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Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by RedBlastoise, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. RedBlastoise

    RedBlastoise Cerulean Blues

    Seasons were a new game mechanic exclusive to Generation 5. Seasons would change once a month and depending on the season Pokemon like Deerling and Sawsbuck would gain different forms, some Pokemon would be more common or rare, entire areas may be different and the tide in the Castelia Sewers would change.

    What was your opinion on the Seasons mechanic? Would you like to see it make a comeback? What was your favorite Season?
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  2. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I liked the introduction of seasons in Black and White, although I'm still a bit peeved that they don't work the same way as seasons in real life. Spring is my favorite season in the games since everything looks bright and cheerful, but winter is nice as well especially since certain places like Sekka (Icirrus) City get covered by snow for a month, and diamond dust is occasionally encountered there.
  3. MockingJ

    MockingJ Banned

    Didn't like the Deerling forme change since I never used one or its evolved form. I loved summer in these games because the landscape became all dark green and some of the music changed for the better.
  4. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I never used a Shikijika (Deerling) or its evolved form either, but I always thought that the season gimmick giving them a form change was clever. I like summer as well to some extent, mostly because Sazanami (Undella) Town becomes lively.
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  5. Dicklaycia

    Dicklaycia Objectively Better Than You

    I loved seasons! It made the locations in Unova feel so much more alive. My favorite was autumn because I loved all the color and falling leaves. It’s a shame it fell to the wayside in later games, it really should have become a staple like time.
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  6. SubtleVVeirdoh

    SubtleVVeirdoh Unova Enthusiast

    I would definitely be happy if Seasons came back. I liked the changes to the landscape; how a route was inaccessible because of the time of year.

    I didn’t mind the Deerling/Sawsbuck form change, I used the one Cherren gifts you in the sequels. Does suck how you’re stuck with whatever form you transferred over from Gen 5 to 6/7.
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  7. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    I liked this addition, as it made the region look more alive. My favourite season is spring, as I like the changes to the music and the fact you can battle against Cynthia.
  8. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Mega Ampharos the Dragon Electric type Enthusiast

    I am kinda annoyed of the fact that there was stuff only accessible during the winter (and some pokemon) making it the only reason why I like Winter in the games because you get to access more stuff.
    Edit: I also like Winter because I like Winter Sawsbuck's design out of all of them. Also, something they should've done with Sawsbuck (and Deerling) is change their type(s) depending on the season. Example:
    Winter Sawsbuck: Ice/Grass
    Spring Sawsbuck: Normal/Grass (the usual)
    Summer Sawsbuck: Fire/Grass
    Autumn Sawsbuck: Ghost/Grass or Ground/Grass
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
  9. TwilightBlade

    TwilightBlade Well-Known Member

    It was nice to see seasons in the games for the first time but also kind of a bummer because they changed every single month instead of every 3 months like in real life. Also some places changed during winter which made accessing some areas impossible. :[
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  10. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I think it was a good thing that the seasons in these games didn't last three months each, otherwise it would've made getting certain Pokemon that only appear during winter very time consuming. I don't think I would've had the patience for in-game seasons that worked like real life seasons.
  11. Monozu

    Monozu この日、森の中・・・

    The landscape changes were nice to look at, but they didn't impact my experience of the game much. It's sort of just... there.
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