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Ace Trainer
It's also kind of sad that they're overpowering the hell out of Iris, but nobody else.
Exactly, why do that for her in this series and not anyone else? Ash used to be like that but he's changed because I thinkt it is smarter. But whenever he does, he loses which makes me wonder if Ash is really dumb or is the writers just playing around. If type doesn't matter here, then make it clear because it's like that one minute and then it's something else the next.


Dragon busted by Her
1. Ice Beam did do damage. Small, but still there.
2. Water Pulse connected, which was why Excadrill looked out of it.
3. Yeah, she did. Iris won through sheer power, despite being horribly outstrategized.


Team Awesome
Like I said for ep 731, it's been months since I've seen this episode and it's hard to keep track of what happened in which Clubsplosion episode, so if I refer to events from the wrong episode, I apologize in advance.

This episode was pretty good with the battles, but I really did not like the throh trainer. Burgundy was a hoot, especially when she lost and spent the rest of the tournament sulking. I also like Stefan griping that even Ash's pokemon probably said his name wrong. LOL



Lover of underrated characters
I loved that Burgundy lost. I am disappointed that she had to get out early but at least it was her and not someone else
I'm really looking forward to seeing what's with this tension between Sawk and Throh.
Also, this Montgomery guy seems really sketchy.

Mrs. Oreo

It's sad, but even tho Burgundy's Dewott had the advantage against Excadrill, I kind of knew she'd lose. Scraggy hitting Bianca was funny and I liked seeing him train, plus Georgia's Bisharp looked so cool.


Bel feeling Kenyan and Dageki's muscles was awkward to watch, and she was quite energetic here as seen when she was messing with Zuruggu and while she was battling Shooti. I thought that Langley's Kirikizan looked impressive, although I felt bad for Crimgan and the Kojondo that Nageki beat.
A lot of very funny parts in this episode. Bianca jumping on top of Stephan was hilarious, plus the shocked looks on everybody's faces. Cilan was impressed with Burgandy's improvement by how she did in the battle, which made me smile.


I am a bit disappointed seeing so many Pokemon using Special Attacks and long range moves since this is supposed to be a "Fighting" tournament I really want more hand to hand combat.


Langley owning a Kirikizan is now kind of strange when I think of it. She debuted it in this episode, yet it's half Steel and Dark, not Ice-type like her Dragon Buster hobby demands.


I call you honey
So now Burgundy is the only character who has battled all three of BW's cast members. Even though she lost, it was a very good battle. Ash's training with Scraggy reminded me of his Snorunt training.