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searching for sweeper


im getting my team ready to roll but im in need of a 6th pokemon, i think i could use a phys. sweeper and some last advice on my team.and if anyone could say what items would be useful thanks alot
i already got vaporeon and a good misdreavus so those probebly wont change.
here it comes.

ev's 252 sp.att 156 hp 102 spd
Ability: Flame Body
-Cross Chop-machop, magby

ev's 252 hp 252 def 6 sp.att
-Seismic Toss-move tutor in Pewter museum
-Thunder Wave-move tutor in Silph. Co. 2nd floor
-Ice Beam-TM13
-Softboiled-learn at 10

ev's 252 sp.att 252 hp 6 speed
-Calm Mind-TM04
-Shadow Ball-TM30

Bold Nature
ev's 252hp 156 sp.att 102 spd
-Ice Beam-TM13
-Wish-togetic, pikachu, vaporeon

Relaxed Nature
Evs 252 hp, 252 def, 6 atk
-Hypnosis-learn at 7
-Stealth Rock-TM76

pkmn god

garchomp is your best bet because it has incredible attack and really good special and normal deffence as well as realy good special attack and speed to back it up


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Heracross, Aerodactyl and Weavile are always good choices for physical sweepers. They give you a decent lead too.

Shiny Crobat

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Hera pwns as a lead and sucks after that and garchomp is too predictable, you could go for a yanmega with HP ice or something. TTar with DD. Weavile is also very predictale. uhm... maybe gengar or magnezone. Infernape is always a god choice if it's phyical.


lets play with fire
No way!! Houndoom is BEAST!! pick him hes a crazy good special sweeper and he can fit well wit ur team. ther are 2 many movesets for me 2 recomend 1... but seriously houndoom is beast