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Season Face-Off

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by keepitsimple, Mar 28, 2018.

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  1. Spring 29 (+1)
    Summer 3
    Autumn 74 (+3)
    Winter 54 (+2)

    There's a lot of shows people nominated in that face-off that I dislike very much. WT and Dragalge nominated good shows though
  2. Colt45

    Colt45 Cobalt

    Spring 30 (+1)
    Summer 3
    Autumn 77 (+3)
    Winter 56 (+2)

    I'll have to check it out
  3. Colt45

    Colt45 Cobalt

    Spring 32 (+1)
    Summer 3
    Autumn 83 (+3)
    Winter 60 (+2)

    My man, you have solid taste. Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry and South Park are all solid favorites of mine, and The Simpsons is pretty cool too.
  4. Spring 33 (+1)
    Summer 3
    Autumn 86 (+3)
    Winter 62 (+2)

    Thanks! yeah those are all great though the second time around I nominated Spongebob and The Boondocks instead of Tom and Jerry and South Park

    Imo the worst show that was nominated in that game....probably a tie between #10 and #11 on the list. The guy who nominated them is pretty cool though I just don't think he nominated good shows, at least in those two instances anyway but that's fine obviously ^-^
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
  5. Colt45

    Colt45 Cobalt

    Spring 34 (+1)
    Summer 3
    Autumn 89 (+3)
    Winter 64 (+2)

    And someone's come in to give Ben 10 a vote urgh
  6. Spring 35 (+1)
    Summer 3
    Autumn 92 (+3)
    Winter 66 (+2)

    I'm guessing it's because Looney Tunes won the game the last time so people want to eliminate the competition so their own nominations will have a better chance
  7. Colt45

    Colt45 Cobalt

    Spring 36 (+1)
    Summer 3
    Autumn 95 (+3)
    Winter 68 (+2)

    Spoilers geez, I wasn't done reading through the first round
  8. Spring 37 (+1)
    Summer 3
    Autumn 98 (+3)
    Winter 70 (+2)

    Oof my bad, didn't know you were reading through the thread ^^;

    alright it's all yours give fall the win
  9. Colt45

    Colt45 Cobalt

    Spring 38 (+1)
    Summer 3
    Autumn 101 (+3)
    Winter 72 (+2)

    I'm just kidding, it's fine lol. Glad to hear Looney Tunes won, that makes the Ben 10 threat a little more palatable

    Take a well-earned victory, Fall
    keepitsimple likes this.
  10. Nice, fall won twice now (I think? cbf to check the last winner).

    I'm probably going to abandon this thread now that we're finished but if anyone wants to remake it they can go ahead
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