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searching for celebi on serebii


New Member
all starters except totodile

everything above has pokerus except regigigas
Seriously mate, I have been offering Ho-ohs and Lugias and Master Balls and Pokerus and Lucky Eggs ETC ETC for a Celebi in numerous threads.

Guess how many Celebis I now have...



New Member
anyone who has a celebi im offering a two for one deal.
Although, with those offers I have come into possession of two of every other eventesque pokemon.

It seems people just aren't willing to trade Celebis.


Fight with me!
I have a Celebi.. but I am not going to trade it I guess, but I will look for a nice deal on GTS for you ok?


Fight with me!
No I was talking to everyone and the one who offers me the best gets a celeb but it is only IF I find a celebi that is a good trade


Fight with me!
Hmm people on GTS offering Celebi:
BENNY - lvl 100 Celebi holding a lum Berry
WANTED lvl 100 Gligar female << Probably cloning

The other one is Joel he looks more serious :
Joel - lvl 100 Celebi
no item
Wants a Entei
I dont have Entei nor Gligar sorry mates