don‘t be late!" With that, the students stood up from the sandy ground and started towards the complex. Mike recalled Electrike to its Pokeball and followed them as well.

    “Nice match! You really put up a fight.” He said as Phil joined him.

    “Thanks, you were awesome man. Show me something like that tomorrow with Mr. Straglin!” Phil replied before running to catch up with the others.

    “Mr. Strateri, wait a moment.” Mr. Straglin yelled rushing to catch up with his student. Mike enjoyed his conversations with his teacher. The man was only about 12 years his senior and knew how to advise without coming off too superior. In the past month he had really become Mike’s mentor.

    “That was some battle you put up there. I can see you are adapting to your situations, molding them to fit your will to win.” The man said smiling.

    “Thank you Mr. Straglin.” Mike replied.

    “I can see you’re becoming one of the best students I ever had. You share a remarkable bond with your Pokemon and also demonstrate the skills needed to win. I suggest that after you leave this school you head to the Hoenn region. It’s a challenging road but I think you’ll do well.” Straglin explained.

    “Thanks for the advise.” Mike remarked. Mr. Straglin placed his hand on Mike’s shoulder and stopped him.

    “Just try not to get too overconfident. I’ve seen trainers like you turn their thoughts into delusions of grandeur. You may be gifted, but you’re not unbeatable. The important thing is to give it your all and not give in when you lose, just retry when you’re ready.” with that, Mr. Straglin smiled and walked ahead of Mike.

    Amanda was waiting just inside the doorway. Mike saw her beautiful blue eyes through the tinted glass as he walked forward. Her face lit up when she saw him. There was a bond between the two that Mike couldn‘t explain. It was as if no matter how hard times got, they always brightened up when around each other.

    "How'd it go?" She asked curiously just as he walked through the door.

    "Another win for the Pokemon Master!" Mike laughed juggling Electrike‘s Pokeball in his hand.

    "That's awesome!" Amanda replied filled with excitement.

    "So where's Jeff?" Mike inquired changing the subject.

    "After class studying; Mr. Farken has been working his butt off. There's no way Jeff will beat him tomorrow." Amanda answered.

    "My match should be over before his starts tomorrow. I hope I can make it in time to watch it." Mike replied. “Want to head to the park for a little bit? We can take a rest under the trees to relax before cramming in the studying tonight.” he then asked.

    “Sure,” Amanda replied following her friend.

    The two headed outside the main doors and scuttled down the stairs towards the trees. Students loved this place and saw it as a way to put all their troubles to rest. Amanda laid her back against the bark of an oak tree and smiled as Mike sat Indian style in the shady grass next to her.

    “This is relaxing.” she said as if surprised. Mike couldn’t help but stare at her. She was perfect in every way, but it was an attachment that he didn’t know if he should overstep. They had been friends for ages, and Mike knew how hard it was to maintain ties if a break up occurred. He didn’t want to lose her, so he had to hide his feelings.

    “Mr. Farkin can go fark himself!” they heard someone scream and turned to see an exhausted Jeff holding Seedot in his hands. He stuck the Pokemon on the branch above them. It swayed a bit, and then happily stayed.

    “Why hello Jeffrey!” Amanda giggled trying to sound elderly.

    Across the park a small battle was going on between a boy and a girl student. The girl's Bellsprout put up a tough fight using barrages of razor leaves, but it was no match for the other trainer's Numel. The carefree Pokemon launched embers from its hump as the weed Pokemon tried desperately to dodge.

    “So, what are you guys planning on doing after we leave Pokemon Tech?” Mike asked fiddling his fingers. He hoped that they would stay together in their travels, but he couldn’t stop them if they decided against it.

    “Well I’m planning on becoming a mercenary so I can come back and kill Mr. Farkin.” Jeff remarked with the most serious tone he could.

    “What are you doing Mike?” Amanda inquired him.

    “Well, I was thinking of heading off to the Hoenn region. It’s the closest one to here and I heard it’s challenging.” he replied.

    “Hoenn has the most famous Pokemon Contests in the world. It would be cool if we could travel there together.” Amanda commented not wanting to sound too obvious.

    “That would be great.” Mike grinned back and leaned up.

    “Hoenn sounds too Japanese for me,” Jeff said standing. “but if you *****es are going there I might as well join you just to liven up the experience.”

    “It’s settled then. When we pass…or if we pass,” Mike said turning to Jeff and winking, “we’ll head to the Hoenn region together.” He then placed his hand up in-between the others who grabbed it as a pact.

    It was getting late and they knew it was almost time to go. “Well, good luck tomorrow guys.” Mike said. The other two said the same and the group then headed back to their dorm.


    Mike yawned as he looked over his textbook at his desk. It was 2:30 in the morning but he wasn’t ready to sleep yet. He wanted to make sure he knew everything, every trick that he could to overpower Mr. Straglin. It wasn’t about the glory of winning, it was about showing his mentor that he had what it takes. He would show Mr. Straglin that Hoenn was about to be dominated…

    Mike was already up when Amanda opened her eyes. He was dressed and ready, doing some morning exercises. He and Electrike were practicing attacks and seemed to be doing quite well.

    "Sorry I can't watch your battle today Mike." Amanda said tiredly to her friend.

    "No problem, you have your contest to worry about!" Mike replied. Amanda stood up and pulled her Pokeball from the night stand nearby. In a flash of red light, she released her Pokemon.

    "Ralts!" It cried out and leapt into her arms.

    "Ralts and I will do fine." She laughed as she cradled it. Mike gave her a thumbs up then headed out the door. Amanda walked out of her room and headed towards the other. She looked at the top bunk to see Jeff was still sleeping. She laughed to herself, and then snuck up to him. With a quick jerk, Jeff found himself on the floor. Amanda laughed hysterically next to him.

    After taking the written portion in the classroom with a junior instructor in charge, Mike made it too the rock field to see Straglin and Hariyama fighting Phil and his Machop. Machop was blown back by a crushing arm thrust that took the tiny muscled Pokemon out in one hit. Mike could now see it was going to be a difficult match. Mr. Straglin motioned to him

    "You want to be next Mike?" He grinned. Mike nodded and the two took their sides of the field. Mike threw his Pokeball to reveal Electrike.

    "Triiike!" It happily growled.

    "Time to see if this class paid off for you!" Mr. Straglin laughed. Mike nodded and looked down at his Pokemon. Static ran along its back and it looked prepped for battle.

    The battle began with a charge from Hariyama. "HARI!" It roared as it blundered toward Electrike.

    “Electrike, use quick attack!" Mike shouted. The Pokemon ran underneath Hariyama, and then jumped back. It connected with Hariyama's thigh and bounced off.

    "Hariyama's big bulk won't be outdone by that Mike!" Mr. Straglin commented. He then ordered a mega punch. Hariyama glared at Electrike and then wound up its arm for the attack. Electrike stood its ground, and then dodged as the hand smashed down where it stood.

    "Great job Mike! You're really using Electrike's speed to your advantage!" Mr. Straglin commented. Electrike turned to face Hariyama, who had its back to it.

    "Use spark!" Mike yelled. Electrike nodded and released the ball of electricity. It struck Hariyama hard, sending it back a few feet.

    "Hariyama, counter with arm thrust!" Mr. Straglin ordered. Hariyama brushed off the attack, and then bounded towards Electrike. Electrike dodged again, but Hariyama did a swinging thrust that hit it hard. It sailed through the air and landed with a hard thud several feet away. Mike looked worried, but Electrike slowly got up. "Hariyama, double edge!" The teacher yelled. Sweat was now dripping down his face. He had rarely been outdone by a student, and he wanted to keep his loss count down.

    Hariyama thundered toward Electrike, who let off a massive spark. It struck Hariyama hard but the Pokemon kept lumbering toward the small creature.

    “Dodge!” Mike roared over the sound of Hariyama’s feet. Electrike went for the between the legs routine again, but Straglin was ready.

    “Sit Hariyama!” He grinned. Hariyama released its feet from the ground and fell down on top of the dodging Electrike.

    “There are other ways to attack.” Mr. Straglin grinned. Mike heard his Pokemon yelping from below the bottom of the massive sumo Pokemon. He seemed a bit worried, but that expression changed and he grinned at Straglin.

    “I wonder how your Pokemon will take shock therapy to its ***.” he said with a laugh. Electricity began to cackle around the ground under Hariyama. The Pokemon’s eyes widened and it leapt up, sparking furiously. Electrike shook its head and then stood up. Hariyama landed hard on the ground nearby, smashing the rock of the field.

    “Impressive. Hariyama rock smash!” Straglin commanded. Hariyama looked at a large boulder nearby and hit it hard with its bulky hand, sending shrapnel of stone towards Electrike. The Pokemon began to dodge, shocking a few of the rocks as it leapt toward Hariyama.

    “Quick attack!” Mike ordered. Electrike rammed its head into the body of Hariyama, but only bounced off of the fat. It yelped and landed hard on the ground as Hariyama got to its feet.

    “Double edge!” Straglin ordered. Hariyama blundered towards its opponent once more. Electrike was on its feet and sending another spark to counter. The attack collided but Hariyama continued to come. The Pokemon smashed into Electrike and sent it sprawling. It landed hard and this time did not get up. Hariyama breathed heavily and then fell back from the recoil of its own attack. Neither Pokemon moved a muscle.

    "It was a draw…" Mr. Straglin whispered. Mike picked up Electrike and congratulated it.

    "Nice job buddy…" He said. He didn’t win, but a tie with Mr. Straglin, his mentor and friend, was just as good. Mr. Straglin approached him.

    "It was a pleasure battling an opponent like you." he grinned and shook Mike‘s hand. “Who wants to follow that one?” he then asked the class smiling.


    Meanwhile, Amanda was in the middle of her Pokemon Contest. After four rounds of showing off attacks in a match against Ms. Applebee's Roselia, she only had one round to go. Ralts was raring for more, and Ms. Applebee herself said it shows off its smartness well. Amanda had used calm mind last turn, and from all her studies she knew what to follow up on.

    "Ralts, show them how smart you are with confusion!" She screamed. Ralts let off the attack and it blasted into Roselia.

    "Very good Amanda. That was a nice combo move. Calm mind plus confusion scores you extra points!" Ms. Applebee grinned. The match ended. Amanda hugged her smart little Ralts as Ms. Applebee congratulated her.

    After her display and passing, Amanda met up with Mike in the hallway.

    "I did awesome Mike. It was a wonderful event!" She said hugging him.

    "I wish I could've been there to cheer you on. Mr. Straglin and I tied." He replied. Amanda was impressed. The two continued down the hall to the shadow room. Jeff would be sure to be having his match in there.

    They stepped in quietly to find Jeff and Mr. Farken had just started their battle on a dark theater-like stage. Seedot rushed in for a tackle, but Crawdaunt just dodged.

    "If Jeff looses this he fails." Mike said. Amanda nodded nervously. Seedot recovered quickly and dodged a crab hammer from the giant lobster.

    "Seedot, use leech seed!" Jeff yelled. The little acorn closed its eyes and a little seed appeared on its head. The seed launched itself and connected with Crawdaunt. Vines spread around it and sucked a lot of its energy away. Mr. Farken was starting to sweat.

    "Crawdaunt, chop the vines off with vice grip!" He ordered. The vines were torn away by the Pokemon‘s massive claws, but Crawdaunt was now breathing heavily.

    "Ugh, use crunch Crawdaunt!" The teacher ordered. Crawdaunt lunged for Seedot, but the little Pokemon fell on its side and rolled away.

    "Use leech seed again, then bide!" Jeff remarked. Seedot sprayed another seed into the air. It connected again and Crawdaunt struggled to get it off. Crawdaunt lunged forward, smashing Seedot away with a crunch and then toppling over. Seedot flew into the air, but managed to let off its bide. Red energy struck the fallen lobster which winced in pain. Both Pokemon were now exhausted. Crawdaunt’s energy was still draining. It was in a bad position to fight.

    Suddenly, a white towel flew into the ring and landed softly in front of Crawdaunt. Jeff looked up to see Mr. Farken grinning. "I know when my Pokemon can't go on." He whispered. "You pass!"


    Graduation was held in the front park of the school the next day. Each trainer was called to the stage to receive their official licensed trainer cards. Mike saw Matt and his friend Kevin had both passed, and he was sure he would be seeing them throughout his journey.

    "Now that you head out on your own adventures, remember what you have learned at Pokemon Tech. I hope to see each and every one of you come back here as champions!" The principal yelled. The students all threw their caps into the air and cheered excitedly.

    After a short celebration, Mike, Amanda, and Jeff walked outside of the gates with packs in hand. Their Pokemon waddled along at their feet.

    “Well, we better start off for Hoenn. We have a lot more to learn.” Mike said turning to his friends. With a nod they began to walk into the sunrise for a new adventure.

    Next Chapter- A New Challenge! The Hoenn League
    Mike and friends meet Prof. Birch and start their Hoenn adventure.
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    Okay...one review, coming up!

    Description: WOW!!!! This doesn't make me feel like I'm watching a movie, I AM watching a movie!
    Characters: Very impressive cast! Each one has their moments, but Jeff kinda makes me want to giggle
    Plot: I can't wait to see what adventures you have planned for our heroes!

    Anything else?: I did spot a few spelling errors, but I'll let that go. I also can't wait to see the famous pineapple scene

    Rating: ;026;

    Is it any wonder you're one of SPP's best writers?
  16. mindripper

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    Nice story so far! With some errors though, mostly punctuation and wrong word usage. Nice way to make a catapult!! :)
  17. Very good, but there are some errors though, mostly with comma placements and missing commas, and once in awhile there are a few spelling errors. It's not very original, but it has its strong points, I'm very keen to see what you have in stock!
  18. indigestible_wad

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    I was expecting Mike to win, but I wanted him to lose. If he had won he would've been too much of a gary stu. Mike and amanda are both very cheerful and whatnot, which makes them very easy to turn into those perfect, goody-goody, unloveable characters. I hope you know what you're doing with them.

    Jeff, on the other hand, adds comic relief, something that keeps the story from becoming far too comon. Hopefully you'll be able to keep him a tad whiny and sarcastic throughout the whole story.
  19. GoldenNoctowl77

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    Well, continuing with my remakre chapters, here is chapter 4; about 85% retyped. I added a lot of Jeff humor as he was almost not existent in this one. Also, this is pretty much the most unoriginal chapter, but give the fic a chance please. I'd say the first 10 chapters are unoriginal and then you'll see the true potential the fic has. After all, it was 55 chapters in with a constant set of readers before the pruning.

    Chapter 4: A New Challenge! The Hoenn League!

    Mike and his friends were now hiking through a dark forest road on their way to Hoenn. It had been a day‘s journey and the three were beginning to grow weary.

    "Can't we stop and rest for just a second?" Jeff moaned, practically having to drag his feet along the dirty path. Mike sighed and looked down at Electrike. The Pokemon didn't seem to mind the hike at all. It was just as energetic as the moment they set off. The electric Pokemon ran a few feet ahead and turned around growling happily. It waited for the rest of the group to catch up, and then proceeded to do it again.

    "Amanda, how close does it say we are?" Mike asked turning to his friend. Amanda, wanting any excuse to take a break, used this moment to stop walking and kneeled down to search through her sack. After some time, she pulled a large map from it and spread it across the ground.

    "Probably a ten minute walk from here." she grinned looking up at the other two.

    "A Whole ten minutes? Dude, let me just die right here and you can drag me the rest of the way!" Jeff growled.

    “Or we could leave your carcass rotting here and continue on without it. That would be far more amusing.” Amanda replied smiling evilly as she packed away the map.

    Mike had to admit he was growing tried, but he really didn‘t mind the hike that much. It was great exercise and the fresh air was wonderful. He took the time to look up into the canopy of the towering trees above, noticing a few Pidgeys that flew from branch to branch. The nervous birds looked down on them with curiosity.

    "Just wait till I get to Hoenn, then I'll start catching some." he thought to himself. The group hiked through this terrain for about another hour before the trees finally began to fade into the distance behind them. Mike then found himself in a much nicer climate that reminded him of home. They were at a large beach that bordered a huge blue ocean. In fact, Bayside City connected with this same one, making Mike feel right at home. The trees here consisted of a few palms which was a new sight from the towering deciduous plants they were just traveling through. The group headed up the beach and onto the boardwalk that led into the city.

    "Here we are, Little Root Town!" Amanda smirked pointing ahead.

    The three stared at this beautiful town. Above them the quaint calls of Wingulls filled the heated sky. Their squawks echoed giving Mike the notion that this was a very peaceful place. He and his friends continued on for a few yards where they entered the actual town. It seemed more like a neighborhood; no Pokemon Center and only a few stores. The buildings were all old and small with wooden signs and antique decorative items. They seemed untouched by a lot of the modern world.

    The group pushed into the city passing by many of the townsfolk as they went.

    “We should really stop for lunch.” Mike commented pointing to a small diner at the end of the street.

    “Oh no. I’ve heard about tiny diners before. They lure you in with their promises of good homemade food and low prices and then when you least expect it…BAM! You’ve contracted AIDS. It was all over the news.” Jeff said stopping in his tracks. Amanda and Mike turned around and eyed him strangely.

    “Jeff, that was a money saver’s special report on which small diners are the best for businessmen to take their aids for lunch at.” Amanda said recalling the show that Jeff mentioned.

    Jeff tilted his head and peered in between his friends. An old woman was sweeping the front sidewalk in front of the diner. She noticed he was looking at her and waved politely.

    “I don’t trust her. She has AIDS written all over her.” Jeff said pointing her out to his friends. The others sighed and continued to the diner. Jeff slowly followed with his eyes on alert.


    "Do you guys have any idea how we sign up for this league?" Amanda asked sitting at a large booth while feeding Ralts.

    "Bah, didn't even think about that." Mike sighed.

    "There is a professor in this town! He could probably help us." Jeff suggested.

    “How do you know?” Mike asked his friend with a curious smile.

    “The news. It was talking about how he got AIDS and it helped him in studying Pokemon.” Jeff replied leaning back.

    “I am traveling with a complete moron…” Amanda said wide-eyed at Jeff.

    "Right, we'll walk up to a complete stranger's lab and demand he help us." Mike laughed sarcastically.

    “But after lunch.” Amanda grinned back.

    When the group had finished eating lunch, they left the diner and continued on. They walked outside the comfort of the town and traveled on the road looking out at the miles of beach coastline.

    “If I remember correctly, the diseased professor’s lab is about two miles west of the main town.” Jeff said thinking as hard as he could.

    The three walked along the road for a half hour with Jeff complaining the whole way. While the right side of the road contained massive sandy shorelines, the left side was a thick forest. It was like looking at two different ecosystems at once.

    Suddenly, Electrike began to get jumpy and barked. It raced full speed into the darkness of the forest in a matter of moments.

    "Electrike, come back!" Mike shouted and sped after it. It was very hard to keep up with the tiny sprinting Pokemon, but Mike began to hear faint cries of help in the distance, knowing that Electrike must have been alerted to it.

    Electrike growled as they entered a clearing in the forest and saw the scene. An over sized man with brown hair in some khaki shorts and a lab coat was hanging on the branch of a tree. Down below a pack of small wolf-like puppies known as Poochyenas growled fiercely.

    "Help me!" the man pleaded.

    Jeff and Amanda caught up to Mike with their Pokemon in hands. “Woah, a fat man in a tree. Now I’ve seen everything.” Jeff commented.

    "Electrike use spark!" Mike yelled pointing at the Poochyenas. The electric Pokemon shot out a bolt of lightning at the relentless pack, which yelped in surprise. They backed away and growled towards the group.

    "Seedot, use explosion!" Jeff yelled not wanting to be left out. The little Pokemon grinned happily, and then stared at him confusedly.

    "Yeah, let's wait till Seedot gets to level forty-three before we say that." Amanda said laughing and setting down her Pokemon. "Ralts, use growl!". Ralts let out a low and painful moan which caused the pack of Poochyena to yelp. They staggered back and then the lead one began to run into the forest. The rest of the pack howled and followed the leader.

    With the threat gone, the man leapt from the branch and crashed down hard on the ground below. Mike walked over and helped him up and he thanked them all.

    "The name is Professor Birch." he grinned and shook Mike’s hand.

    "Wait a minute, you’re the Professor Jeff was talking about? And I was starting to doubt about my friend‘s mind!" Mike commented.

    "Ha, well doubt it not. I‘m as real as they come." Birch gave a low laugh. "Those are some great Pokemon you have there. Let me guess; Pokemon Tech graduates?" he asked.

    "Yep, that's us!" Amanda replied.

    "Well now, accompany me to my lab heroes and we'll talk further." The professor grinned.

    “Oh no! I said we would ask for your help, not spend the day with you. I heard on the news that you have AIDS. It could be contagious!” Jeff said backing away. “Seedot, get away from him before he contaminates you!” His tiny acorn Pokemon’s eyes widened and it fell to its side, spinning furiously back to its master.

    “I beg your pardon, but I believe the report you are referring to was the one in which my new helping aids and I showed the audience my many theoretical studies.” Birch laughed. “And besides, if I did have AIDS, it isn’t a contagious disease…unless we engaged in swapping bodily fluids of some kind.”

    “Are you coming on to me?” Jeff said with shocked eyes.

    “I’m beginning to see why you doubted your friend’s sanity.” Birch remarked tuning to Mike.

    After calming Jeff down, the three followed Birch through a small trail through the forest. It was obviously made by Birch himself as he knew every twist and turn and even stopped to show the teens Pokemon habitats that he discovered.

    After awhile, the forest ended and a large building surrounded with palm trees appeared. It had a dome shaped roof and white bricking.

    "This is my lab!" Birch said holding his hands up to mystify them. "Let's go inside, we have much to discuss." The doors opened and the group walked in to see a spiky-haired thin man look up. A woman with long blonde hair was next to him.

    "Well, these are the only aids I have." Birch said grinning at Jeff with a sarcastic tone. The two aids smiled and continued his work.

    "Professor, we were wondering how the heck we sign up for the Hoenn League." Jeff said rudely.

    "Ha-ha, quite a spirit!" Birch laughed. "Well, you have to sign up in Oldale Town. It's the nearest place to here; about a day's walk. The Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center there will help you." He explained and then continued. "Are any of my saviors hungry?"

    "Nah, we just ate, but thanks." Mike replied.

    "Well I have to do something for you rescuing me…wait I know!" a grin shot across the professor’s face.

    “It doesn‘t involve swapping bodily fluids does it?” Jeff asked with concern.

    "Come with me!" Birch said ignoring the teen. The three accompanied him into what looked like a storage room near the back of the lab. A large table in the middle sported three round Pokeballs.

    "Each of you may have one of these." Birch grinned pulling the first Pokeball from the table. He pressed the small button and it opened up. The small gecko Pokemon opened its eyes and smiled.

    "Treeeeko!" it growled.

    "DIBS!" Jeff shouted. "It looks like the perfect dark type!" Jeff grabbed the Pokemon.

    "Actually Jeff, Treecko is a grass type." Birch commented. Jeff stared at it for some time.

    "Looks like you have a keen eye for grass types Jeff. Maybe you should train them!" Amanda laughed.

    Suddenly Treecko was sailing into her face. "You have that one; I'm getting his dark type!" Jeff screamed after tossing the Pokemon.

    "Sorry Jeff, you already picked it." Mike said laughing. Jeff sighed and picked Treecko off of Amanda who sputtered a bit and looked evilly at her friend. Treecko and Jeff glared at each other. The Pokemon admired his honesty and throwing arm, but it had the same personality as Jeff, which means it would be damned if it would show affection.

    Birch then pulled another Pokeball from the table and released it. "Mudkip!" the cute blue dog-like Pokemon with fins on its face grinned. Amanda went starry eyed.

    "Oh it's so cute. I want it!' she screamed and picked it up. She placed her cheek against its and rubbed against it. Mudkip seemed to enjoy it.

    "Well, then that leaves this one for me." Mike said taking the last Pokeball and releasing the Pokemon.

    In a flash of red light, a small orange chick formed on the ground. "Torchic!" It smiled happily.

    "Wow, a fire type!" Mikes grinned remembering his studies at Pokemon Tech. He kneeled down and began to stroke the tiny bird‘s feathery head.

    "Well that's it then." Birch laughed.

    “Why are you giving us these? Shouldn’t some new trainers receive them?” Amanda inquired the professor.

    “Actually, I hatch these three Pokemon once a month and raise them for three select trainers. It just so happens that this was a month with no scheduled new trainers to get them. So I thought, hey, why not give them to these new trainers!” Birch explained with a grin.

    "Thanks so much!" Mike and Amanda replied.

    “It’s too bad your immune system is failing or we could be friends!“ Jeff said with a saddened expression.

    Mike released Electrike who sniffed at Torchic.

    "This is our new buddy!" Mike commented. Electrike growled happily and began to chase Torchic around. The two Pokemon got along fine. Amanda introduced Ralts to Mudkip, and the two Pokemon were inseparable. Jeff tried to have Seedot and Treecko meet, but Seedot was more interested in rolling around. Treecko folded its arms in a distasteful manner.

    Outside the lab, Mike and friends thanked Birch for all his help.

    "It was my pleasure, seeing as how you saved me." he replied. Suddenly, the forest erupted in a cloud of smoke. Two voices were suddenly heard nearby.

    "Team Magma, Team Aqua, who cares!
    We joined together and now we're a pair!
    Two people with the same dream; it's really fun!
    And that is to steal everyone's Pokemon!"

    The two voices ceased and two people that owned them appeared from the forest. One was a blonde haired woman dressed in blue jeans with a black and white stripped shirt and a blue bandana. The other was a dirty blonde-haired guy in a similar uniform, only the blue was red and he had a hood over his head.

    "The name's Bonnie!" She laughed.

    "And I'm Clyde!" The guy snapped.

    "Uhh, aren't those thieves from the early 1900's?" Amanda asked extremely confused.

    "Does it make a difference?" The two snapped. "We are here for the Pokemon Birch owns. Hand them over!"

    "Not on your life!" Mike roared.

    "Then we'll take them by force!" Clyde roared back.

    “Is this just me, or does this seem completely unoriginal?” Jeff said looking at Amanda.

    “Hey, all things start out unoriginal. Just give them a chance to get unique!” she replied with a wink.

    Clyde threw a Pokeball to the ground. When the red disappeared, a small red slug called a Slugma was present. Bonnie threw her Pokeball next and a little blue Pokemon with antennas on its ears called Wooper appeared.

    "Double battle!" The two team members said grinning.

    “Double dumbness!” Jeff laughed. He then joined Mike in front of the two.

    "Let us handle this!" they said to Birch. Mike released his new Torchic and Jeff called on Treecko.

    "Torchic, use scratch!" Mike shouted. The little bird ran at Slugma and scratched hard with its feet, but the attack didn't seem to phase the slug.

    "Slugma, use rock throw!" Clyde commanded.

    "Slug…" The Pokemon roared as rocks were hurled at Torchic. It was struck hard and went flying back, a one hit KO.

    "Torchic return!" Mike shouted.

    Treecko then rushed in to pound Wooper.

    "Slugma, use ember!" Clyde commanded. The Pokemon released the ball of fire, striking Treecko and knocking it out.

    "You'll never beat us if you can't learn to have your Pokemon work together." Bonnie laughed.

    "Electrike, show them what you got!" Mike roared.

    "Ralts go!" Amanda stepped up. The four Pokemon glared at each other.

    "Wooper water gun now!" Bonnie ordered. The Pokemon shot the water gun straight at Ralts.

    "Electrike take the hit!" Mike commanded. The Pokemon flew in front and was doused, but it didn't seem hurt.

    "Now use spark!" Electrike growled and released the ball of electricity. It struck Wooper but did nothing.

    "My little Wooper is part ground type; you can't hurt it with weak electrical attacks!" Bonnie laughed.

    "Slugma, use smog!" Clyde commanded.

    "Ralts use confusion!" Amanda ordered. The Pokemon lifted its arms to its head and caught Slugma before it could release the attack.

    "Electrike, use spark while it's stuck!" Mike shouted. The Pokemon sent another ball of electricity at Slugma, frying it.

    "Now Ralts, send Slugma into Wooper!" Amanda commanded. Ralts did so and the Pokemon flew back into their masters.

    "Electrike, quick attack!" Mike yelled. Electrike ran full speed. It jolted its own legs with electricity to gain velocity and smashed into the two thieves. They were flying sky high before they knew what hit them. "We'll be back!" They screamed and disappeared over the horizon.

    Mike thanked Amanda for her help and petted Electrike. "Looks like we need more experience with our new Pokemon." He said. Amanda and Jeff agreed.

    "That was a splendid battle!" Birch announced. “I foresee you doing very well in the Hoenn League!”

    “Thanks professor. I think we’ll be heading out now though.” Mike said and shook the man’s hand.

    “Bye man! Hope to see you again while you still have white blood cells.” Jeff replied. Birch rolled his eyes and started to wave as the three headed off down the road to Oldale City.

    Next Chapter- An Unexpected Challenge! Off to the Archipelago!
    Mike and friends sign up for the Hoenn League, but also stumble upon some secrets.
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